Chapter 27:

Fumika Noda, Pt. 2

I’m Taking Revenge for My Murdered Classmates Using Weapons Made from Their Souls

“Are you seriously planning on leaving us and going to rescue Section Eight?”
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The three members of “Uzattoki” nodded in reply.Bookmark here

“But why?! It’s too dangerous to go back now! Even if you manage to meet up with them, no one in their group’s capable of fighting! That’s basically a suicide mission!”Bookmark here

I couldn’t help raising my voice.Bookmark here

“It’s the same even if we stay here, Fumika.”Bookmark here

“Huh?”Bookmark here

Shoko addressed me while looking at Mirai.Bookmark here

“Mirai’s skill is clairvoyance. That’s how we found out. Even if we stay here, the three of us will die.”Bookmark here

“Everything that lives is designed to end. Oh, how the beautiful die young.”Bookmark here

Mirai clasped her hands as though in prayer and gazed up at the sky.Bookmark here

I wasn’t sure how reliable her predictions were, but it didn’t seem like they were lying.Bookmark here

“I-in that case, will you survive if you join up with Section Eight?”Bookmark here

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. Not really.”Bookmark here

Itsuko wagged her finger and butted in.Bookmark here

Ugh. Even in this situation, she still manages to be annoying. I was once again reminded of how much I disliked Itsuko.Bookmark here

“There are more important things than whether we make it out alive or not! We just decided to change our priorities!”Bookmark here

“Booom!”Bookmark here

Mirai tacked on another random sound effect to Itsuko’s impassioned speech.Bookmark here

“Wh-what do you mean by that?”Bookmark here

“It simply means that we wanna be with the person we love when we die-...wah! Mmm, nghhh!”Bookmark here

Shoko cut Itsuko off by clamping a hand over her mouth.Bookmark here

I noticed with bewilderment that Shoko’s face had turned bright red.Bookmark here

“You and your big mouth!”Bookmark here

“Indeed.”Bookmark here

Even Mirai, who usually wasn’t expressive, was blushing furiously.Bookmark here

“Th-that’s the reason you’re leaving?!”Bookmark here

“Could there be any better reason?! Don’t underestimate the power of love!”Bookmark here

Itsuko, who’d managed to free herself from Shoko’s grasp, started jabbering away again.
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“I refuse to die a virgin and without confessing my love! I wanna declare my love to my crush and have sex with them before I die! Agh!”Bookmark here

“Bloody hell, Itsuko, shut your mouth.”Bookmark here

Itsuko curled up into a ball upon receiving a swift kick from Shoko.Bookmark here

“You each have a crush in Section Eight?”Bookmark here

“Y-yeah. Although it really isn’t funny that we all ended up falling for the same person.”Bookmark here

Shoko said, before staring off into the distance.Bookmark here

They’re serious. They’ve decided to prioritize their love life at a time like this.Bookmark here

I tried to recall the guys in Section Eight.Bookmark here

Which one was their crush, I wondered: Ryo or Saburo? I guess there was also a one-in-a-million chance that it could be Futoshi.Bookmark here

“Right. We’ll be going then. Let us know if you change your mind, Fumika.”Bookmark here

“Wait, you’re leaving already?”Bookmark here

The three of them had already packed their stuff.Bookmark here

“Here, hold on to this.”Bookmark here

Itsuko handed me a tiny insect robot shaped like a firefly.Bookmark here

“If ya feel like joining us, just pass your message on to it. We’ll come and pick you up.”Bookmark here

“But you can’t just come and go...”Bookmark here

That easily. The rest of my sentence died in my throat.Bookmark here

Shoko’s body was levitating, and she was holding Itsuko and Mirai on each side.Bookmark here

“My skill allows me to get rid of gravity. I can easily carry up to two people while flying. I might be able to carry up to four people if I try hard enough, but I’d rather not push my luck.”Bookmark here

Having said that, Shoko started floating higher and higher.Bookmark here

“See ya! Take care of yourself, Fumika!”Bookmark here

By the time Itsuko bid farewell, the three of them were already out of reach.Bookmark here

“H-hey! Wait up!”Bookmark here

I’m the same as you guys. My crush is in Section Eight, too. So is my best friend.Bookmark here

Even as my thoughts churned in anguish, I was unable to ask them to take me with them.Bookmark here

“No time to wait. Once we’ve made up our minds, we act.”Bookmark here

Leaving me with those words, Shoko shot off into the sky.Bookmark here

Just like that, Yayoi and I were left behind in this grassy plain surrounded by walls.Bookmark here

All I could do was see off the members of “Uzattoki” as they disappeared into the night.Bookmark here

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