Chapter 37:

[Part 2] Prologue: Arrival in Athens

Escape Witch

A plane flew through the sky.

“BABY WANTS MILK!” Madoka screamed in annoyance.

“Mado-chan, if you keep making noise I WILL slap some tape over your mouth,” Emeri growled.

“We’re trying to sleep dammit! Pretty sure that would heal you up faster than milk,” grumbled Serika.

“Madoka, you’ve already finished all the milk we brought with us. I don’t think the plane has any milk on board,” Yuni yawned.

“But I want to get better. I’m pissed those bastards broke all my bones. Milk helps me rebuild my bones quickly. I mean just look; I’m talking like normal again.”

“I’m starting to see more and more of Auntie in you. Try and respect our need for sleep. We’ve still got 9 hours till we land in Athens."

“I’m surprised she bought tickets for Athens.”

“Yeah, I’m assuming her plan is to sail the mansion through the Mediterranean, but that could take up to a few weeks.”

“Say, do you think we’ll be able to roam freely considering what happened back in Tokyo?” Serika asked nervously.

“Don’t worry, the Ginkawa family has a sizeable influence in European politics. Some of our branch families are even heads of state in certain countries. Though there are also many Illumous goons out and about. The M. family in particular, one of the most dangerous Illumous families in the world is based in Europe.”

“Wait M family? Does the M stand for- “

“Yep, that very one, Though I’m pretty sure James is long dead. However, his descendants are spread far and wide and are all among Illumous’ top agents.”

“Well as long as we don’t need to act like fugitives that’s fine by me.”

The girls were interrupted by some turbulence.

“The hell is this!? Serika screamed.

“Turbulence,” Emeri replied.

Yuni wrapped a blanked around Madoka.

“Don’t worry I won’t let it mess up your bones.”

Madoka smiled as Yuni tried to make her feel comfortable.

Eventually the turbulence stopped, and the girls relaxed.

“Wait, they give you beauty products on the plane?” Serika asked as the stewardesses began handing out night gowns, sleeping masks, and beauty masks.

“Only in first class. Come to think of it, have you ever used beauty products Serika-chan?”

“Not really, I’m so naturally beautiful that I’ve never really used anything besides the store brand shampoo and body wash.”

“Well, time to spoil you, this stuff will make your skin even more radiant and beautiful,” Emeri grinned.

Serika giggled as Emeri spread the cream all over her face.

“It feels so good,” Serika blissfully moaned as Emeri smiled and began applying the cream to her own face.

Yuni carefully applied the cream on Madoka, before doing her own face.

The girls then drifted off to sleep. When they awoke, they peeled off the masks.

“You were right. My face feels divinely sexy,” Serika cooed.

“If you’re impressed, reward me with a kiss,” Emeri smiled.

“Well, aren’t you needy. Not like I mind though,” Serika said as she kissed Emeri on the lips.

“I’m not in tons of pain anymore, though I still can’t move yet. I need more milk!” Madooka roared.

Luckily for Madoka, the plane had some milk to go along with breakfast.

Yuni smiled as she fed Madoka her food.

“I’m glad your physiology allows you to heal so quickly.”

“Yeah, Momma made sure to feed me the good stuff when I was growing up.”

After finishing breakfast, the girls played with the on flight entertainment app until the plane began its descent.

“Wow, so that’s a whole different country down there,” Yuni gawked as the plane begun its landing sequence.


“Ugh, I hate the landing more than the takeoff,” Serika groaned.

“I thought the liftoff was more intense, but the turbulence was easily the worst,” Yuni replied as she pushed Madoka in a wheelchair.

“More milk!” Madoka cried.

“Once we get through customs Mado-chan. Get your passports ready everyone.”


“Well, that was a lot less terrifying than when we left,” Serika stated.

The girls were able to get through customs without a hitch and gazed at the airport. It was Yuni and Serika’s first time being out of the country.

“First things first. We’ll need to exchange some yen for euros. Auntie also prepared some debt cards for us in case our credit cards don’t work. Since Mado-chan isn’t fully healed yet, we’ll all stick together as much as possible. Never go off alone. Alright, let’s grab the suitcases I checked and then we’ll grab milk and goodies,” Emeri stated.

As the suitcases appeared on the baggage carousel, Emeri pulled out her phone.

“Sense anything Mado-chan?”

“Nah, I don’t think they’ve been tampered with.”

“My sensors aren’t picking up anything either.”

After grabbing the suitcases, the girls bought milk and goodies.

“Hey, they’ve got some chartreuse dresses here. I’ll be needing more of them considering how sexy I look in them,” Serika giggled.

“Well you became girly rather quickly,” Yuni jibbed.

“I’ve always been girly dammit!”

Serika bought more dresses while Yuni bought some sunglasses. Once everyone had finished shopping, the girls went to the bus area as Madoka sipped her milk. Once they boarded, they all gazed at the sights as they drove to the hotel.

“I’ve been to Greece multiple times with my family. Those jocks always come here to train,” Emeri explained.

“You know, I think I got an offer for a magic show here. Oh, did you pack my stage outfit?” Madoka asked.

“Yep, as well as many tools that will help us escape if we ever get caught.”

Once they reached their hotel room, Serika lounged on one of the beds.

“There’s two king beds so we’ll each pair up. Though it might be best if Mado-chan sleeps on her own tonight.”

“Do all three of us have to sleep together?” Serika asked

“I think there’s a pullout bed in the sofa, so Yuni-chan could use that.”

The girls slept peacefully. When morning came, Madoka was back to normal.

“I can move around again!”

“Don’t overdo it. In a day or two, you should be fine, but for now take it slow, and drink your milk.” Emeri stated.

“Hee Hee, you really are spoiling me with these beauty creams Emeri. My skin just keeps feeling better and better.” Serika giggled.

“See, I told you you needed to get spoiled. Well, I'm glad to see my girlfriend is happily maximizing her beauty. Alright everyone, let’s do some sight seeing.”

The girls headed down to the lobby and exited. This would be the start of their world tour of fun, danger, and plenty of new experiences.