Chapter 29:


I’m Taking Revenge for My Murdered Classmates Using Weapons Made from Their Souls

After the sun had set, I grabbed my torch and weapon and slipped away from the others upstream.
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When we were attacked this morning, the lizardmen had appeared from the upper course of the river. I was pretty sure that was where their lair was.Bookmark here

Since we’d killed a large number of lizardmen in this morning’s battle, I figured now was my chance to wipe them out before they could reproduce and multiply again.Bookmark here

Unfortunately, something unexpected happened.Bookmark here

“We’re close. There are footprints here.”Bookmark here

Charlotte had caught me sneaking off on my own and decided to tag along.Bookmark here

“This is it. This must be their resting place.”Bookmark here

A large waterfall awaited us at the mouth of the river. Hidden behind the waterfall was a cave.Bookmark here

Charlotte lit the entrance with her torch.Bookmark here

The cave seemed to be fairly deep, and we were unable to see all the way inside.Bookmark here

“Are you really planning on taking them on by yourself? With just that weapon?”Bookmark here

“Yeah. I wanna do what I can.”Bookmark here

After talking with Saburo, I told Shizuka and Chika that we’d given up on going to the castle.Bookmark here

As I expected, Shizuka looked relieved, but Chika complained like hell.Bookmark here

However, it wasn’t as if she could make the journey alone, so she eventually gave in. Thus, it was decided that our unit would stay put and set up camp by the river.Bookmark here

“But what if the lizardmen return? If they attack us again, we’re doomed.”Bookmark here

“We’ll cross that bridge when we get there. I’m gonna sleep for now. By the way, I’ve asked Ryo to be our commander. Go to him from now on if you have any questions.”Bookmark here

Saburo replied to Chika nonchalantly.Bookmark here

I hadn’t heard about the change in leadership until then.Bookmark here

Saburo must have been exhausted, for he immediately fell fast asleep after that.Bookmark here

“So? What’re we gonna do?”Bookmark here

“I’ll think of something by tomorrow morning.”Bookmark here

Chika and Shizuka looked at me anxiously, while Charlotte gazed at me, her lips curled in an unpleasant smile.Bookmark here

“I never would’ve thought you’d try to destroy them lair and all.”Bookmark here

“These monsters breed quickly, don’t they? If we wanna live here in peace, we have no choice but to wipe them out.”Bookmark here

“‘Live here in peace,’ huh? Mhm.”Bookmark here

Charlotte gave me an incredulous look, but I said nothing in reply.Bookmark here

“What a strange guy you are. You seem to be doing this for your friends, not yourself. How can you go to such extreme lengths even though they abandoned you?”Bookmark here

I felt like someone had told me something similar before.Bookmark here

It was probably the time I got into a fight with Eiko about Daigo.Bookmark here

“It doesn’t bother you if you’re made fun of, but you get mad if your friend is? Freakin’ show-off.”Bookmark here

I got my ass whooped by Eiko after that, and Shoko ended up carrying me to the nurse’s office.Bookmark here

I didn’t stand up for Daigo because I was trying to be cool. I stood up for him because I wanted to.Bookmark here

I didn’t try to explain myself back then, and I wasn’t going to now.Bookmark here

The only thing that matters is that I know what I want to do.Bookmark here

I’m not doing this for anybody but myself.Bookmark here

I took my torch from Charlotte and lit the wood chips that I’d brought with me before throwing them inside the cave.Bookmark here

The grass near the entrance caught fire, and the cave walls shone red.Bookmark here

My lone battle had begun.Bookmark here

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