Chapter 22:

Glittering through the Night

Full Moon! Through the Rings of Love

We waited at least thirty minutes before coming to the conclusion that we wouldn't be seeing those birds anytime soon.

It felt like this Y shaped platform was supposed to do something, but what exactly? We were just all kinda’ standing here, waiting for it to move, or maybe give us some sort of instructions.

Was this the challenge for this ring? If it was, maybe we missed the statue.

“If only we knew what this was…”Luna pouted. “What do we do?”

The only real option we had was to continue and wait for the birds, but I still had a feeling that it would take too long for them to get here.

Zumi was curiously looking at the floor. Something about the details caught her eyes.

“What are these weird glass sections…?” She tapped them with her foot. “They look like something that lights up…”

Now that she mentioned it, these definitly looked like they’d light up, like a strip of lights. Could we power them?

“Does anyone know how to generate electircty?” I asked.

“I can call down some lightning,” Zumi responded. “But, maybe that’s a bit too extreme.”

Yeah, that would be a lot of trouble if it shocked all of us.

“Luna, any ideas?”

She shrugged.

“We might be able to use lunar magic, but I’m unsure if that would work. This thing reminds me of how buildings look back on the moon.”

It was worth a shot. Luna powered up herself with lunar energy. Waves of moonlight came off of her and lit up the intire platform.

Those strips of glass were glowing white, but weakly.

“I think its working.” I commented.

There was also a little motion in the platform too. We were spinning, but very slowly.

“Is it?” Luna’s body lost its light, and everything stopped all at once.

Her power was actually causing this Y platform to work. It must have been related to moon tech if it was actually powered by her power. Given how these rings were gifted to us by her people, I’m not surprised to incounter something like this.

“Luna, I think the more energy you output, the faster this thing spins.”

But what good was spinning? Were we going to go somewhere? Guess we were going to find out.

With all her power, Luna radiated as much moon light as she could. The lights were really glowing now, blindingly. And we were spinning like a frizbe.

“Stop!” Everyone shouted.

“Oh dear!” Luna powered herself down. “I’m sorry!”

“I’m going to be sick!” Charlie shouted, turning green.

She had to strike a balance of how much power she was sending out, or we’d all end up losing our lunches at those speeds.

“We moved a lot.” Zumi claimed. “We aren’t just spinning, were heading for that island in the void over there.”

How could she tell? I was too dizzy.

“Yes, I noticed it too.” Luna confirmed.

If we were moving that derection, then I think using the lunar power here was key. But if we used to much, we’d spin to fast. We all managed to cling pretty tightly to these handlebars, but I didn’t want to risk letting go.

Luna did some tests to see if she could balance out speed and spin so it wouldn’t be too much on us. It wasn’t a fun time, but with some serious effort on her part, and our feedback, we managed a good pace.

Lunar energy trailed behind us from the lights that lined much of the platform. It was sparkly and tailed in such a way that we could see where we were heading. Now I know how the girls noticed we were moving forward at all.


It took us about an hour, but we finally made it to the solid ground on the horizon. Thank goodness we weren’t spinning anymore.

Like when we were over that void, the gravity here was really strange. We were able to jump a lot higher, but move a lot slower. It wasn’t a very subtle thing either.

"We're getting closer to the moon now." Luna said. "The surface gravity is similar to this."

"You have to travel around like this all day on the moon?" It was hard to keep myself stable while standing here already. The moon must have been weird.

"It’s only low gravity if we are outside on the moon." Luna answered. "When indoors, it felt exactly like your world."

We asked a few more questions, like if they could breathe on the moon and what colour the sky was…

"There was plenty of air, but the sky looks like night-time, even when the sun is out. I prefer the blue of your skies."

Now I wanted to see the moon even more. I really couldn't wait to sketch it.

After answering our questions, Luna led the charge towards the next statue. It was a lot of bouncing around, trying not to go straight into orbit, or falling slowly onto our faces. We could just see the statue in the distance when we reached the top of a hill.

It looked like there were two statues. One had two people sitting on a seesaw, but they were both balanced out perfectly. Then there was something in front of it, but it was moving. So was that a statue as well?

"Can anyone tell what that is?" I asked.

"It looks like a person." Charlie answered.

He was right, it did look like a person. But why were they standing there?

"I have a bad feeling about this." Zumi uttered.

Luna had been awfully quiet. She had her head down and her fists clenched at her side. She probably knew who that person was.

"I'm assuming we're in trouble?" I asked.

"Most likely…that's one of my sisters…"

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