Chapter 11:

Chapter 11

Prince of the Sun

United once again the day after they had returned from the demon hunt. It seemed to Jace that Momoka had become a little more nervous around Lynn. Though Lynn just had a coy smile when Jace asked about it. He took it for a friendship between girls that he wasn’t to fully understand. Though, of course Nikita made Momoka nervous, that was true of a lot of people. He wouldn’t say that Nikita made him nervous per se but he don’t like to be around her for very long, though as part of his duties he had to be. He sat next to Nikita during the current meeting they were all attending. Nikita, he knew, was bored out of her mind. Though from the outside Nikita presented as completely perfect.

Jace couldn’t help himself and stole a glance at Momoka, he found her staring directly at him. He tried his best not to blush.

“All of the reports we have gotten back from the western front have been completely silent,” Gaufrid reported to the King, Queen and Alphas.

“Surely this isn’t unusual, there have been many quiet weeks before,” said Danya.

“While that is true, I’m not saying quiet, I’m saying zero. It is highly unusual for the Myth Hunters,” said Gaufrid.

“We too have had zero reports for attacks along our borders,” said Reiko.

“Most curious,” Pearl mumbled, looking at the papers before her.

“There is no way they aren’t planning something, my Queen,” Gaufrid said, addressing her but not looking directly at her, though she looked directly at him.

“Are there any steps we can take to prevent whatever may come of it?” Pearl asked, looking around the table.

The Myth Hunters plotting something it would affect the both of them, Jace looked over at Momoka to gauge her reaction and found the Werewolf also sneaking a glance at him. Just for the briefest of moments their eyes met.

Jace was lost in the warm and inviting deep brown of her eyes, so rare it was for him to make eye contact and what lovely eyes she had. He could feel a blush creeping onto his face.

Bright blue eyes like the clearest of blue skies bore into Momoka’s very soul. Her heart skipped a beat as she stepped into a glacier. She froze, yet an icy fire grew in her face.

The two looked away both trying to conceal their faces, yet Lynn had noticed and pressed her lips together in an attempt to keep a giggle from escaping.

“We are doing our best in surveilling the areas around their bases, it is difficult for any myth to be stealthy around Myth Hunters,” Gaufrid responded to his Queen.

It was Cassianus who replied, “surely there is someone we can contact about getting a spy planted in one of these bases. I know there are groups of Myth Hunters that are sympathetic toward us.”

Jace tried to clear his mind from thoughts of those brown eyes.

The Myth Hunters.

Every time they would go quiet, it would spell major trouble for his community. At alarming rates under their new rulers they had advanced their research and ability to destroy the mythical world for the sake of the mortal one. Jace remember when he was just becoming a teen, they went quiet and then they came back with weapons able to combat the Phoenix warriors, amplifying their ways to block the Phoenix’ light.

He was not only scared for what it meant in the immediate but also after his mother’s death it would become his own problem to manage and without some kind of break through it only seemed to be getting worse. He looked over at April.

April, of course, had a stern look frozen over her face. Yet Jace knew she was thinking deeply and very worried about what this meant.

“Danya and I are looking into it. As it is a more recent development we haven’t gotten much interest. Though from past experience this is an expensive endeavour as getting someone out of there is not a sure thing. Our pool of people has become smaller and more expensive,” Anantha explained.

“Even when we find someone it won’t be an easy task, they’re really tight on security after the last time we tried,” Danya said, a little dejected.

“We also have to train them, they need to be prepared,” Gaufrid added.

“Make this a priority,” Cassianus said.

Iza Szwed, a woman not looking at all like the Phoenix around her with dark green eyes and lacking the long sweeping embroidered coat, spoke up, “my witches would be willing to aid in any way we can, I’m sure we and the seamstresses might be able to come up with something, though our abilities are not for spying, magic can be flexible if you are creative.”

“I appreciate that thank you,” said Pearl.

Tadashi spoke up, “we will also try our best to investigate their behaviour, though as Gaudfrid said it’s difficult even for werewolves to investigate them.”

Danya smiled at him. “Thank you and we will be sure to share any findings with you.”

Jace looked back over at Momoka who was looking at her Alphas. Her black hair looked glossy under the flickering light of the chandelier. She wore soft pinks that looked so incredibly huggable. He tried his best to hold back a little smile in finally being able to steal a glance without being caught.