Chapter 30:


I’m Taking Revenge for My Murdered Classmates Using Weapons Made from Their Souls

I was sprawled out on the ground in front of the cave entrance.Bookmark here

There’d been too many things I hadn’t anticipated.Bookmark here

No, that wasn’t right. The truth was I hadn’t had much of a plan to begin with.Bookmark here

I thought it’d be as simple as setting the cave on fire and slaying the lizardmen as they came out into the open.Bookmark here

My first mistake was underestimating the number of lizardmen, which was far more than I’d expected.Bookmark here

My next mistake was that the weapon I’d made was utterly useless.Bookmark here

Since not many lizardmen had escaped this morning’s battle, I had assumed incorrectly that we’d managed to kill off most of them.Bookmark here

On top of that, the weapon that I’d crafted from their claws was unable to penetrate the lizardmen’s hard and scaly skin.Bookmark here

My feeble attempts were useless as the creatures tore me apart.Bookmark here

“You certainly look awful.”Bookmark here

Charlotte looked down at me as though I were some sort of vermin.Bookmark here

My weapon lay by my side, destroyed.Bookmark here

The lizardmen’s claws had slit open my stomach, causing my insides to spill out and bleed profusely.  I was, without a doubt, beyond saving.Bookmark here

“You say this is for your friends, then you go off on your own and get yourself killed. Say what you want, but you’re only doing this to feel good about yourself. Did you ever stop to think how those left behind would feel?”Bookmark here

Although she was entirely right, I was no longer able to talk.Bookmark here

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a lizardman approaching Charlotte from behind.Bookmark here

Run, I tried to warn her. All that came out of my mouth was more blood instead.Bookmark here

Just then, I heard a buzz in my ear. Was that a fly?Bookmark here

I didn’t even have the strength to shoo it away.Bookmark here

“You may be an idiot, but I’m quite fond of people like you.”Bookmark here

Without warning, Charlotte kissed me on the lips.Bookmark here

What would I have said if I’d been able to talk, I wonder?Bookmark here

My mind was in disarray at having my first kiss stolen on my deathbed.Bookmark here

Charlotte grinned at me, her lips stained red with my blood.Bookmark here

“Looks like I’m not the only one who’s fond of you.”Bookmark here

Thud. A huge rock suddenly fell out of nowhere, crushing the lizardman who’d been approaching Charlotte.Bookmark here

“Oh my god, she kissed him! Did you see that, Shoko?! That bitch kissed Ryo!”Bookmark here

“Quit yapping, Itsuko! We have other things to worry about now.”Bookmark here

“We need to close off the entrance first.”Bookmark here

I heard Itsuko, Shoko, and Mirai’s voices coming from somewhere above me.Bookmark here

The members of the besties trio “Uzattoki.”Bookmark here

Were they the ones who dropped that rock?Bookmark here

“How many more lizardmen out here?”Bookmark here

“Three more. Saburo’s immobilized one of them.”Bookmark here

“The other two ran away. We can ignore them.”Bookmark here

Saburo’s here too?Bookmark here

I turned to look around me without lifting my head.Bookmark here

He wasn’t the only one who was here.Bookmark here

I saw Chika and Shizuka running toward me.Bookmark here

Saburo held a spear and was locked in combat with one of the lizardmen.Bookmark here

His spear looked much sturdier than the weapon I’d made.Bookmark here

I wondered if he’d made it himself. If so, he was much more talented at making weapons than I was.Bookmark here

“Ryo...Ryo!”Bookmark here

 Shizuka screamed as she rushed to my side. Tears streamed down her cheeks.Bookmark here

“Your skill, Chika! Hurry!”Bookmark here

“Yikes, this is pretty bad. I might actually die before I manage to transfer the damage to the lizardman.”Bookmark here

“You can transfer it to me if you can’t make it in time!!”Bookmark here

Shizuka, who typically never raised her voice, shouted in reply.Bookmark here

“Okay, you owe me one!”Bookmark here

Chika yelled and touched my forehead.Bookmark here

My wounds, which I’d thought were fatal, disappeared instantly.Bookmark here

The next moment, Chika coughed up blood and fell on top of me.Bookmark here

“Ooooow! Hurry up, please!!”Bookmark here

“Here, Chika! Touch this!!”Bookmark here

Shizuka dragged the lizardman by the neck, which had slowed down due to Saburo’s skill.Bookmark here

Chika stretched out her arm and touched the lizardman’s face. This time, it was the lizardman who spat blood and collapsed on top of me.Bookmark here

“It worked! That was so scary, plus it hurt like hell! I don’t wanna use this skill ever again!!”Bookmark here

Chika got up and started sobbing uncontrollably.Bookmark here

I tried to get up as well, but I couldn’t move yet.Bookmark here

My head was spinning, probably from losing too much blood.Bookmark here

“You idiot! Why did you go after them by yourself!”Bookmark here

Shizuka shouted at me as she cried.Bookmark here

The others also gathered around me.Bookmark here

I hid my face to avoid letting them see that I was on the verge of crying myself.Bookmark here

“I’m sorry, everyone.”Bookmark here

That was all I could manage to utter at that moment.Bookmark here

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