Chapter 31:


I’m Taking Revenge for My Murdered Classmates Using Weapons Made from Their Souls

After annihilating the enemy troops with “Shizuka,” I used my sniper rifle, “Yayoi,” to shoot the guy standing on the castle turret in his eye.Bookmark here

Charlotte, who had been standing beside him, flashed a smile at me before disappearing.Bookmark here

(I’ll kill you last and put a bullet in your skull. Just you wait.)Bookmark here

I vowed as I took refuge in the shade of the stone fort.Bookmark here

My energy was depleting quickly due to using too many skills, one after another.Bookmark here

“...They’re not gonna let me rest, huh.”Bookmark here

The castle gates opened, and a new set of troops marched in.Bookmark here

There were twice as many soldiers as just now. The two units split up and charged at me from both sides.Bookmark here

“Platoon, halt!”Bookmark here

Once again, I used “Tsukasa” to immobilize the soldiers and attacked the unit on the left with “Yachiyo” and “Homura.”Bookmark here

Obviously, ten seconds wasn’t enough to wipe out two units.Bookmark here

While I was busy killing the soldiers to my left, “Tsukasa’s” effect wore off, and the unit to my right came rushing toward me.Bookmark here

It would take another minute before I could use “Tsukasa” again, and I wanted to save my strongest skills for last.Bookmark here

I reached for my giant sword “Daigo” on my back and extended it up to five times its original size.Bookmark here

(Let’s see how far I can go with hand-to-hand combat.)Bookmark here

I grit my teeth and flung myself at the soldiers, prepared to take a few hits.Bookmark here

Screams of anger and blood filled the air as I continued to swing “Daigo” around with all my might.Bookmark here

“Looks like I underestimated the situation.”Bookmark here

I’d suffered a lot more damage than I expected.Bookmark here

My left arm was almost torn off, barely hanging by a piece of skin, and my bones were broken in multiple places.Bookmark here

I’d also lost my right ear and left eye somewhere along the way.Bookmark here

Although I’d been pretty reckless, it wasn’t nearly as bad as when I tried to take on the lizardmen’s lair by myself.Bookmark here

I was truly an idiot back then. Not anymore, though.Bookmark here

As long as I survived, no amount of damage mattered to me.Bookmark here

“Ngh, nghhh!”Bookmark here

I’d bound and gagged one of the female soldiers and dragged her to the fortress.Bookmark here

She was the only one still alive.Bookmark here

The woman writhed on the floor like a caterpillar, glaring at me with hatred in her eyes.Bookmark here

“Do you despise me?”Bookmark here

“Nnngh, nnngh!”Bookmark here

The soldier began thrashing about as if to show her contempt.Bookmark here

“I see. In that case, you should come and kill me someday.”Bookmark here

“Hghhh!”Bookmark here

I took out my inverted cross pendant, “Chika,” which I wore around my neck.Bookmark here

“That was so scary, plus it hurt like hell! I don’t wanna use this skill ever again!!”Bookmark here

I remembered Chika’s words when she used her skill for the first time to save my life.Bookmark here

Despite not wanting to use it, she used her skill repeatedly to save my classmates and me.Bookmark here

I placed “Chika” on the soldier’s forehead.Bookmark here

“Aaaaagh!”Bookmark here

All of my injuries were instantly transferred to the woman.Bookmark here

My right ear and left eye grew back, and the soldier’s ear and eye disintegrated in turn. My left arm, which had been hanging on for dear life, reconnected to my shoulder, and all of my fractured bones healed.Bookmark here

The soldier, who now felt pain in all the places I’d been wounded, writhed about on the ground.Bookmark here

I heaved an exasperated sigh.Bookmark here

“You think that’s painful?”Bookmark here

I said, remembering Chika’s final moments.Bookmark here

“Have fun for me, okay?”Bookmark here

Chika, who had a low tolerance for pain, smiled at me as she took her last breath, her body battered and bruised.Bookmark here

She could’ve transferred her wounds to me, but she didn’t.Bookmark here

Physical damage meant nothing to me compared to the pain of losing my friends.Bookmark here

I removed the gag from the soldier’s mouth.Bookmark here

“Oh god, it hurts, it hurts! Help me, please!”Bookmark here

I stepped on the soldier’s head as she cried and bled.Bookmark here

“Looks like you won’t have your revenge after all.”Bookmark here

I stepped on her harder, determined to crush her skull.Bookmark here

Just then, I heard static in my head.Bookmark here

What was that? All of a sudden, unfamiliar memories flooded my mind.Bookmark here

“Ahem. Testing, testing, one-two-three. Do you copy? Itsuko here.”Bookmark here

“Th-this is Shoko.”Bookmark here

“And this is Mirai. It’s us, Uzattoki.”Bookmark here

I didn’t remember this conversation taking place.Bookmark here

The three of them talked to me from across something like a television screen.Bookmark here

“If you ever feel like crushing an enemy soldier’s skull...”Bookmark here

“You shouldn’t do it.”Bookmark here

“You’ll regret it later on. See you again next week!”Bookmark here

The voices blurred into static, and my memory faded away.Bookmark here

Could it be that they were trying to reach out to me from the past?Bookmark here

Mirai’s clairvoyance skill alone shouldn’t be able to do that.Bookmark here

They had managed to glimpse into the future, skip forward in time, and send me a message.Bookmark here

Had they combined their skills—clairvoyance, flying, and reconnaissance—together?Bookmark here

I paused with my foot still on the soldier’s head and covered my face with my hand.Bookmark here

I’d thought I was long done with crying.Bookmark here

“I’m sorry, everyone...”Bookmark here

I whispered the same words that I said back then.Bookmark here

“Please don’t kill me! I beg you...!”Bookmark here

I began stepping on the woman’s head again as she cried and begged for mercy.Bookmark here

“But there’s no stopping now.”Bookmark here

Using all my strength, I crushed the soldier’s skull.Bookmark here

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