Chapter 4:

The Case of the Model Student (2)

Otherworld Isekai Service

Diesel followed behind as the high schoolers continued moving through the streets, and eventually, to some secluded empty lot.Bookmark here

"Here is fine. How about we get to know each other a bit better?" Kouta looked lustfully at the girl. His eyes didn't look quite as nice as before.Bookmark here

"Umm…here? What are you planning?" The girl looked nervously around, unsure of what to do. She could feel that the atmosphere had changed as well.Bookmark here

"It's okay. It's my little secret hiding place. No random person to interrupt when things get heated."Bookmark here

Kouta moved forward and reached underneath her shirt. Though she tried to move back, she was soon pinned against the adjacent wall. Kouta's lips reached forward, capturing her own before she could turn away.Bookmark here

Because of his superior strength, the girl couldn't push back to stop him. She could feel his hand grope at her bra, forcefully parting the material away to access the soft mounds underneath.Bookmark here

She didn't want this. Not so quickly. She had sent him a love letter just the day before. They hadn't even gone on a date yet. Recoiling at the sudden forcefulness of the situation, she tried to pull away, accidentally biting the tongue that tried to slither into her mouth.Bookmark here

"OW! Bitch! What the hell did you do that for?!"Bookmark here

The girl turned to the side, brushing the invasive hands from her body. "I didn't ask for this!"Bookmark here

"You didn't ask for what? This is what it means to be with the most popular guy in school. You have to be willing to give a lot more to capture my attention! Otherwise, why the hell would I give you the time of day?!"Bookmark here

Kouta forcefully pressed himself against her again, tugging at her clothing. "Shut up and do what you're told!"Bookmark here

"NO! GET AWAY!"Bookmark here

Kouta slapped her. The other hand which had been holding onto her shirt had reflexively tugged a bit too hard, tearing the fabric. Seeing as the damage had been done already, he shrugged and finished tearing the front apart, exposing her chest as she fell to the ground.Bookmark here

The girl was horrified. She had no idea that Kouta was such a horrible person. None of his friends had shown any indication that he was this way. When she asked other girls that were seen with him before, they had merely looked away before hurriedly excusing themselves. She had figured that they were just bitter about not being chosen.Bookmark here

"STOP! I'LL REPORT YOU!"Bookmark here

But Kouta merely smirked. "To who, might I ask? Who is going to believe some random girl over the model student? The teachers? The neighborhood? The witnesses that I have on my side?"Bookmark here

Kouta snapped his fingers in the air. With that signal, his group of friends popped up around the lot, a few of them with phones in their hands recording the scene.Bookmark here

"Or maybe, the world can take a gander."Bookmark here

The girl's eyes widened in shock, realizing that she had fallen into a trap. Kouta bent down and whispered into her ear.Bookmark here

"I was going to let you off easy if you had been willing to give in voluntarily, but it seems you need to be taught a lesson. I'm going to let my friends join in as well. And you better not make a fuss about it, or these pictures will end up plastered everywhere."Bookmark here

At this point, what could she do? She had been trapped in a hopeless situation, simply because she had pursued her crush. It had felt too good to be true. The perfect guy accepting someone normal like her. It had been like a story from a shoujo manga. She panicked as she realized that she would instead become the disposable side character that the antagonist played around with instead.Bookmark here

She whispered a plea in desperation. "Mom, Dad, Kami-sama, anyone! Please! Do something!"Bookmark here

The group of guys got into position, savoring the different angles that would be captured. Kouta would be the first to have fun. That was how it always worked. They would get their turn later.Bookmark here

*CRASHHHHHHHH!!!!*Bookmark here

To everyone's surprise, a truck suddenly barreled its way through the fence surrounding the empty lot.Bookmark here

To Kouta's shock, it didn't stop, but rather, accelerated towards him. He looked around. His friends had already dispersed, away from the trajectory of the moving vehicle. The girl behind him had also rolled away somehow. Why did it seem like the truck had its sights set on him and him alone?Bookmark here

Just before he felt an excruciating pain, he could've sworn he heard someone say, "Forget about the girl! How about a grill instead?!"Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Diesel looked at the result of his rampage. After seeing the events unfold, a bitter rage enveloped him. The hesitation of killing someone was thrown to the corners of his mind as he decided that now was the time to act.Bookmark here

Flooring the gas, he smashed through the wooden fence and went full speed at the disgusting excuse of a man. Using his popularity and studious behavior merely as a way to cover for his own wrongdoings, that was a sickening type of person. And to think that the meek friends of his had been in on the whole thing. Not like he could do anything about them anyways.Bookmark here

Interestingly, Kami-sama had made it such that he could only go after the intended target. A magical wind had been emitted from him as he charged forward, knocking aside those that weren't designated as such. The other boys and the girl were all sent off to the side, leaving only Kouta squarely centered in his path. It was fine though. At least, the main perpetrator would get his just desserts.Bookmark here

The grill crushed Kouta into the side of the fence and broke through. Behind that fence was an old building that had been condemned already. With a satisfying crunch, the bones in Kouta's chest were flattened as he was caught in between a 2-metric ton vehicle and a sturdy brick wall. Though the wall caved in from the resulting impact, the state of the pinned body was gruesome, like a watermelon that had been dropped from a tall building. But Kouta had died a merciful death – quick and momentary in pain – a sentence that was almost too good for the likes of him.Bookmark here

Thankfully, Kami-sama had reassured Diesel that proper arrangements could be made to send Kouta to a suitable world. There would be no wish fulfillment for him as a summoned 'hero'. A poor upbringing and an abusive master were waiting for him on the other side.Bookmark here

Flabbergasted at the sudden change in situation, the girl thought she could feel a voice from somewhere telling her to hurry and run. She quickly jumped to her feet and saw two of the phones that the boys used to record, a few steps away from her. Scooping them into her hands, she made a mad dash away to find someone, anyone that could help her.Bookmark here

The proof that she carried would be enough to convict the boys for their crimes. She would make sure to that they would pay for what they tried to do to her, and likely, many others. Maybe then, the victims that they created would have some small measure of justice given to them.Bookmark here

As Diesel parked himself in that wreckage, he let out a giant puff of smoke. The service had been done. He had carried it out. Even though he had been hesitant at first, what he saw confirmed that Kami-sama's decision had been correct.Bookmark here

Diesel reached for his radio, but then reconsidered. He felt a familiar presence approaching.Bookmark here

"Kami-sama, you're right behind me, aren't you?"Bookmark here

"Ohoho, so you could tell, huh? I couldn't just leave you on your own with new powers after sending you back to Earth, now could I? What kind of employer would I be if I did that?"Bookmark here

"It certainly wouldn't be the first time, if isekai anime had any truth to it."Bookmark here

"Bah, humans and their fantasies. Always blaming the Gods for mistakes."Bookmark here

"But…you did make one before, I needn't remind you."Bookmark here

"Rare as being struck by lightning…as long as I don't sneeze."Bookmark here

Afterwards, Diesel laid low and let himself be towed away to avoid any suspicion. The authorities couldn't figure out where the truck had come from since there was no record of its registration. They had assumed that the driver bolted from the scene and left to pursue the nonexistent person instead.Bookmark here

After they had dumped Diesel into an automobile graveyard, Kami-sama discreetly warped him back to the divine garage for some repairs. The front grill had been completely smashed in, and there was slight warping of the internal parts. But to him, he hadn't felt a thing.Bookmark here

"Do be careful next time. The repairs are coming out of your karma," Kami-sama said, magically unraveling the twisted metal with his powers.Bookmark here

"I earned more than I lost though…right?"Bookmark here

"Haha…yes, but you have a long way to go at this rate."Bookmark here

"Mind if I ask how long this will take me?"Bookmark here

"Hmm, if you manage to keep the repairs to a minimum, then…a few years?"Bookmark here

Diesel's engine cut off suddenly, like he had just had a heart attack. After a few moments, it slowly revved up again. This time, a solemn humming resounded from it.Bookmark here

'Oh goodie, what had I gotten myself into.' Diesel snorted, blowing smoke out. To think that this would be his new normal for quite some time going forward. Well, at least, he was able to visit someplace he hadn't been before. What more could a sentient truck hope for?Bookmark here

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