Chapter 28:

Mirai Tokito

I’m Taking Revenge for My Murdered Classmates Using Weapons Made from Their Souls

Shoko carried us as we traveled across the night sky, with Itsuko’s robotic firefly leading the way.
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Up here, there were no monstrous creatures, only stars.Bookmark here

I sighed contentedly at the dreamy scene before us.Bookmark here

“Another five minutes or so ‘til I run out.”Bookmark here

“Already? Can’t ya try a bit harder? I won’t have any peace until we catch up to them.”Bookmark here

In order to fly, Shoko’s skill required her to convert her bodyweight into fuel.Bookmark here

Since long-distance travel used up her body fat, it was crucial that she ate and replenished her energy stores often.Bookmark here

“Aw c’mon, think of it as a diet. Shizuka may not make any moves, but we gotta watch out for Chika. She might take Ryo’s virginity.”Bookmark here

“Sh-shut up! I’ll drop you if you’re not careful, Itsuko.”Bookmark here

Shoko snapped, not being a fan of dirty jokes.Bookmark here

“Booo. We wanna get there as soon as possible, don’t we, Mirai?”Bookmark here

“Not really.” Bookmark here

To tell the truth, I couldn’t wait to catch up with Section Eight, but I could never say what was actually on my mind.Bookmark here

At first, I had zero interest when Itsuko and Shoko were chatting excitedly about their crush on Ryo.Bookmark here

I nodded and made polite interjections here and there, which somehow led to the conclusion that I also liked Ryo.Bookmark here

Since I couldn’t be bothered to correct them, that meant that I had to listen to them tell me about Ryo every single day.Bookmark here

The more I heard about him, the more I wanted to get to know him myself.Bookmark here

Perhaps that was why, after I became clairvoyant, my first prophecy revealed Ryo’s future.Bookmark here

However, what I predicted was devastating beyond words. I found it unbearable to watch.  Bookmark here

Ryo was swinging a giant sword about as he fought in the middle of the desert.Bookmark here

He was alone, and none of his classmates were with him.Bookmark here

His face had lost most of its baby fat and looked a lot more mature than he did now.Bookmark here

But the way he smiled as he killed his enemies reminded me of a crying child.Bookmark here

His expression said it all: there was no one else besides him.Bookmark here

Ryo was the only survivor, and he was fighting all by himself.Bookmark here

I couldn’t activate my skill at will; images flashed into my mind at random.Bookmark here

What I did know was that my predictions fell into one of two categories.Bookmark here

Either the future could be changed, or the future was set in stone.Bookmark here

I couldn’t really explain the latter in detail. It was more like a feeling that the outcome had already been decided.Bookmark here

We were most likely heading towards a future that was already set in stone.Bookmark here

Could we rewrite some of the events that would occur between now and then, though? Bookmark here

When the dragon invaded the church, Itsuko was supposed to die.Bookmark here

That was when I had my second prophecy. In it, Itsuko had been stomped to death by the dragon when she tried to take a photo of it with her phone.Bookmark here

It was easy enough to prevent that from happening by taking Itsuko’s phone away from her.Bookmark here

However, Ryo’s fate wasn’t something I could change.Bookmark here

He was doomed to carry on fighting in a world where everyone else had died.Bookmark here

I felt as though all things were summed up in that single, absolute prophecy. Bookmark here

After the goblin massacre, I ended up telling Shoko and Itsuko about my prophecies.Bookmark here

It was simply too much for me to bear on my own.Bookmark here

Shoko listened quietly with a pained expression, refusing to let herself cry.Bookmark here

However, Itsuko remained calm and cheerful as usual.Bookmark here

“In that case, let’s do our best to make Ryo extra-happy until then! First up, we should fulfill every guy’s fantasy by surrounding him with gorgeous girls.”Bookmark here

“Y-you idiot!”Bookmark here

Shoko ran after Itsuko, her face flushed red with anger and embarrassment.Bookmark here

“The stupidest stupid if ever there was one!” Bookmark here

As usual, I was unable to say what I was feeling out loud, but I wholeheartedly agreed with Itsuko’s suggestion.Bookmark here

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