Chapter 21:


I’m Taking Revenge for My Murdered Classmates Using Weapons Made from Their Souls

“I’ve confirmed an additional skill. That makes a total of six so far.”
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I reported to Charlotte.Bookmark here

The outlaw had gone inside the fortress and was resting with his back against the wall.Bookmark here

I observed his movements through my telescope from one of the embrasures.Bookmark here

“He’s using ‘Yuichi,’ his reconnaissance goggles. He’s currently surveying the area within a two-kilometer radius.”Bookmark here

“Uh-huh. Since we have nothing else to do, you might as well go over each skill until the troops arrive. Run me through the skills you’ve observed so far.”Bookmark here

“Aye.”Bookmark here

I began reciting each skill without taking my eyes off the man.Bookmark here

“The first one I confirmed was ‘Daigo,’ the sword with the enlarging skill. I’ve seen it grow up to three times its original size.”Bookmark here

“Hmm, it should be able to grow larger than that. Perhaps he finds it more manageable if it’s smaller.”Bookmark here

I had no idea how much bigger the sword could get, as I had yet to level up my “assessment” skill.Bookmark here

“Next, I confirmed ‘Tsukasa,’ the megaphone mask with the general skill. The troops were immobilized for about ten seconds after it became effective.”Bookmark here

“That’s the little one’s skill. I’m always impressed by how useful it is.”Bookmark here

“Useful” was an understatement. Although I wasn’t sure how much time he needed to recharge that skill, if used consecutively, he’d be all but invincible.Bookmark here

“After that, he used ‘Homura’ and ‘Yachiyo,’ the red and blue twin blades with fire and ice skills, respectively. ‘Homura’ burns its opponent to ashes, while ‘Yachiyo’ freezes its target.”Bookmark here

“When they were still human, they used to throw balls of fire and icicles. I wonder if their range has been shortened? That, or he’s hiding their full potential.”Bookmark here

When they were still human. I grimaced at the distastefulness of her words.Bookmark here

The fact that the people who'd fought by her side had turned into weapons didn’t seem to faze this woman at all.Bookmark here

“Lastly, I confirmed the bazooka skill in the form of the hand cannon ‘Shizuka’. It’s the most powerful out of all the skills I’ve seen so far. A single shot was enough to wipe out most of Unit 13.”Bookmark here

“Ah, yes, Shizuka. She might have made it if only she’d used her skill when she was alive.”Bookmark here

Hearing Charlotte talk made me sick to my stomach, so I went back to watching the outlaw.Bookmark here

I saw him put “Shizuka” away in his backpack, which I’d overlooked earlier because I’d been distracted by the hand cannon.Bookmark here

“I’ve found another one! That backpack is ‘Futoshi’s’ item box skill. It allows him to stuff as many items as he likes in his bag.”Bookmark here

“Imagine only becoming useful after dying. He’s one badass fatty.”Bookmark here

After returning the hand cannon “Shizuka” to “Futoshi,” I noticed the outlaw take out something else.Bookmark here

“Wait, there’s one more! He’s holding the sniper rifle ‘Yayoi,’ which has an effective firing distance of 3,500 meters! ...Huh? He’s pointing the gun in this direction...”Bookmark here

I was unable to finish my assessment of his eighth skill.Bookmark here

The front of the telescope shattered, and my vision in my right eye faded.Bookmark here

The bullet from “Yayoi” had pierced my right eye through the telescope before exiting the back of my head.Bookmark here

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