Chapter 10:

The Everlasting Volume 2 Chapter 9

The Everlasting

Chapter 9 the genius mage Osfor Bookmark here

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(Asura Pov)Bookmark here

‘Wow it’s hard to keep the wall up and try to fix the broken circle at the same time…losing focus on one thing is bound to collapse the whole plan…I need to focus and trust Osfor sensei with defending my back.’Bookmark here

I heard a shout from Osfor that casted a spell on himself.Bookmark here

“OVERDRIVE”Bookmark here

Immense amount of energy started gathering around Osfor while hi body glowed red his cane glowed white. He held it up like a torch then an immensely sized Mahojin was erected 50 meters above my head.Bookmark here

With a radius of over 100 meters it was shining in a white light. All kind of symbols and texts were being written at a rapid speed on the Mahojin making it even more complex by the second.Bookmark here

This time I heard Osfor Chanting. In all my time with him I saw him use hundreds of spells but never before he chanted. Probably this chant is to reinforce the magic circle as the more he did the stronger and thinker the circle gets even more proportional his aura was thickening at a rapid speed.Bookmark here

This is the first time I heard this language as he was chanting to cast the spell…probably an old spell.Bookmark here

The Mahojin covered a great zone towering over monsters in front and behind the wall that my knight was maintaining to keep the monsters away by plugging the breach.Bookmark here

Seeing that Osfor has finished his chant cracks and sparks began to form in the sky under the Mahojin. Earth started to shake and gravel started to tremble. Monsters that were erratically trying to charge at us slowed down their speed as if realizing that their approach was to be second taught of.Bookmark here

Not one to care Osfor snapped his finger and the cane from his left arm stopped shining.Bookmark here

Only for the great magic circle to shine once more brighter and stronger than any light I have ever seen.Bookmark here

I was practically at the center of the spell…so if anything goes wrong I might as well just turn to dust.Bookmark here

A blinding ray shot forward from the Mahojin covering the entire location. I had to keep my focus on the barrier that is slowly being reconstructed while also maintaining the Knight’s wall…Bookmark here

I flinched once the Light reached me but I felt nothing…the light covered my body making it hard to open my eyes thus I had to keep working while my eyes were closed not that it will hinder my rebuilding of the barrier but it was a small inconvenience.Bookmark here

After a few moments the light dissipated leaving the entire radius of the spell the same way it was before…fearing that nothing changed I looked once again at the puzzled looking Gores that had no idea what happened. Only to see them laugh at the fruitless effort of the mage and his useless flashy spell.Bookmark here

Some of the monsters continued their charge toward the immobilized sentinels fanatically screaming and crying out their lungs in a clear depiction of insanity.Bookmark here

I turned to look at Osfor waiting to see a look of disappointment on his face that his spell did not work only to be surprised that his face had a wide grin on it then he began to giggle like a crazy old man.Bookmark here

Then it happened.Bookmark here

It must have been a delayed spell as one after the other the Gores that were approaching started to burst inside out with light seeping from their mouth and eye sockets. Only to end up exploding leaving not a single trace behind them.Bookmark here

Each explosion evaporated the Gores completely.Bookmark here

The approaching Gores seeming to have understood what was happening started to slow down.Bookmark here

Not one to wait around Osfor was still fully charged with mana as his body was still glowing red he summoned ten 2 meter radius Mahojin around him.Bookmark here

Each of the circles lessened the glow of his aura once a creature was summoned from it.Bookmark here

10 fire golems about 4 meter tall and a large frame looking like molten stones shaped in a humanoid body were invoked one after one from the circles.Bookmark here

Then a whip appeared on his left hand it was really long and ended with a splitter head each fiber held a ball looking metal mass. Then he willed the whip that started swatting at every Monster in sight rendering them immobile and incapacitated with each hit a Gore would either lose a limb or lose its life. The damage was ridiculous and what is strange that Osfor was not moving the whip but it was as if it had its own mind and life was blown in it. It moved on its own with Osfor only holding its end.Bookmark here

It must be another type of spiritual summon only this one is a bit peculiar.Bookmark here

‘if I remembered correctly summoning magic is only available for spiritual magicians an elemental magician can only make a contract with one spiritual being to help in their endeavors…as I am seeing right now I know for sure that Osfor-sensei is an elemental mage…then how come an elemental mage is able to make contract with more than one spiritual being…even more so with the same type…’Bookmark here

The golems started their charge totally ignoring the monsters that were affected by the light from the earlier spell and headed toward the ones that were approaching from outside.Bookmark here

Five golems approached me probably trying to go beyond the wall to engage on the incoming hordes of Gores from outside.Bookmark here

I released the wall for a second when I noticed that a large number of monsters that the Knight was holding outside exploded from the earlier magic. The golem exited and started laying waste on all the other incoming Gores.Bookmark here

The other five golems were protecting the non-functional sentinels. With their fire spells they burnt any one that tried to climb the sentinels and broke any that was attempting to hinder the Knight.Bookmark here

Osfor began to conjure hundreds of golden fireballs that seemed to have a mind of their own traveling at dazzling speeds and striking dead center of every gore in sight.Bookmark here

Taking advantage of the opening the five golems outside the barrier were creating by their enormous power I shut down the giant knight that I could fully focus on recovering the barrier.Bookmark here

The barrier begun to reform at a faster pace. Seeing that result I sighed in relief.Bookmark here

Only to be shocked from the shriek that I heard.Bookmark here

In the middle of the explosions that were erupting everywhere the sound of gores wailing and screaming from pain and the effect of Osfor sensei’s spells. This sound was by all means…loud.Bookmark here

A giant hulking beast was seen in the background of the incoming waves of Gores…it was enormous to say the least. At least a 150Meter large sized turtle looking beast.Bookmark here

It had a dark colored skin with muffled green looking scales. Its carapace was adorned with gigantic looking spikes. Half its face was missing and the other half was heavily mutilated… its legs were bulky and large sized and with each stop of its legs the ground would shake.Bookmark here

Shrieking once more the entire horde of Gores in front of it gave way to this titan.Bookmark here

Charging with a speed unbeknownst to turtles this Behemoth of a creature was fast.Bookmark here


Hearing that from Osfor I hastily tried to increase the amount of mana that I can produce to repair the breach. My eye started glowing and a small tingling was irritating my right eye.Bookmark here

The amount of mana that I begun to absorb within me was enormous.Bookmark here

“Hurry that is a tainted Emperor Class sacred beast. This is not something we can handle alone we need to close the gate fast…what the hell is this thing doing here…”Bookmark here

Hearing the urgency of Osfor’s words I decided to step it up a notch.Bookmark here

Absorbing more mana then releasing it to reconstruct the barrier made the work even faster.Bookmark here

The Hulking beast was only few meters away when the fire golems tried to impede its movement only to be crushed under its weight.Bookmark here

Miraculously the repairing of the barrier was finished the moment the creature crashed in it.Bookmark here

The barrier bended a bit back while I was watching as the beast that was gapping its gigantic mouth trying to bite me off smashing its jaws into it.Bookmark here

Fearing that I might crash under pressure I unconsciously stepped backwards.Bookmark here

“Nicely don Asura-kun…Oi Midorikawa-san do you hear me…the breach has been closed I need a detachment of teachers to come and clean the remaining monsters. Some have fled to the east so send Takeda over there. Leave minimal protection at the entrance of the canyon and head back to the camp. The mission was a success.”Bookmark here

Hearing that I let go of a small sigh. Looking back at the giant in front of me it was still trying to break down the barrier by head-butting it or clawing at it with its frontal legs to no avail.Bookmark here

Noticing that there was still a lot of work to be done and a lot of surviving gores inside to be killed, I started rebooting the giant sentinels. Only to receive the worst leach back I have ever felt in my life.Bookmark here

My right eye started hurting as if a fire was started within it. My body became hot and both my wrists almost caught on fire as smoke was coming from both of them.Bookmark here

Cringing and crying in pain Osfor jumped at me too check up on my situation only to say.Bookmark here

“Shit the death curse is activating!!! Asura-kun can you hear me you still have residual mana within your body the curse will activate if you do not release it…burn it all use magic clad hurry close the mana flux and use magic clad with all your might burn it all Out.”Bookmark here

Losing consciousness is the last thing I need right now I tried doing what Osfor said shutting down mana flux and activating mana clad that did not even cover my entire body…the aura was thick and inconsistent. It was barely shaping correctly as my focus was beginning to loosen.Bookmark here

I barely managed to burn the excess mana while I noticed that both my wrists had a black ring surrounding them…shortly after, I blacked out.Bookmark here

_____________________________________________________________________________________Bookmark here

Bookmark here

“…SURA…”…Bookmark here

“…A...RA”…Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Hearing a faint voice calling I woke up. Disoriented and feeling numb I looked around me. Only to find myself inside a metallic looking chamber.Bookmark here

A sound that was ringing in the background confirmed that I was in some sort of transportation aircraft.Bookmark here

I sat down trying to remember what happened only to be grabbed tightly by the arm.Bookmark here

A terrified expression was on Osfor-sensei’s face…he saidBookmark here

“A-are you alright Young Asura…that was my fault I am sorry for pushing to do that…because of me you almost lost your life…I am truly sorry…”Bookmark here

I answered with a hoarse voice.Bookmark here

“D-don’t worry about it…as you can see I am still alive heh.”Bookmark here

“…I can’t seem to understand you my boy…it’s as if your life is not even yours…you don’t even flinch at the mention of death even if you are as close to it than anyone else…”Bookmark here

“Well no need to worry about what you can’t change…we just have to live our lives to the fullest. And let future problems for the future.”Bookmark here

“…it seems that the death curse was suppressed back…your wrists were beginning to show symptoms of activation it .this curse will start by covering your arm from the wrist till the shoulder then to the rest of the body .with a patterned black tattoos that look like veins. If the black veins reach the heart…it is when the curse fully activates. Your body seems to be able to nullify the tracing of the black veins. Normally your wrists would still have the black rings on them but it seems that they were somehow ‘deleted’.”Bookmark here

Looking at my wrists I remembered that before I lost consciousness I really did have two black rings but now it is just normal colored flesh…and its pale …man I need better food I was eating rations from Osfor and really horrible food lately…Bookmark here

“Where are we now and what happened to the camp?”Bookmark here

“Ah we are heading back to Albion boarding the school personal transportation ship we need to rearrange ‘things’…as for the camp worry not you did a great job suppressing the invasion and bringing back the relics of old to life. I will make sure to drop your name for future recommendations…heheh. Well a small detachment of monsters headed a bit to the east but the reports from Takeda said that he was able to fully suppress them before they could contaminate the wild life. As for the ones that remained in the camp they were fully eliminated however it seems that the tainted sacred beast was convinced that if he kept bashing its head on the barrier it would break…just let it I hope it dies…that thing should not even be there as the sacred Mountain turtle is last seen on the other side of Alsa near Astora how was it able to travers all that distance…”Bookmark here

“And the students was there any casualties?”Bookmark here

“No rest assured. Who do you think you are…the worst case was you in fact…others only suffered from minor bruises and bumps on the head for not being organized as they were being evacuated…I tell you mass panic is hard to deal with.”Bookmark here

“Good to know…”Bookmark here

“Now listen up boy…this was supposed to be a training camp for the tournament…with these complication it was to be cut-short. So if you need anything to prepare for the upcoming fights…just call me. Our private time together will reach its end and you will have to enroll back in classes with the rest of the students.”Bookmark here

“Ugh…that will be a pain…if only…hey Sensei tell me something how many students know that I was there closing down the portal?”Bookmark here

“None that I know of, why?”Bookmark here

“Well I was hoping that you could take the credit for it and just say that you ended up saving me…this way I can at least evade being questioned all day long by other classmates…”Bookmark here

“Well I don’t understand why you do not want to claim the fame for your deeds but I will make sure it stays this way… however this incident is on a national scale I will be asked for questionings and I will need to provide truthful informations. If it’s the student body they will not know of your achievements but as for the council they must know exactly what happened here but don’t worry those guys are able to keep a secret better than you could imagine.”Bookmark here

“Alright if it is like that then it’s Okay.”Bookmark here

Knock, Knock.Bookmark here

‘Who could that be?’Bookmark here

“Come in” said Osfor with sullen expression he clearly was not in the mood of seeing anyone.Bookmark here

“Oh its Korima Yuna-chan…well I will leave you two alone I have important matters to attend to…heheh”Bookmark here

Giggling mischievously Osfor stood up and walked away in a faked hurry skipping away as if his mood was never sullied. A strange man.Bookmark here

With a gentle yet well heard voice as if an angel was speaking she said.Bookmark here

“Excuse me Shirogami-san…can I have a word with you.”Bookmark here

Half stunned I answered.Bookmark here

“…Sure”.Bookmark here

********************************************************************Bookmark here

(Osfor Pov)Bookmark here

‘Alright it’s been 1 hour now since we arrived to Albion…dam it, I need to get this over with the report is going to be bothersome…well I will at least luck out of this as Kazehara is the one that will need to deal with the that old man’s nagging and never ending complains…that dame fire head…’Bookmark here

“Speak of the devil…”Bookmark here

I was in front of her gloomy office right before I could properly arrange the documents on my hands she showed up in front of me using her hide presence ability…dam that Sraam why did he have to teach her this spell…it’s hard enough to sense her but she still fails to fully cancel her presence as she is only reflecting light and not hiding her sent she can be easily found…unlike that bastard who can just as much vanish without a trace even if you are looking directly at him…Bookmark here

I still remember the time when he just hid himself for weeks to not hear the constant nagging of the old man heheh serves him right.Bookmark here

“Devil ay…”Bookmark here

“No, not you Dear principle-san…well these are the documents I will be on my way now bye.”Bookmark here

She interjected rapidly…and coldly.Bookmark here

“You are going nowhere…you will have to explain this to him as well I had enough of his nagging because of the infiltration .I will not go down alone.”Bookmark here

‘It was a long shot but worth the try…Bookmark here

“So what exactly happened and did you find what I was looking for…”Bookmark here

“Alright let’s take a seat.”Bookmark here

Taking a seat inside the office I used a barrier type spell that muffled and stopped sound from leaving its perimeter. Whatever is said inside the barrier will not be heard outside it.Bookmark here

“So…I think I know who the Mole is. It’s the teacher that was assigned the fourth level of the dungeon…”Bookmark here

“How do you know that?”Bookmark here

“Well as you can see. Asura was able to solo the entire dungeon…and you know that the fourth level is off limit for students and a teacher is located there to prevent them from going deeper. Asura told me that he finished the dungeon and even killed a Demon that spawned on the last floor…so why was he not intercepted at the fourth floor?…he said that no one was on the door to the fourth floor and he just kept clearing the dungeon.”Bookmark here

“Wait what…A demon and Asura finished it… that dungeon is not simple enough for a sol student to clear…even the last floor is protected by numerous mechanisms that needs the effort of enormous amount of mages to complete the magic seals and open the pathways…I can’t believe that he did that alone…”Bookmark here

“Well that is the most surprising thing too. He was the one who brought back the four sentinels guarding the tomb he even made them fight for him…even more he closed and repaired the broken barrier…it is all written in detail in my report you should check on it. Now back to the spy…I noticed that the recordings of the fourth door were tampered with to make it look like that the teacher was still guarding the door. If Asura did not conquer the dungeon I think we would never have gotten a hold of him.”Bookmark here

“…who was the teacher responsible for the fourth floor…?”Bookmark here

“It was Asilis…the one responsible verifying the students Elementum…that bastard somehow managed to break that barrier…if this happened on other places only god knows what would happen…”Bookmark here

“And where is he now…?”Bookmark here

“AWOL. This gives me enough reasons to think that he was responsible for the destruction of the barrier…he made an alibi by forging the footage and somehow destroyed the school crystal that captured the dungeon for Albion’s teachers.”Bookmark here

“this explains things…but why?...I want you to locate him…I need something to hush the headmaster with…Asura’s exploits will be a good leverage but still we need to capture Asilis for questionings…I can’t believe little Asura was able to pull off so many achievements in his short stay…we need to supervise and watch him closely now…I fear that he may have pulled some unwanted attention…”Bookmark here

“Yes I know…and for that I exist.”Bookmark here

P.S : hey guys thank you for reading, this is the end of the second volume the third volume will be posted soon. I thank you all for the read and i hope you did enjoy.Bookmark here

The Everlasting

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