Chapter 9:

The Everlasting Volume 2 Chapter 8

The Everlasting

Chapter 8 a plan without planning.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

I teleported at the place I taught would be the safest. The middle of the lake.Bookmark here

I was on top of the Elven sentinel standing on her shoulder. The cleric was at my right, the knight and the warrior were at my front.Bookmark here

But what I saw was…Bookmark here

Chaos…complete chaos.Bookmark here

It was evening and the entire camp was in utter havoc, smoke and fire was all around me.Bookmark here

I have yet to believe that all of this happened only few hours before I was gone. Luckily there doesn’t seem to be any casualties as the entire camp was empty from human presence.Bookmark here

But tables, tents and cabins. Everything was either destroyed or burnt.Bookmark here

I commanded the sentinels to walk forward. The lake was not too deep as it only submerged them to their knees not enough to hinder their movement. So they moved with ease.Bookmark here

Noticing few monstrosities of defiled forest creatures tainted by the blight I telepathically asked the elf to attack. As a link was formed between us before I know how they use their abilities. They use the mana from their controller which is me and cast spells or use skills to fight.Bookmark here

The Elven sentinel stretched her bow and a large blue magical circle appeared in front of it. Releasing the magical string of mana that formed after she pulled her bow. A massive amount of magical arrows was released from the front of the bow. Hundreds of arrows pierced the detached force of the gores that were roaming free.Bookmark here

Results…not a single one was left alive. Every arrow at its impact with the bodies blew up creating enormous holes in the rotten flesh of its victims. This was the power of only one sentinel…I am trembling with excitement as to see how strong the other three are.Bookmark here

Keeping our pace we left the lake.Bookmark here

The only thing I had to do was to command the sentinels to move and attack and they obliged.Bookmark here

This time a larger Gore appeared… it seems that this one is a tainted version of a boar king.Bookmark here

These creatures were tough to handle when I was with Master I was tasked once with the capture of one of these kings… they are really hard to find and are immensely difficult to catch once they start running away. Their ability to Travers any terrain no matter how steep or difficult was the reason why they were hard to deal with although once they are cornered they will fight with all their might…their tusks were a troublesome weapon as they were pointy, sturdy and very sharp. Also their meat is a prim delicacy…now that I think about it Master only ordered me to catch it after I accidentally burnt his lunch…Bookmark here

This creature however had no eyes. Almost all of its fur has fallen and some of its flesh was rotten…Bookmark here

One of his tusks was broken the golden brown color it usually has is no more. Instead it was deep black like all the defiled creatures that were tainted with the blight and became Gores.Bookmark here

It charged at us…In a normal situation I would have dodged its charge and waited for it to pass me by then attack its hind legs to hinder its movements and stab it to the heart once it fell to the ground.Bookmark here

But right now I want to test how strong ‘my’ sentinels are.Bookmark here

I ordered the Knight to move forward. Holding its tower shield with its right arm and sticking it downward.Bookmark here

It poised itself against the incoming charging boar. His left arm had the sword ready.Bookmark here

Once the boar approached enough a blue Mahojin appeared in front of the tower shield. The contact of the incoming boar and the shield made a wall like barrier flinch and shine for a brief second.Bookmark here

The boar definitely had a concussion as it started swaying and foaming from the unbelievably sturdy barrier that got erected to stop him.Bookmark here

Not letting this chance go to waste the knight jabbed with his left arm and struck the sword deep into the boar’s left temple. Withdrawing its blade the boar dropped to the ground…yet it started moving again trying to get back up…I remember what Osfor sensei said about gores, that without the destruction of their core they will not die… calling upon the warrior he swung down his two handed great sword splitting the boar in two before the sword was taken back it glowed red and the body of the boar caught fire turning it instantly to ash.Bookmark here

Other creatures appeared probably alarmed by the death of their ‘comrades’ they came in hordes.Bookmark here

Charging at us were numerous mountain and forest beasts. tainted animals numbering the hundreds.Bookmark here

I activated the ability of the cleric. He moved his chime and conjured a lightning spell that spread across the ground paralyzing and immobilizing a big chunk of the monsters coming toward us. The elf drew her bow and shot hundreds of arrows in the direction of the incoming monsters. The knight was blocking monsters and bashing skulls left and right. As for the warrior the swing of his blades was able to command wind and fire as it slashed about creating tornados of incinerating flames eating at the corps of the incoming enemies.Bookmark here

I never taught I would enjoy a fight in my life like this one.Bookmark here

The four heroes fighting and holding the path so that the innocents may escape…a tale to be told as a bed time story.Bookmark here

My string of taught was cut short after another intervention of Osfor saying in a panicked voice.Bookmark here

“ASURA-KUN what are you doing over there are you still not out yet???”Bookmark here

Answering back I saidBookmark here

“No I am out but this is sure hectic. What is the situation over there? And where are you?”Bookmark here

“We managed to withdraw south of the camp there is a large canyon with enough space for the students to pass in and for teachers to hold the front from the monsters you need to come over here. We are waiting for the transportation ships to come as we are going to forfeit this location…”Bookmark here

“Forfeit? Why can’t we just fight off the monsters and take it back…”Bookmark here

Osfor hastily respondedBookmark here

“We cannot handle this many enemies as Ousay, Kansaki and a lot of teachers left to deal with some matters. We are unable to push back the invasion we will have to come back later with another force to take back this place…”Bookmark here

“There won’t be anything left if you are to come back later…this whole land will become defiled and the miasma will claim it making it less than useless…if we need to take this location back we need to do it now.”Bookmark here

“Sorry Asura-kun but that seems to be impossible with our numbers…now please come back take the south passage near the teacher’s cabin and head up you will find the canyon it is not that far and we are holding our grounds here.”Bookmark here

After a brief moment I considered what my next words should be.Bookmark here

“Well…I believe I have a good chance to take this location back but I need you sensei…”Bookmark here

“Huh wait what??? How are you supposed to do that…I know you are strong but if you think of fighting that horde of monsters head on then I will believe that you lost your head. Not even Greetman is stupid enough to do that.Bookmark here

“Who said anything about fighting head on? I only need an opening to close back the barrier. I have enough force here to hold down the monsters in front of me but I can’t seem to gain ground I need your disintegration spell as I can’t risk using it myself and end up fainting like last time.”Bookmark here

“…are you sure about this…”Bookmark here

“Perfectly.”Bookmark here

“Then I am on my way. Where is your location?”Bookmark here

“I am right next to the lake near the dressing cabin teleport on top of it as it is still standing and not many Gores are near it.”Bookmark here

“Alright I will be there. I hope this plan of yours works.”Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

=====================================================================================Bookmark here

(Osfor Pov)Bookmark here

In a rocky area a bit to the south of the camp was a natural passage made from an old canyon it is easy to defend and hold up in it from the incoming monsters. Multiple teachers took positions on top of high boulders near the entrance to the canyon, myself and Midorikawa-san included.Bookmark here

Getting to this advantageous position and high ground has given us the edge against the incoming fleet of monsters. The students were asked to keep walking deep inside the canyon and only a few decided to stay those who left were accompanied by several teachers as to insure their safety. The ones that stayed were deemed capable even after asking them to leave and join their comrades they decided to remain and help the others to escape.Bookmark here

Shiki, Haruka Nassi Yuna and Kaori all decided to stay and help with other few more.Bookmark here

Sigh.Bookmark here

“This kid is going to give me a headache not only did he fight a demon alone he is trying to stop the invasion by himself…it’s as if he has a death wish…”Bookmark here

After that monologue I believe that Midorikawa san heard me and interjected.Bookmark here

“What do you mean did someone stay behind?”Bookmark here

“Yes and it is Asura but he said he had a way to prevent this and he can restore the barrier…”Bookmark here

As if not believing what I said she had a funny look on her face and saidBookmark here

“What? That is absurd it normally needs a few days with the presence of a lot of mages to repair it why would Asura say that he can and even if he could. How is he possibly going to do it? While there are Gores roaming around…this is stupid.”Bookmark here

Letting a long sigh I saidBookmark here

“I know this sounds stupid. But if it’s him…he must have an idea so I will have to go and help. he requested my presence for his plan to work.”Bookmark here

As if not taking me seriously she retorted.Bookmark here

“Are you going to leave and let me handle this alone…?”Bookmark here

“Sorry but I can’t help it… we still need this place and we can’t afford to give it up and come back for it later…”Bookmark here

After finishing my sentence Shiki appeared squinting his brows saying.Bookmark here

“Why is Asura still there…isn’t that dangerous?”Bookmark here

“Sigh…I know but don’t worry I will check up on him and if his plan is not worth it I will forcefully teleport him back here and we can all leave.”Bookmark here

Suddenly two of the girls approached Yuna and Kaori and askedBookmark here

“We would like to join you sensei we can help.”Bookmark here

‘So many variables I can’t be bringing them all with me they might even prove to be a hindrance if the situation is worse than it seems I better not have anyone else joining me if I want to make this.’Bookmark here

“…No you will have to stay here and help with defending this location. Right now not many Gores are heading this way but I fear if I take you with me that the defense here will become weaker so please stay and help as I have told you I will go and bring him back if it is not worth it.”Bookmark here

After a long silence they nodded and withdrew back…then Midorikawa sighed saying.Bookmark here

“So you have decided…come back fast if there was any type of complications call us and we will try to help.”Bookmark here

“ah don’t worry I wouldn’t even consider getting into a difficult position anyway…and I need you here as you know Takeda cannot keep the barrier up alone for long periods of time so if the monsters from the camp do come up here I need you to help control the situation I promise to come back as soon as I can.”Bookmark here

Before I could be delayed any longer I activated the teleportation magic but right before I could fully disappear I noticed that the worried Haruka hesitantly tried to say something but I couldn’t get it. Probably a be careful or something of the likeBookmark here

==================================================================================Bookmark here

‘What the hell is going on?’Bookmark here

I arrived atop of a small cabin. To my surprise I saw… enormous amounts of corpses of Gores. Maybe hundreds no maybe thousands…what could have caused this many deaths one would ask…if only they missed the figure of four gigantic looking stone giants in the middle of the numerous bodies.Bookmark here

Flame and ice. Ground turned, and trees uprooted. Loud noises of metal cracking bones and shattering spines. Devastation, as the four figures were laying waste to the incoming horde of Gores even giant looking Monsters were dealt with swiftly by a combination of two of the stone giant. A corrupted lizard king was trying to assault a shield holding giant only to be crushed by another mass holding giant. The two were about to be encircled by a small group of monsters that was instantly sent flying by a swing of a very broad and huge Greatsword. The swing was strong enough to make the wind flutter and ignite the flying corpses with it.Bookmark here

Another giant was carrying a bow destroying with every draw dozens of gores as arrows were being sent flying from the bow at a speed unprecedented to this world. Hundreds of arrows were being fired from every draw created by a magical combination.Bookmark here

Taking a closer look I remembered where I saw these four figures…they were the sentinels guarding the tomb. Why are they here…I can only think of one reason…Asura.Bookmark here

‘That little bastard. He used these ancient artifacts that should have been long since dead and none-functional to fight against the incoming wave of gores…splendid’Bookmark here

Noticing Asura who was standing at the shoulder of the Elven sentinel I could almost see a smile on his face. He was having fun. Destroying numerous enemies and laying havoc even while greatly outnumbered and making it look easy…I would have been laughing my ass off if I was in his shoos…lucky bastard…how did he even do that…Bookmark here

I teleported again this time taking position at the other shoulder of the same Elven giant.Bookmark here

“Interesting toys you have here Asura…so what is it that you need me to do…whit allies like this I can somehow understand the reason why you said you could close the barrier.”Bookmark here

Asura readily answered.Bookmark here

“Oh you are here Osfor-sensei I was beginning to worry that you may not come and I will have to do all the work…anyway I need an opening as you can see the monsters from the other side of the barrier are getting greedy and they started to increase their numbers I can’t hold on much longer like this as the operating of these four is taking its toll on me. I need you to open a path all the way to the breach. A straight line.”Bookmark here

“Hmm so the operation of these guys was the reason you could not do it yourself and you need me to breakthrough them. Then what?”Bookmark here

Asura answered with sweat coming down from his templeBookmark here

“Then I will charge forward with these sentinels and block the breach I believe that knight have a strong barrier magic that can work as a temporary barrier until I restore the old one.”Bookmark here

“So you want to plug the breach with the sentinel’s barrier until you can fix it…how are you supposed to defend yourself then? If I remember correctly you said that it takes a lot just to operate these guys. And restoring a SSS barrier is no easy feat even with your Eye.”Bookmark here

Asura answered back with a defeated tone.Bookmark here

“I don’t know Sensei this is our best bet…”Bookmark here

Sigh…Bookmark here

“What a crude and unsophisticated plan I came all the way for this…well what’s the worst that could happen…at the very least we teleport away and come back another time.”Bookmark here

“Alright. The breach is right in front of us if you can use your spell sensei that would be great.”Bookmark here

“Alright then. DISINTEGRATE”Bookmark here

Swinging the head of my cane for some style points I erected a Mahojin in front of me. Smashing at it with the head of my cane a concentrated ray of energy shot forward melting and eating away at any unfortunate being that was in its path. A scorching heat that melted the bones and flesh of anything that touches.Bookmark here

Shooting forward like a meteor the damage was intense as expected. The ray was strong enough that it was even able to kill monsters who were at the contaminated zone by passing through the breach.Bookmark here

At that moment the four sentinels started moving in unison cutting away at any monster that was still trying to hinder their advance.Bookmark here

The vanguard was the knight with his tower shield held in front of it he crushed any unfortunate being that was trying to block his path.Bookmark here

Any monster that survived the ray by stepping away or not being near its damaging area tried to flank the four knight, only to be blown away by the two handed wielding giant or crushed by the mace of the cleric looking giant. Those that were somehow able to evade the blows of these two were struck down by the arrows of the Elven giant.Bookmark here

A perfectly organized detachment of elite and strong warriors. These things can prove to be a national treasure or strong artifacts if their power was harnessed to better serve the country. Asura will receive enormous praise for this discovery.Bookmark here

Reaching the breach it looked like a section of the barrier has fallen.Bookmark here

The barrier is in fact multi-sectioned like a chain where each link has its own power source. The link here seems to have been broken which never have happened in thousands of years… there is normally a powerful magic circle that gathers natural energy and converts it into a barrier and now this magic circle seems to have been tampered with as no signs of it is left.Bookmark here

The breach was rectangular of a 200meter width.Bookmark here

The knight that stood at the middle of the breach struck its shield in front of him making huge amounts of mana gather and erect an invisible wall in front of him.Bookmark here

Gores from the other side tried to penetrate only to be unable to pass the invisible wall that fully covered the 200 meter distance. The three other warriors took a stance to defend the knight behind them facing all the remaining monsters that already infiltrated…they were hundredsBookmark here

Asura then said.Bookmark here

“I can only do one thing. Either keep the Shield wall up and try to reinstate the old barrier. Or fight until we kill all the already infiltrated monsters then get back to rebuilding the barrier but I don’t know if I can last as the mana of powering this wall is almost the same as I need to power the other three knights combined.”Bookmark here

“…No you try and reenact the old barrier and I will hold these guys back. Concentrate on your thing.”Bookmark here

Asura then saidBookmark here

“Ok then I will power off the three other knights ok?”Bookmark here

“Yes you do that and try and position them so they do not suffer from collateral damage.”Bookmark here

“Hmm”.Bookmark here

‘Well we don’t want to damage national treasures do we…and I can’t let Asura Haggle all the lights then.’Bookmark here

“OVERDRIVE.”Bookmark here

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