Chapter 3:

The Everlasting Volume 2 Chapter 2

The Everlasting


‘Hmm I noticed that his eye gathers mana every time a spell is cast near it. I think it is not affected by vision his eye muse be able to sense mana and copy spells from even behind that eye patch.’Bookmark here

Osfor found himself after finishing his teleportation spell near the principal’s office before he could walk in he felt the presence of the Maid-san who was standing behind him without turning he askedBookmark here

“What seems to be the problem Midorikawa-san?”Bookmark here

“… I was wondering where you went this morning accompanied by that boy. I hope that you do not cause any problems like last time, Greetman won’t be pleased and I especially won’t like a reoccurrence of what happened.”Bookmark here

While putting some pressure at the end of her sentence the air turned heavy but Osfor only giggled respondingBookmark here

“Ke-ke-ke… I wouldn’t dare to. This boy is different and I really don’t want to pick a fight with two Of Alsa’s notorious heavenly demons, right, Midorikawa-san.”Bookmark here

“Like always, a shrewd man… the principal is waiting for you…”Bookmark here

“He-he, I will be leaving. Have a good morning Midorikawa-san.”Bookmark here

Osfor opened the door in front of him and waltzed in bowing slightly, he saw that the principal was still occupied with paperwork, probably work related to the aftermath of the intrusion but he paid it no mind.Bookmark here

“So what is it that you need Kazehara-san?”Bookmark here

“You came in earlier than I taught you would. Well I need you to take a look at the remains of Mikado. apparently after he fought with the kids he lost his limbs and they are still in shape for experimentations I need to know what type of drug that the organization was developing the headmaster is pestering me about answers.”Bookmark here

“That old man…well I was going to do that anyway but I need a permit of leave for few days.”Bookmark here

“Why is that? How about Asura didn’t you promise to teach him personally I went to cumbersome lengths just to put you in charge of that kid I don’t want any trouble from the other teachers its already enough that he doesn’t need to attend classes but that was a condition if he only scores high enough on his exams you better be teaching him properly”Bookmark here

“Don’t worry about that he has me as a teacher he-he. Yet…I need to go to the capital there are some researches I need to do. and I need access to the fifth level of the Grand library archive”Bookmark here

“Huh that is the highest clearance… Why do you need documents of that caliber?”Bookmark here

“it seems that all informations regarding the eye of the wise is treated as top secret and I need information on contractors it is troublesome that I have to go all the way there and I will need to pull some serious favors for this but if my hunch is correct I think it is by far worth it.”Bookmark here

“C-Contractor?? Wait, wait is Asura…No, no I prefer if I don’t know go and do what you want I only don’t want you to cause trouble…”Bookmark here

“As you which. as for Asura san I left him some homework and he won’t be starving so I don’t want anyone intervening with his training”Bookmark here

“Don’t worry about that all students know that it is intolerable to access the black forest without the company of a teacher and it is closed down and even if by chance someone manages to get in, they Can’t reach your cabin… for god sake putting so many traps and even hiding that place using so many spells it’s as if you were hiding something… or just being extremely paranoid”Bookmark here

“Well every descent scientist is bound to have a secret lab he-he”Bookmark here

“… I don’t know about that but just make sure you get back early the third year students will be coming back tomorrow from their camp. yesterday was the arrival of the second year and we will need to pick team members for the international competition next month. The preliminaries have started yesterday and because Asura scored first in the school test he will be exempted from the school competition but he will have to participate in the nationals, I believe that we will have to put him on the backup list a first year will have difficulties facing high leveled participants from other schools. we will have to make do with our third years students… what a problem”Bookmark here

“Ah you don’t have to worry about him being a hindrance because the competition is not intended for only mages as a warrior he will have a good advantage-“Bookmark here

“THAT IS NOT WHAT I MEAN! I know he is has good skills considering he is a warrior but there are monsters among the participants he will only be a hindrance if he is only able to fight using his warrior arts… most magic users can use high scale AOE spells he can get blown off in seconds he will only be a hindrance if he only rely on his warrior arts. I need strong enough teammates to cover for him. We have to win this year’s tournament we cannot afford another loss…especially I’ve heard that Astora has a few monsters in their ranks. this year is bound to become hectic”Bookmark here

“You have my word that when I am finished with Asura you will change your mind about him, what is weird is that everyone keeps forgetting that he was the disciple of that man, but if it’s about few magic tricks I can teach him, and 1 month I believe he will be able to make an impact on the results of the tournament… I guarantee it!”Bookmark here

“Then if you say so. I hope you keep your word…the chairman will not tolerate another loss especially now that his grandson joint our school he will need to keep face in front of the other countries... at least his grandson is not elected to join the selection team to represent Alsa, due to his low stamina. the chairman didn’t mind it. As for the first year school tournament winner you probably know but Yuna Korima was the winner she would have scored first in the school test but the first place was Asura’s due to his achievements, in term of magical power she is by far the strongest one in the first and second year students... I believe only a few in the third year can manage to handle her and even fewer can be able to defeat her.”Bookmark here

“So Yuna-chan won the freshmen tournament yesterday, I would have liked if Asura was able to participate but too bad he was hospitalized for days thankfully he is able to participate nationally that should be fun to watch…I will have to leave now… I am getting a bit exited just thinking about the events to come. Then goodbye”Bookmark here

A magic circle appears under Osfor who slightly bowed before teleporting away.Bookmark here

=====================================================================================Bookmark here

(Elsewhere)Bookmark here

Shiki who was dozing off on the school coliseum seemingly annoyed that there are no worthy to watch matches couldn’t hold his taught.Bookmark here

“Meh boring so soooo boring”Bookmark here

“Common Shiki I’ve heard that the third years will be back today I think they will help you with the way you are feeling right now”Bookmark here

“I sure do hope so. too bad we were banned from participating in the freshmen’s school tournament yesterday…”Bookmark here

“Well I told you we should have waited our turn…if only someone didn’t have to pick a fight with all those second years… we probably wouldn’t have been suspended for fighting without permission…even I was dragged into that with you…”Bookmark here

“How many times do I have to say sorry? I didn’t mean it but they were acting all high and mighty trying to bully us freshmen…”Bookmark here

“But that doesn’t mean you had to fry them. if anyone passed by they would think that you were the one doing the bullying…”Bookmark here

“I can’t help it if they were weak…my only regret is that I didn’t get the chance to fight that white hair girl WAHH she was so beautiful so elegant and really, really strong.”Bookmark here

“…you know flattering a girl in front of another one is bound to cause you trouble…and don’t forget that I was dragged into this mess because of you, hell I was trying to sooth the pain of the upperclassmen that you fried and got labeled as an accomplices saying that my water magic and your lightning magic were both used against the upperclassmen…so unfair…”Bookmark here

“Stop pouting you don’t look cute at all…I can’t help it if the upperclassmen were lying but in the end we really did fight them and ended up caught and banned …we just have to suck it up”Bookmark here

“Mfm…it was your fault to begin with…”Bookmark here

“So any news concerning Nassi? I saw his gramps earlier, he seemed a bit agitated I couldn’t give my respects due to his mood.”Bookmark here

“ah well I think Nassi was still suffering from the burnout effects he did use a lot of mana and kept using it while suffering from mana poisoning, but he should be discharged today it’s been enough time for the burnout symptoms to fad,”Bookmark here

“I don’t know about that. his over protective grandfather won’t let this settle like this.”Bookmark here

“Yeah I shudder at the idea of him getting worked up, especially since Nassi’s parent passed away leaving him the only heir to the clan, his grandfather grows restless if Nassi even gets a paper cut. Do you remember the day we got lost in the great forest?”Bookmark here

“Ugh… don’t make me remember. getting lost for few hours was enough, but having to listen to the scolding while getting spanked by that old man for an entire day, is a memory I really don’t want to remember.”Bookmark here

“Hahaha, I couldn’t even sit for few days because my butt was hurting none of our parents even bothered to complain to the old man , hell they taught we deserved it, tough only Nassi got away with lesser punishment…I tell you that was clear discrimination!...but now that I think of it we really did something stupid didn’t we…”Bookmark here

“Ha, you are right we really got lucky we didn’t get to meet any rouge beasts that would have been the end of three future clan heads at once.”Bookmark here

“Three? There was four of us at that time don’t you-“Bookmark here

“Look, Look they are here!!!”Bookmark here

The coliseum’s gates opened clearing way and heaving lots of dust on its sides. The ones to enter were students wearing the same uniform as everyone in the school with only their tie color as the differentiator between the students, green for freshmen and blue for the second years.Bookmark here

The students that got in were all wearing red ties on top of their white uniforms.Bookmark here

It appears that their camp finished today but without getting an ounce of rest they were all gathered in the coliseum main square entering rectangular formation led by five students with distinct emblems on their collars they are the student council board.Bookmark here

A deafening horn blow resounded on the arena announcing the arrival of the students. And the beginning of the seniors school tournament to classify the order, rank, and strength of every individual.Bookmark here

Not getting any chance to rest, the tournament begun. A giant board on the side of the squared arena showed all the names of the students that would participate in the competition. Making a total of 144 student that would fight for the top spots. As everyone knows the Grad tournament will begin in one month period, all great magic school that represent their country will have to pick ten students to participate in it. Wining over one country will yield great recourses and benefits that would help further develop and sustain the wining country in these dark times.Bookmark here

Yet for Albion’s case the first five spots were already picked. They were the student council members.Bookmark here

They not only have great authority inside the school. But they can be exempted from participating in any interschool qualification tournament due to their position. However being one of the school council members is by no mean a small feet or easy to accomplish. Getting that position is proof of hard work and great strength in both magic and academic scores. Only the top students the strongest and the smartest can get to those positions and they are undoubtedly the most vicious on this school. The five monsters.Bookmark here

“Finally I can get my rematch”Bookmark here

“You are still thinking of that…”Bookmark here

“Like I would ever forget that humiliation…”Bookmark here

“You know she only has the advantage of experience you don’t lack in power but if you-“Bookmark here

“I know that…But even so I can’t stop my blood from boiling every time I see her.”Bookmark here

“Well you did get your ass handed to you last time, are u sure you can take her on this time?”Bookmark here

“Of course…probably…I think?”Bookmark here

“See you are not even sure please stop doing reckless things…”Bookmark here

“I bet he can beat her up…”Bookmark here

“He?”Bookmark here

“Asura-kun. Remember he really did a number on that metal mage.”Bookmark here

“Ah now that I think of it where is Asura-kun he didn’t participate in the freshmen tournament but I was told that the first place winner of the school event was guaranteed a spot at the international competition. Now that the second spot is taken by Yuna-san… three spots are left one for the winner of the second year and two spots for the winner of the senior and the runner-up of their competition.”Bookmark here

“Yeah and you know why I don’t mind getting banned from the freshmen tournament, heheh”Bookmark here

“Huh why? Do you have something up your sleeves…?”Bookmark here

“Heheh let me tell you, the five monsters are guaranteed a spot in the grand tournament, what happens if one of them lost a challenge”Bookmark here

“Oh now I get it. You are trying to bring down one of the five taking his place; but will it go as you wish it to be? They are no pushovers.”Bookmark here

“That way it’s even better getting to takedown a senior to participate will make our house even more famous due to the difference in experience. If I, as a less experienced freshmen took down a stronger opponents I’ll get a lot of credit for it. And probably lots of girls yeah that should be a man’s number one objective”Bookmark here

“…I knew you had another motive. you are the worst…”Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

“It’s been three days since I last saw Osfor sensei… huff”Bookmark here

Inside the small cabin was a small bed two chairs and a study table with a crystal imbedded in it. Nothing too glamorous, there were a couple of vials and a few specimen jars on a shelf, few books here and there. But it clearly reeked of asceticism. Nothing too fancy and clearly lacked the necessary needs for a genius mage like Osfor but with the crystal marble that is linked to the school library and by providing a blood-print it can access the personal lab within the school, the mad scientist as he weirdly prefers to be called Osfor is never in need of anything beside the bed to sleep on and the food stored inside a makeshift mini fridge at the side of his study desk.Bookmark here

Asura sitting on one of the chairs was right now training his Mana clad. The first day was rather exhausting but like always after a good night sleep Asura miraculously manages to almost fully understand the basics of this spell. He noticed that he was improperly using his mana to coat his arm, what he understood after his trials and errors was that it was not about the quantity of mana used to clad oneself but rather the purity, complexity and most importantly the quality.Bookmark here

The first day he understood that lowering the input of mana managed to make a thinner layer of coating over his arm. Doing so provided a longer lasting effect then when he was recklessly using mana. It indeed was thicker the first time but it was impure and consumed a lot of magic but now it was steady and thin the consumption is far less and the utility is further enhanced. But Asura is greedy. Not satisfied with only one member clad he pushed his limits and exerted more mana covering his entire right arm. After few trials he managed to do it. Only to feel compelled to go all the way making a full body clad. It took an entire second day to become successful, but the cost was rather great. The failed attempts left Asura extremely exhausted suffering from mental strain and sever case of mana poisoning. Thanks to the bundle of plume like fruit that was on the study desk Asura managed his training without dying from exhaustion.Bookmark here

The third day however he had full control over his mana clad covering him in a tint of purple aura.Bookmark here

Not waiting for the arrival of his teacher Asura immersed himself in studying the arcane arts. Using the Crystal sphere he got access to all the necessary curriculum subject. What Asura prided himself with was his innate ability to permanently remember texts after reading them once. This ability was one of the reasons why his master asked him to go to Albion he knew that Asura will not have a problem with anything that concerns memorization so school life should be a good breather for him, as he spent some of his life in an orphanage and most of it in a secluded mountain training and learning nothing but martial arts and ways to defend himself he never got the chance to immerse himself in study no in making friends his only friend was his mentor but right now he had a chance and he was not going to miss it.Bookmark here

After reading all the books he needed for his classes he concluded that even after memorizing most of the things in them he lacked basic knowledge over magic which he did not know of. What the school curriculum handles is considered advanced experimentations and theories. For normal students who interacted with magic all their life basic knowledge over magic allowed them to understand the more advanced levels, but for Asura who started from the middle he needed to understand the foundations.Bookmark here

He then taught to himself that if he didn’t know the basics he just have to learn them and what is best to do so than to access the school library and get all the references and holographic books from it studying them, memorizing them then applying them..Bookmark here

Starting by the basic Elementum study the theories behind it and the specializations he lost himself to the flood of knowledge that was seeping from that small crystal sphere.Bookmark here

By the end of the day he fully understood the principal over every element how does their affinities work how can one fully use the Elementum to their extreme limits and most of all how to properly fuse multiple elements into one and the different proportions needed for each of them. However what truly perked his mind was a singular element that had no possible combination with any of the other basic Elementums. The Void as the name states this element is actually the absence of elements. A magic created to tear trough space. Yet it can be granted an ethereal shape and in theory it is one of the necessary Elementum to use one of the few ultimate type of magic, Warp magic. Unlike teleportation warp magic is considered a link between two places in time and space no matter the distance a door is opened and sustained between them. Teleportation magic can be blocked by simple teleport block spells making infiltration missions via that magic useless even so teleportation magic needs a long cast time and a prior knowledge to the place you need to teleport to. Yet only few elites have access to it. Unlike warp magic that can be used instantaneously linking between any two places in space with only a taught instead of long cast time warp consumes tremendous amounts of mana and needs a lot of concentration to use. But all in all this is but theories as the number of people who were successful in using warp magic were extremely few. And most of the informations on that magic is long since lost. Even so void magic is considered a fallen magic and is forbidden to use by the great council. Therefore all information regarding it are blocked from the commune. But because the crustal is essentially a property of Osfor It had a higher clearance making it show all information regarding any element.Bookmark here

The fallen Elementum are. Dark magic void magic and black magic. There is another mythical magic that is considered taboo to even speak of, Death magic. Unlike the other magic this one doesn’t have any information on it. And unlike the other magic, where using them may get you to forfeit your identity as a mage and surrender your powers to the council or even be imprisoned. The only information Asura could find after searching the word death magic in the entire library was a single phrase stating ‘The use of Death magic is perceived as a high treason and is punished by execution.’Bookmark here

“Now this is something…However warping…that is an interesting ability to have…Show information Void magic… “Asura commanded the CrystalBookmark here

The crystal glowed showing about a hundred of holographic papers all of them under the criteria of void magicBookmark here

“Remove all theoretical searches.”Bookmark here

More than half the papers were removed.Bookmark here

“Remove all failed experiments and rumors concerning void magic”Bookmark here

Only a dozen papers were now leftBookmark here

“This should be enough.”Bookmark here

Reading trough the verified experiments and successful ones Asura managed to understand the principal over the use of Void magic it is not solely based on warping but it had the ability to cause magic null effects. The strongest type of anti-magic. the ability to deprive a mage of his powers momentarily. In the hand of a warrior it should undoubtedly be the sharpest of swords rendering an adversary unable to wield their weapon is by far the greatest advantage that can be granted in combat. This discovery peeked Asura’s interest in a great way making him even more exited.Bookmark here

“This way no matter how strong the opponent if I can use this magic null I can surly destroy them be it a mage or a warrior being able to wield both magic and martial arts I hold the advantage on both sides. In front of a warrior I can fight using my warrior arts. And boost it using spells. And in front of a mag using magic null will render them defenseless ha, ha, hahahahahhahaha. Il be unstoppable.”Bookmark here

Asura who was laughing like a manga villain couldn’t help but be amazed at the new discovery. He made a mental note to consult his teacher once he gets back on the use of void magic but right now he decided that he should do experiments on his own.Bookmark here

Asura walked out of the cabin. The dark atmosphere was rather mind dulling if it wasn’t for the clock inside the cabin he would have undoubtedly lost track of time. About fifty meters away from the kindled bonfire he sat down trying to remember what he read earlier about void magic he started channeling mana in front of him. He knew that void magic needed tremendous amounts of mana to use, which he didn’t have. But he still decided to try it anyways cladding both his hands with mana he moved his palms forward focusing and remembering all the necessary magic texts written on the research papers he started chanting.Bookmark here

“Oh limitless domain, grant me privilege in seeking your attendance. Bath my soul in your deep wisdom and let me see what no man should witness. Give me right to enter the void…”Bookmark here

After few moments apparently nothing happened Asura lets out a sight lamenting over his misfortune.Bookmark here

“…dam it I need to ask Osfor-sensei what did I do wrong? I can’t seem to call upon the void element. I hope it is not a matter of affinity I really need the warp and null magic... and I taught that this was the chant to use warp… the researchers said that one of twenty mages was able to pull it off…well it did say he didn’t comeback after entering the portal he created-”Bookmark here

Before Asura could finish his monologue a small rupture in space was created in front of him. It grew a bit then Asura felt a ‘pull’ his hands started to sweat and the magic clad that was covering them vanished he felt as if a dam broke from both his palms sucking away at his life force unable to cancel the magic Asura panics. Trying to close his fists was futile. Right when he felt that all his mana was depleted his eye glowed bright gold its light was so strong and hot it tore through the black eye patch. He felt a bit rejuvenated as he noticed that his eye was ‘sucking’ something from thin air. He understood that was what Osfor was talking about the mana flux but this time he clearly felt it. The tear grew wider and larger by the second showing a grandiose and limitless empty space deep amethystine color. However he soon realized that this was getting out of hands literally and figuratively. As the tear grew even wider reaching a 5 meter in diameter this was getting a bit too dangerous as the empty space started pulling Asura in.Bookmark here

What was scary was not the great empty space… no, after Asura took a look the shine from his still glowing eye reflected on the skin of a slithering creature. It was big, no, big is an understatement, the thing was frigging huge!!Bookmark here

And it appears that it noticed Asura and it started heading his way. That thing can easily be more than 400 meter long and the presence it gave off was godlike. Something ancient something that should not be disturbed. Asura who broke a cold sweat tried his utmost to try and stop the fueling of the portal. But to no avail. Bracing himself fearing the worst. The monster got so close that his eyes was peeking from the cracked space. It was red and it had a slit in the middle like the one that a cat would have. Asura seeing the five meter eyeball couldn’t help but gulp.Bookmark here

But what shocked him was what soon followed. It spoke in a deep and heavy but fully comprehendible voice.Bookmark here


And with that the monster’s eyelids shut sideways making the tear in space shut right after that. Asura collapsed on the ground thanking the heavens that whatever the thing that was on the other side was peaceful. And vowing to never do another unsupervised experiment without the presence of Osfor.Bookmark here

On the wake of the fourth day Osfor was back at the cabin.Bookmark here

“Oi, Asura-kun are you awake?” Thinking that Asura may still be inside Osfor didn’t want to intrude on a sleeping person especially when it was dawn it couldn’t be differentiated anyways as the forest was dark all the time… What he didn’t know that Asura was already awake doing his morning practices and daily jogs.Bookmark here

“I am here Sensei! …Huff.” Asura responded a bit out of breath.Bookmark here

Turning around Osfor was met with the sweat drenched Asura wearing only shorts and a t-shirt his bulging muscles were steaming. And was fully covered in a purple aura.Bookmark here

He has successfully managed to do a full body clad and what more Osfor couldn’t sense mana leakage.Bookmark here

A perfect control.Bookmark here

“How, how did you… no after few days researching after the eye of the wise I think this should be expected. Even so I am amazed at the speed you managed to do this and furthermore you were all alone. Quit fascinating.”Bookmark here

“Ah so you have more information about this eye. Well I have a lot of things to ask of you too but let’s hear what you got.”Bookmark here

“Right, right. First of all let’s take a seat back at the cabin. This might take a while to grasp.”Bookmark here

“Ah ok I’ll wash myself first.”Bookmark here

“Huh? Oh I forgot there is no source of water here enough for you to wash yourself how are-“Bookmark here

Before Osfor could continue Asura summoned a water ball on his right palm sayingBookmark here

“Did u say something?”Bookmark here

“Ha-ha-ha so you did manage to use B grad spells and what is more astonishing you didn’t use incantations. And I know for sure that you have no affinity to any of the Elementum. Quit fascinating, alright I’ll wait for you at the cabin make sure you don’t keep me waiting.”Bookmark here

“Ok, I will be back soon”Bookmark here

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