Chapter 2:

Kami-sama, Y U Do Dis?

Otherworld Isekai Service

Diesel woke up one day, his memories fuzzy as to what happened. The last thing he remembered was that he had been driving to his favorite restaurant, which had finally opened again after the world had essentially gone mad from disease.Bookmark here

"Damn. And I was craving the area's spiciest Drunken Noodle from my favorite Thai place…"Bookmark here

He smacked his lips…or rather, he tried to. He could feel no motion from his mouth nor tongue wiggling where there should have been. He moved his hand to his mouth to feel for some anomaly, but he noticed that no appendage moved either.Bookmark here

"What?" A sound leaked out from him. Words seemed to be accompanied by a loud, mechanical rumbling.Bookmark here

What was that racket? And why did it sound so close?Bookmark here

He looked around the area with wonder. The space was dark, making it difficult to tell where he had ended up. First of all, he needed to figure out his surroundings.Bookmark here

"Gotta find a light before anything else…" Suddenly, two bright lights shone in front of him, illuminating the ground. Diesel briefly wondered where they came from before noticing something strange about them. It appeared to be coming from behind him.Bookmark here

Trying to turn around, Diesel found himself encumbered like he had been stuck to the ground. He felt no signs of his legs moving, but strangely, he watched as the ground shifted slightly back and forth. He was definitely moving, but in a limited fashion.Bookmark here

Just what the hell was going on? He had been feeling unlike himself this entire time. Spotting a metallic surface in front of him, he scooted forward to take a look, hoping that its reflective coating would tell him what his current state was.Bookmark here

But all he could see were two glaring lights being reflected as he crept closer. The glare drowned out the rest of the reflection, so he continued move closer and closer, until he was right up against the shiny wall.Bookmark here

However, what greeted him was merely the image of a truck's front end. Puzzled, Diesel tried to move away, only to see the image respond in kind. After several cycles of that, there was no longer any doubt in his mind.Bookmark here

He, Diesel, was that truck!Bookmark here

The shock of that realization stirred the memories in his head, giving him a replay of what had happened prior.Bookmark here

He had been on his way for lunch. Crossing through an intersection, a sudden skidding of tires was all he heard before a strong impact shook his entire body and sent him into the darkness.Bookmark here

The next thing he knew, he woke up in a dark, vast area. Willing himself to get up, it was like his body floated on command. Subconsciously, he started gliding towards a bright column of light, the only thing in this otherwise empty expanse.Bookmark here

A voice called to him, in a language that he didn't comprehend, but somehow, he knew. The voice had stated, "Welcome to the Afterlife."Bookmark here

"NANI?!" Diesel cried in reflex. He had the tendency to spew out broken Japanese, a habit from his persona as an American otaku.Bookmark here

The light flickered for a few moments, as if registering what he had said. Afterwards, it shifted to a bluish tint in color.Bookmark here

"Ahh, Nihongo ka? Jaa, Kami-sama no deban da." (Ahh, Japanese? Then, it's Kama-sama's turn.)Bookmark here

With a bright flare, the column of light morphed into the giant form of an old Asian man, one that would've felt at home sipping tea in front of a shogi board or something. He barely gave a glance at Diesel before looking down at a paper. Even though it had a god-like presence, a look of weariness dotted his brow. An exhausted sigh escaped his lips as he scanned the paper for information. All Diesel could do was stand nervously like he was being sized up for who knows what.Bookmark here

"Nanda? Diesel?...Diesel…kuruma?" The god, who Diesel guessed was referred to as 'Kami-sama' brought a hand to his head as if scratching it in confusion. Suddenly, Kami-sama shrugged and threw the paper away before swirling a finger in the air.Bookmark here

Wisps of magic power floated down and swirled around Diesel.Bookmark here

It was moments after that, Diesel awoke to this situation, stuck in the body of a semi-truck.Bookmark here

He, a flesh and blood human, had been turned into a freaking truck! He wanted to cry at the thought. Surprisingly, something in his metallic body did respond, but it had just been the windshield sprayers. Still, it made his vision blurry, so he put a stop to that.Bookmark here

This felt very, very wrong. How the hell did he end up like this?! And why a truck? With a name like Diesel, he had been teased endlessly and compared to a certain bald movie star that liked to go fast.Bookmark here

If this had been Kami-sama's idea of a joke, then he might as well have gone all the way and turned him into 'Van Diesel'.Bookmark here

Diesel mentally shook his head. Since he technically didn't have a head, it appeared as if the front end did a little jiggle.Bookmark here

What would he do now? How does one even live as a truck? How does living as something inanimate even work? An endless sea of questions plagued his mind as human reasoning refused to cope with the situation that he had been thrust into.Bookmark here

Would he just sit here until a driver came along?Bookmark here

Actually, no. He could move himself. He did so before.Bookmark here

Then, was there an exit so that he could get out of wherever he was? The very least he could do was figure out where he had ended up.Bookmark here

Willing himself to go forward, the rumbling of his engine grew, and he slowly rolled forward with his tires. Diesel stopped minding all of these weird details and focused on looking for a way out. After making a few twists and turns, a light could be seen in the distance.Bookmark here

Seeing this glimmer of hope, Diesel revved his engine and accelerated for it. As he passed through the initial beam of light trickling into the dark area, his vision adjusted to the bright surroundings to find out that…there was nothing. An empty white space laid out as far as the eye could see – this was literally all that surrounded the building that he had come out of.Bookmark here

"What? What madness is this?!" These words slipped out of the mouthless Diesel, who had given up trying to figure out how a truck could speak.Bookmark here

"You are in Kami-sama's garage."Bookmark here

Diesel spun around in a U-turn trying to locate the new voice that echoed.Bookmark here

"Up here, Truck-kun."Bookmark here

Tilting his vision upward, Diesel saw the giant, old man floating above him once again.Bookmark here

"AHHH!!! YOU AGAIN! WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME?!" The truck blared out, causing Kami-sama to recoil in panic.Bookmark here

"Sorry, it wasn't intentional. Even us Gods can make a mistake, especially when we're tired and it's the end of the day. Besides, the system sent you to me cause the first thing out of your mouth was Japanese, and you didn't bother to say anything to fix it. I could've sent you to someone else, or at least, paused to go grab my English hat!"Bookmark here

For the first time, Diesel had regretted how his tendency to add cringy broken Japanese to his English speech pattern had resulted in this tragic mistake. All he could do was blame himself and the blasted anime that made him think it was neat to talk as such.Bookmark here

"But wait…couldn't you have seen that I was obviously human? I mean, I can talk and stuff."Bookmark here

Kami-sama shook his head. "So what? Cats and dogs talk, just like humans do. Just the other day, I had to reincarnate someone who had previously been a vending machine. I was fighting off exhaustion, so with a name like Diesel, I was like, whatever, a truck will do!"Bookmark here

Diesel couldn't argue with that. At least, he could move on his own, unlike a vending machine.Bookmark here

"Then, change me back! I don't wanna be stuck like this!"Bookmark here

Once again, Kami-sama shook his head. "No can do. There are limits to my power. I can't just fix a reincarnation once it's been done. For you to change back, you'll have to accumulate karma through your current life. Once enough has been collected, then I can strike you down with some lightning and reincarnate you into something else."Bookmark here

Diesel's metaphorical heart sank. He would have to stay like this for a while? How long? How long would he have to suffer like this? He turned towards Kami-sama to beg him for some help, but he was already on top of it.Bookmark here

"Hold your horses. I'm already here cause I planned to help you with this mistake. I can't change you back yet, but I can give you something to do that will boost your karma quickly."Bookmark here

"What is it? I'll do it! Whatever! Just lay it on me!" The desperation could be felt even when the words came from an expressionless vehicle.Bookmark here

Kami-sama coughed to clear his throat. "Alright then. You'll be put in charge of sending people to alternate worlds. I believe that you would refer to it as isekai-ing."Bookmark here

"Eh?...EHHHHH!!!!" Diesel shouted as the realization of a meme otaku merely joked about was about to come true, and by his hands to boot. "But…but…how do I accomplish that?"Bookmark here

"Why...the same way as any divine business would – by getting notifications of assignments which I review and approve. Then, all that's left is to send a Truck-kun on-site to do the job. That is where you come in."Bookmark here

"But…running over people and sending them to another world…that's-"Bookmark here

"Most of those people were hell-bound anyways. If they had stayed in their world, they would've caused some damage to society. Sending them to another world is their second chance to reform themselves or die from the consequences of their actions. Basically, the service sends them to a place where they have lost the gifts that they had been born into previously."Bookmark here

"I dunno…I would feel kind of bad if I sent someone innocent into the whims of fate. Just look at what happened to me."Bookmark here

"Well…I'm usually more careful with that. I was actually tired because I had put so much into scrutinizing the right people to isekai." Kami-sama sheepishly scratched his chin as he looked away. "In any case, that's your fastest ticket back to living as a human again."Bookmark here

Diesel sighed. Not like he had any other choice. He was already a freaking truck after all. How much worse could it be?Bookmark here

"Okay, deal."Bookmark here

"Alrighty, then." With a wave of his arms, Kami-sama sent a swirl of magic around Diesel.Bookmark here

Since trucks had no nerves, he couldn't feel what was happening to him. All he could do was wait for the magical twister around him to die down. When it did, he moved forward a bit.Bookmark here

"Hey, I feel…lighter. More compact."Bookmark here

Kami-sama nodded. "Of course, you do. I turned you into a compact cargo truck for better maneuverability. Can't have a semi-truck sitting around. Takes up too much space. Though, you can change back if you wish for it so. Just one of the magical abilities bestowed upon you."Bookmark here

"Ooh! What else?" Somehow, Diesel was starting to get into this.Bookmark here

"I'll tell you in time. They are mainly to aid you on your job, so nothing too fancy."Bookmark here

Kami-sama shrank down from his giant form to the size of a normal human as he floated down to the ground. With a click of the heels, he landed and gave a slight bow of his waist, greeting Diesel as his new boss.Bookmark here

"Welcome, Diesel-kun. Your new life begins as part of the Otherworld Isekai Service."Bookmark here

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