Chapter 4:

The Everlasting Volume 2 Chapter 3

The Everlasting

After Asura got refreshed wore his uniform that he was leaving to dry. He went back to the cabin.Bookmark here

Meeting with Osfor who was flipping around some papers he was gestured to sit on the free chair.Bookmark here

“I went to the grand library as you know to look for information regarding that eye of yours. What I found was rather shocking. The scarcity of informations was not the only problem I had to face but rather the high level of security that intertwined such informations. I was held for few days because they taught I was going to leek some national secrets, I had to use my title to get my way tough but that is a story for another time.”Bookmark here

“So sensei what did you find out?”Bookmark here

“Well apparently that eye was last seen at the great war it was used by one of the strongest demons. Laying waste to any who intercepted him. The description says that that demon had immeasurable amounts of mana, was able to subdue an entire legion by himself and what more no matter how many spells were used on him he was able to fully understand the logic and effects of the spell and fully counter it. But the only problem was that he was physically weaker than normal demonic warlords. He was taken down by the everlasting might Alsa.”Bookmark here

“An Everlasting? So the legends are true?”Bookmark here

“Yes I know you are shocked but it seems hard to believe it… however…that time Alsa was still only a knight the title came after the war. One more thing I learnt about that eye is that the mana flux ability is not a rumor, witnesses have confirmed that the demon was siphoning mana from nature and molding it onto his own. He was even able to use mana drain on the entire battlefield making every wizard seemingly useless. Sucking the mana not only from their surroundings but from their very own bodies. Making them look like mummified skeletons in seconds. But the demon had two eyes of the wise unlike you.”Bookmark here

“Hmm it was that strong…I actually can understand that seeing what happened yesterday…”Bookmark here

Osfor who had a bewildered look on his face seemingly curious about what Asura just said couldn’t help but say “Huh? What happened?”Bookmark here

“Well I think I was successful in using mana flux yesterday although not willingly.”Bookmark here

“Oh so you did manage to use it, this will actually save a lot of problems and theory deductions at least now we know that mana flux does exist we just have to recreate the same case where that happened and study that ‘skill’ fatherly. “Bookmark here

“Euh, about that…I think it is best to not redo that again…”Bookmark here

“I can’t seem to understand what did happen exactly Asura-Kun?Bookmark here

“Well I was studying about different Elementum yesterday and stumbled upon a very distinct element. Void magic I looked into the library for information regarding it and saw that using it would grand me the ability to use warp magic. But what happened was a bit too scary.”Bookmark here

“Void magic…that is a dangerous element Asura-kun. So what exactly happened? Seeing that you are still here were you successful?”Bookmark here

“Far from it actually, I tried to open a warp gate using the same incantations written on one of the search papers but I ended cracking trough space into a different dimension. The problem that I was feeding that crack from my mana but after I was almost fully depleted my eye started sucking mana from the outside nurturing my hands into opening the gate even wider…A dark endless void was what laid in front of me. Then something …I still get Goosebumps whenever I think of it. He was huge his body was red and I am not sure but he looked like a real dragon. Yep a dragon not a dark nor a wyvern but a bonafied great red dragon. “Bookmark here

“A-a dragon you say…Then what, what happened next Asura-kun please tell me”Bookmark here

“Well he got close enough that his eye was peeking right through the tear in space. Then said that I should not mess with the void and I am far too young for it and something about far too innocent too. Then just like that he closed the gate”Bookmark here

“AMAZING do you know Asura how grate this is!!! You just confirmed the existence of a forgotten dimension. And even confirm the existence of dragons taught to be extinct they must have left the realm of man to seclude themselves in the void those are beings of great pride and they rarely ever interfered with the business of man but after the great war they found that their own lands were corrupted and they were taught to have been extinct from blight but now you were able to unravle one of the mysteries of this world ha-ha-ha-ha this is a day to remember Asura Kun!!!”Bookmark here

“Is it really that great? I taught you would be mad at me for trying something like that…”Bookmark here

“No, no I’ll never be mad if my student was trying to use his brains and try to figure out how magic works accidents do happens but it is my duty to guide my student to a better way of learning now I think I understand why mana flux activated I believe it was the extreme taxation of your mana that led to your eye activation its skill. Because of your 0% mana waste your body didn’t feel fatigued and your eye felt compelled to suck mana to sustain the spell. Meaning that if you burn trough your mana your mana flux will activate. This needs more testes and if it is confirmed we will tackle the means to making that skill work without fully exhausting your natural mana. We have a lot of things to do let’s start right now, shall we?”Bookmark here

“I don’t like the look on your face sensei but alright. I really wanted to learn either warp magic or magic null…”Bookmark here

“So you do know about them… this should make things easier, first of all I would like to say that I don’t have void affinity I am a hybrid mage with affinity in both wind and fire. So I cannot help with void magic but thanks to your eye you are not limited to affinities and you can use all type of magic freely and without wording. This is just to show how great that ability of yours.”Bookmark here

“Wow so it was like that…”Bookmark here

“You don’t even know how great that is. For the moment I will be guiding you on how to use the first two tiers of magic B and C ranks. After that we will tackle the A rank. I don’t want you to start using S rank spells because they consume a lot of energy and with your current body you will be exhausted right after the use just like what happened last time you fought and used my Disintegration spell. So how about you burn all you’re MU on the magic clad spell. Show me how sturdy you can get it and how long you can maintain the effects.”Bookmark here

“Alright …”Bookmark here

Asura stood up and with a taught he covered his entire body with a purplish aura, then he started pouring more mana into it. The thin aura started to glow and become denser, almost materializing. It was distinct yet at the same time calm. Asura remained in that state for about 5 minutes then the aura started to die down a bit. But right before it fully vanishes Asura’s eye shined in a bright gold color just for a second then the aura around him started reforming only this time its color turned darker and the density was beyond the last time it became thicker and stronger and obviously more powerful.Bookmark here

“This looks awesome I feel light”. Asura tried to swing his arms but with only a swing a shockwave was created crushing at a tree bark causing it to fall. This was an innocent move but it startled Asura greatly.Bookmark here

“W-what the hell…”Bookmark here

“Easy now Asura-kun you are covered in dense mana it can be dangerous if you are not carful. This should be normal considering that you are now controlling vast amounts of raw mana”Bookmark here

“What should I do sensei… if even moving can cause destruction to my surroundings isn’t this dangerous?”Bookmark here

“Not only movements your very own voice is imbued with mana you probably can’t feel it but right now I am using a lot of my own magic trying to remain conscious , try not to speak and sit down, slowly. Let me see how much you can stay in this ‘Hyper mode’. “Bookmark here

Slowly siting back down on the chair it even creaked a bit. Asura tried to maintain his mana consumption and absorption at the same time he needed to focus on not to leave any trace of mana inside his body and instantly burn it into his mana clad. This operation that should have been hard was by no mean difficult for Asura it was as if the mana itself was burning completely and instinctively. He knew that his eye was assisting with this, but he then was amazed at how many services this eye was providing him with. He almost felt thankful for whoever gave it to him.Bookmark here

The mana seemed to burn to no end, as Asura was sucking and burning it at the same time he only felt a bit of mental strain. Other than that he believed that he could maintain this for days.Bookmark here

Osfor who was waiting for hours finally decided to intervene. He asked AsuraBookmark here

“Why not try and modify the proportions of that cladding. Try and push the aura on different limbs reinforce specific parts of the body or try to separate your mana from your voice.”Bookmark here

Asura nods, as he knew that even speaking can hurt his teacher, he moved his aura from his left body clearing his right hand and leg from mana and reinforcing his right sides.Bookmark here

“Now try and fully condense your mana in only your right hand.”Bookmark here

Asura started gathering the already tilted mana into his right arm it almost looked black if not for some hues of dark purple here and there.Bookmark here

“Now try and project this mana, slowly, and shape it into a circle. This should be easy considering you already are able to move it you just need to focus and concentrate on a circular shape”.Bookmark here

Asura who can’t seem to understand what his teacher was trying to do agreed and shaped the mana outside of his palm creating a black purple circular shape almost like a round shield.Bookmark here

“Now is this the thicker it can get? Can you pour more mana in it?”Bookmark here

“I believe not this is as thick as I can get it. I don’t know why but I ‘feel’ that I can’t get it to condense anymore I think I can make this wider tough. It is hard to absorb mana and project it at the same time. This is really straining but I believe I can keep this for few minutes.”Bookmark here

“We won’t be needing minutes just stay still and grit your teeth this is the tricky part”Bookmark here

“Huh grit my-“Bookmark here

Right before Asura could finish Osfor was already standing a bit away from him channeling a spell from his weird looking cane. Before Asura could even say anything Osfor launched a fireball spell. Unlike Nassi’s this one looked majestic. A golden fireball. Its heat was enough to be felt all the way to Asura. The speed was magnificent. As it reached the circular mana block the fireball did not even faze Asura. That was tightening his muscles waiting for an impact that never came. Apparently the black aura eat the fireball adding its mana to its own. Gaining more size the circular shield grew larger Osfor who was impressed sent two more fireballs that happened to have the same effect. The shield only grew larger and sturdier right now it was covering almost half of Asura’s body.Bookmark here

“Interesting, your mana have the ability to absorb other mana and make it its own this is quit weird and very broken as I may say. This should make all projectile spells useless against you. How about channeled spells? Let’s try something a bit stronger than A class fireballs’.”Bookmark here

“What? Those were A class? Aren’t you a bit too dangerous Sensei? Shouldn’t you start by something weaker? What would you have done if you ended up killing me?” said with a look of bewilderment at the non-caring OsforBookmark here

“Ah stop shouting, your voice is still imbued with mana that is killing me…am going to turn deaf with that shouting. Then I was saying…ah... DISINTEGREATE “Bookmark here

An enormous magic circle appeared in front of Osfor’s cane it was crimson colored and this spell Asura knew very well how dangerous it was. If his shield can’t sustain getting hit with it he would be turned to vapor. He could only hope that he would survive this.Bookmark here

This time when the red ray of concentrated magic hit the shield it actually started pushing Asura back the difference between an A class and an S class spell is like heaven and earth. Further extending his right arm Asura could only tack the hit head on. The shield this time was not growing and the ray was not being sucked into it but rather it was being repelled and traversed past him breaking the stream of light like a sturdy boulder in a raging river.Bookmark here

Luckily the rays seems to dissipate before reaching the cabin walls so no harm was done.Bookmark here

Then Osfor stopped the channeling of his spell, he looked a bit spent, it must be the mana usage from that attack it clearly costs a lot of mana, Asura was knocked out for days because of it, it’s a wonder to see that Osfor just used it with only a look of annoyance on his face.Bookmark here

“So sensei what was the purpose of this …”Bookmark here

“Well I actually was going to thoroughly explain the magic clads versatility and how you can forge the aura to any shape you like if you have enough mana and resolve but this test just spared me the trouble.”Bookmark here

“So you mean I can transform the aura into anything I can imagine, isn’t that a bit too overpowered? That shield was ridiculously sturdy it even sustained your S class magic spell, creating a sword from that aura can make a handy item if I am not within reach of my weapon… a lot of possibilities”Bookmark here

“You don’t seem to get it Asura-kun, this is normally impossible for any other mage. The most a mage can do is a full body clad and that is extremely taxing and they need a lot of control to spread their aura around their bodies. But thanks to your eye, it regulate the mana and spare you the difficulties to concentrate on less important things. Even so an external projection of magic clad is only a theory. And I would like that you keep this ability to yourself, you won’t be able to use it if you are not activating mana flux it is basically useless unless you can control your mana flux.”Bookmark here

“Too bad, it seemed like a good ability tough.”Bookmark here

“It is a great ability you just need time for it. Ah by the way I have to tell you something regarding a small tournament that is going to be held four weeks from now.”Bookmark here

“A tournament? Am listening”Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

Bookmark here

(Elsewhere)Bookmark here

Bookmark here


A boy and two girls suddenly emerge in front of an old looking woman. the boy was a tad bit muscular with a small scar on his left cheek brown hair and a weird looking earring a pretty boy of sorts but his body says that he is strong enough to handle himself with one long rapier on his left side he stood in the middle of two young girls. One of the girls had short red hair with a sleeves tank top shirt. The girl had bluish eyes and a small nose with a bit of freckles to further beautify her petit physique. If she wasn’t carrying that enormous looking great sword which is clearly heavier than her. One would think of here a cute looking doll.Bookmark here

The other girl was a tad bit taller than all the three she stood elegantly with her long emerald hair reaching to her waistline and a bust that would make everywoman ogling her with envy and all man drowned in lust yet she didn’t look hindered by their enormous size. she had a bit of a toned skin with nice looking muscles nothing to hinder her feminine charm but just enough to show that she is well trained and well mannered. Her weapon was a gigantic glaive that she was holding behind her back.Bookmark here

“Yes mam. Sorry for being late.” The boy spoke in curtsy trying not to offend the old woman.Bookmark here

The room they were in was looking like a library. A lot of books on shelves and even more scrolls all neatly organized and placed.Bookmark here

“I have information saying that an heir of the house of the thunder beast is participating this year grand tournament, this shouldn’t be a problem to you but I just want to make clear that he is not to be underestimated even for being a first year.”Bookmark here

“What a first year is participating on the grand tournament isn’t that just plain dumb…are they out of contenders that they had to make a first year enter, it’s probably because of his clan tha-”Bookmark here

“SILENCE. I told you do not underestimate them. The information said that that boy challenged their five monsters and managed to beat one of them into giving up his spot. He clearly is strong enough, yet this is not all. Thy introduced a new policy this year, and because of it, it appears that three first year students will participate.”Bookmark here

The small girl interrupts” three? Well I can’t seem to understand the reason behind this. Shouldn’t they do just like us choose the most powerful of the school and have them join the tournament, wouldn’t this just lower their chances at winning or are they thinking that they can handle us with a handicap…that is clearly showing that they are the ones that underestimate us.Bookmark here

“Not exactly, as you yourself is a first year and participating. Age is only a number. It is the experience and talent that makes a warrior. They with their fancy magic tricks and stupid light shows will know the weight of our Steel. And the sharpness of our fangs”Bookmark here

“I just want to meet a man that can quench my thirst for battle… all the scrawny looking dweebs are out with a hit or two, they never get my blood boil, only JIBI here is a challenge but his personality is a big no… why can’t I find a good man wahhhh” the third girl stats that while trying to hold her seems that she had her share of failed romantic endeavors, but was rewarded with a scowl from the two young students and a sigh from the old woman.Bookmark here

“don’t worry my dear it appears that they have added to their ranks a warrior even if they are a magic school it seems that it is the first time they introduced a warrior to their school but even so he is there to learn magic, it appears that he doesn’t trust his skills enough so he tried to learn magic. Don’t get your hopes up because a mage swordsman is clearly weaker than both if not extremely skilled and skilled men are rare to find especially if they come from Alsa.”Bookmark here

“But didn’t you say they had that Ainz Greetman one of the Alsa beasts he should be enough if think I hope I get to meet him he might be a good man” starring into the sealing the girl couldn’t help but to sigh at a dream that may not come true.Bookmark here

“So shameless…wanting a man for his brawns not his brains that is all you think about… even if they were the enemy tks tsk.” The petit girl adds with a scowl expression.Bookmark here

“That is enough. Lori, my girl that swordsman is indeed strong but he is out of your league I hope that one day you truly meet someone worthy of your might, you have your life to live. Don’t make your dreams lay with an old man with an old legacy. Find someone suitable to you my child you deserve it.”Bookmark here

“Mhm.”Bookmark here

“So is this why you called us Mam?” the boy said after everyone was silent for a few moments.Bookmark here

“No, it appears that beside Alsa, Alikh and Astora have their own share of first years joining. Unlike Alsa that uses clan system, the nobles from the other countries have sent their heirs to participate in the new battles. Astora should be the one we have to watch out for as they won the last year’s competition they will most likely use the same combination of participant. Their strongest were second years now they are seniors and they still have the right to participate. I have given all the data on the participants from the different countries to the teacher that will handle your training this month. It should be an advantage due to the fact that your skills are unknown to the other countries. You will participate as reserve and let the other seven from our school to take in the preliminary rounds and duels but you three must bring home victory.”Bookmark here

“Yes Mam”Bookmark here

“Dismiss!”Bookmark here

A heartbeat after she ordered them to scatter they were not in sight, the three of them were personally trained by her and raised. They all came from poor up brings but with carful caring and good planning they grew up being fearsome and strong, days after days of gruesome training they became what they are now three prodigies in the art of war. None can hold a candle to them at her school. If the strongest ‘normal student’ at her school is a 10 the weakest of the three is a 100. Even if the normal students are strong enough to handle few tricksters and magic users these three were an exception. Any of them can fight on par with an elder and everyone knows that elders are the strongest fighting force within her country. If they were only of old enough age they will without doubt be titled elders.Bookmark here

The woman was the headmaster of the Mächtige Klinge.a School based on swordsmanship. After managing to takedown the magic faction within Astarte, it was the blade that ruled in their country. Thus the Machtige klinge became a polar for swordsman. Even the mighty Greetman and his rival Ousay Were once students of this school when both Alsa and Astarte were on a good term. If it only was not for that incident both of the sister country would have thrived in prosperity.Bookmark here

Remembering old and forgotten memories the old woman stood from her seat reminiscing in a past long gone and swearing revenge on the bastards that took away all she had.Bookmark here

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