Chapter 12:

Chapter 12

Prince of the Sun

Momoka for the most part was really busy during her visit, it seemed that the Phoenix had a lot planned for her. Her spare moments were spent relaxing, trying to take her mind off how gloomy the discussions of the future could be. Even when the Myth Hunters were staying quiet their threat seemed so loud. Momoka missed her pack, though the threat was still looming there. Maybe they too would be panicking.

The Palace was so large, sure the pack had a lot of buildings but it seemed here they were all combined into one huge building. She had discovered that just about everyone lived inside the palace itself. Each having apartments, whole communities taking up full levels of the enormous building. There were so many corners and towers for her to explore. So that was exactly what Momoka did.

It seemed there wasn’t a part of the palace that wasn’t grand and elegantly white and silver. The attention to detail was like nothing else she had seen. Metallic floral decoration seemed to follow her everywhere she went.

Her mind was a little blank as she walked, she just wanted to wander, yet outside was becoming way too uncomfortable outside of her werewolf form. Inside wasn’t quite as nice for wandering as outside was, with the fresh air though, she longed to be in her wolf form.

The hallways seemed so endless and some of the smaller ones were completely empty. She had had a big day and it was growing to be late at night, not that the sky showed any kind of difference, winter wouldn’t let it.

As the night grew later the hallways seemed to be even more clear. A grand empty staircase she climbed alone. A few coats rustled the deep distance. She wondered what it was like to don the Phoenix coat, was it like a pair of wings? It was known to be like a suit of armour, with pockets as deep as oceans, truly a magical piece of clothing. Would it be heavy to wear? None of the Phoenixes seemed too bothered by it, yet it was their historical and cultural clothing, they would know the best ways to wear it.

Suddenly Momoka front herself in front of a beautiful set of double doors. Inside she could hear some movement. The door was slightly ajar. She looked through it, curiosity getting the better of her. Bright light shone out along with the flashing of white.

There were white wooden floorboards here which seem to be unusual for the palace. Racks of weapons stood along the walls, along with long mirrors that covered just about every single face of the walls. But the middle was what drew Momoka’s attention. Gaudfrid was standing patiently by watching a large group of the younger royal Phoenix train.

Thariel and Nikita were against each other both with swords. They seemed evenly matched though Nikita was a decent amount smaller than Thariel. Thariel’s strikes seemed so powerful, crashing into Nikita’s blade, spraying sparks yet Nikita wouldn’t give him an inch.

Seeing Thariel like this made Momoka a little scared, to know he was not only built the way he was but he could fight as well. As for Nikita, Momoka had already had bad experiences with her, she had expected that Nikita could hold her own.

April was fighting both Jace and Lynn. An unarmed martial arts form of fighting that included blasts of light from the Phoenix. April was so strong and powerful, she was a wall of light and muscle, both siblings were nothing to her. Lynn moved with such grace she looked like she was dancing. Her coat and its lace trim danced delicately around to dodge each of April’s attacks. Yet she struck down with such force it was able to match the intensity of April without buckling nor giving up.

Then there was Jace. What a feast for Momoka’s eyes.

A fierce look of concentration on his face. His curls were intricately woven into braids around his skull, forming beautiful patterns, very much like the lace that he wore, they all collected together into one larger braid that swung around his back as he dodged and attacked. At the end three curls could not be stopped and under a satin ribbon they bounced joyously.

He wore far simpler clothes underneath his coat, gone were the ruffly shirts and trousers. He was wearing a simple cotton shirt and what looked like leggings, they were skin tight to his legs. His coat whipped around his legs and he darted back and forth. His legs, now so exposed, were so elegant and long yet muscular. Momoka blushed, they were the most perfect legs she had seen on a man. It matched the rest of what she had seen of him.

His light was so brilliant. She didn’t understand how it was possible that all of the blasts of light that flushed her face with heat, it was his that seemed most dazzling. The crisp white blue of it, the precision in which he shot it.

Watching them all together it made so much more sense why that demon never stood a chance. The light of the sun god shone through all of these Phoenix. To Momoka, they seemed truly unstoppable.