Chapter 6:


Wind Sniper 0

Naname and Erika cried while Sakura glared at Hyena.

“Dammit! I messed up. If only that little shit hadn’t messed up yesterday,” Sakura thought as Hyena gleefully took photos of her.

                                                                Going back in time…

“Hosen-san, why do you stick with that loser who shares the same blood as me?” Erika asked Naname.

“Naname sees Kazerou-kun’s good points. He’s brave and will become a great Olympic shooter.”

“Olympic shooter?” Sakura asked.

“Yes, Kazerou-kun’s a very talented sharpshooter. Though he’s only really good at distance shooting, but Naname has faith he could become a master of all shooting disciplines.”

“Huh, never knew that guy was an athlete. He sure as hell didn’t act like one when he tried to help me out,” Sakura grumbled.

“Still, Hosen-san, why do you stick by him? There is no positives. Everyone hates him and he just drags everyone around him down with him," Erika said

“What are you talking about Tsubaki-san?” asked Sakura.

“Ah, you’re new here so you wouldn’t know. The truth is I’m actually repeating a grade because of him.”


“The incident occurred a few months ago at the end of the school year. When Zerou passed his finals, I was called into the office. Apparently, a memory enhancement drug had been found in his locker. Instead of blaming him though, Himesaki, the student council president, had convinced the teachers that I was the culprit and did it in order to make Zerou pass so it wouldn’t hurt my reputation.

 I and Zerou were originally going to be expelled on the spot, however since Zerou just barely managed to pass the final and because everyone assumed I was the ultimate mastermind, Zerou was allowed to continue on to the next grade, while I was instead forced to repeat my 3rd year. That wasn’t the worst of it though.

 At the graduation ceremony, I was forced to wear gym clothes and make a public apology. That bitch Himesaki then shaved my head and eyebrows as an act of repentance as I read the apology speech; all while what would have been my graduating class laughed and jeered at me. It was horrible. My beautiful long hair was gone and I looked like a hairless freak. Now I have to grow it back out again, but people mock me and say I look like a boy."

Erika teared up and trembled as she ran her hand through her short green hair before resuming.

"Before Zerou came, I had a healthy high school life. Himesaki would cause problems, but the anti-Himesaki faction would usually back me up. Then Zerou came. His stupidity and antics were so bad that people began blaming me for them. It was thanks in no small part to Himesaki, but the fact that that loser didn’t even bother trying to fix himself and said things like, “Don’t worry about me, you’re your own person” pissed me off. That carefree idiot didn’t realize I was bearing the brunt of his failures. I lost all my friends, and was humiliated because of that idiot.”

“Naname disagrees! This is clearly Himesaki’s fault!”

“Yeah, she’s to blame for a good portion of my grief, but she wouldn’t have had any fuel to use against me if that loser never showed up. That loser essentially allowed her to wipe out all her opposition, and since I was the main face of it, I got the worst of it. If our family had money, I’d have gone to a different school than him. I guess since you have no friends and aren’t very sociable in the first place is the reason why you can’t see what a negative impact Zerou has on your life. Despite your grades, you’re clearly an idiot too. I mean, why would you stick with a guy that stood you up on your first date?”

“Naname was mad, but Kazerou-kun had a good reason. He got a job and was working. Naname didn’t believe him at first, but when he treated Naname to brunch two days ago, Naname believed him. He really did earn some money from his job.”

“Job!? What- “

Before Erika could ask her question, some thugs appeared and blocked the girl’s path.

“Yo girls, how about you ditch your boyfriend and come play with us.”

“We’ll give you a much better time than that skirt wearing perv.”

“I’M A GIRL YOU PIECES OF SHIT!” Erika roared.

“Heh? Now that you mention it, she does have a large rack, sorry guess the buzz cut threw me off.”

Erika was having none of it. She immediately swung her bag at the goon’s faces hitting them both in a single swing.

“Go back to your mothers and ask them to teach you how to talk to women,” she huffed as she began walking away.

“Oi Oi! You can’t just assault some guys like that and just run off,” a male voice sneered.

Sakura went on guard as Hyena emerged from a van parked on the street.

“I saw the whole thing, those two guys were just talking with you and you assaulted them out of the blue.”

“Bullshit! They were harassing me- “

“Tsubaki-san, Hosen-san! RUN!” Sakura yelled as she charged at Hyena.


“That guy’s a creep that’s been stalking me ever since I moved in. He’s also got a nasty tattoo on his back, so he might be Yakuza!”

Naname and Erika shrieked as Sakura threw a kick at Hyena.

“Harukawa-san! What are you doing!?” Erika screamed.

“Buying time, I don’t want my new friends to get hurt. Get out of here!”

“But your arm!”

“Don’t worry, I’m skilled at martial arts, besides I can kick just fine.”

Naname and Erika ran off as the two goons chased them. Hyena quickly forced Sakura into an alleyway as he slashed his knife at her.

“You move really similar to her; wait don’t tell me…”

Hyena grinned as he recognized Sakura as the woman who attacked him a few days ago.

“Knew I was right to be cautious, my senses were tingling as soon as you went on guard. So you were a high schooler huh? Guess that makes you my type. Keh heh.”

Sakura was badly being overwhelmed. Since she couldn’t use her right arm, she was vulnerable to attacks from the right. Hyena had seized on it and had effortlessly landed multiple hits on her.

Sakura then noticed Kazerou spying on them.

“Shit! Why is that loser here!? Though maybe this is a stroke of luck. If he gets his rifle MAYBE he can finish the job. At this point I’ll let him blast as many hole through me as needed to take this trash out,” she thought.

Sakura then shouted out the location of her car as Kazerou ran off.

“The hell was that about? “Backlot P grey cube”? Is that some kind of message or are ya just tryin to throw me off? Keh heh?” Hyena cackled as he dodged another kick.

Sakura quickly reached her limit, and Hyena seized on the opportunity. He beat her unconscious before dragging her away.


When Sakura awoke, she was bound and gagged alongside Naname and Erika.

“Kehhehhehhehhehheh! You’re little friends didn’t get far at all. My men chloroed them before they could scream and got em loaded before anyone noticed.” Hyena sneered.

Sakura glared as Naname and Erika began sobbing.

“Now what to do with you? You all seem to have a guy named Kazerou, or Zerou listed in your contacts. He a boyfriend? Well, I figure maybe he’s the guy I’m looking for. I think I’ll send him a picture and see if he’s down for splashin some cash to save his girls. Drug trading’s my main biz, but I do sell cute girls on the side. Though I do end up playing with some of the more savory ones. Better hope he’s got loads of cash. Keh heh!”

“NO! Why HIM!? I’m doomed, they’re going to do horrible things to me. All because of that DAMN LOSER!” Erika thought as she sobbed and trembled.

"Kazerou-kun!? NO! Kazerou-kun can't take out this monster, but still. Naname really wants him to save her from this monster. Naname's scared! Kazerou-kun please be alright," Naname thought as tears rolled down her face.

The girls were then taken to the roof of the building as it began raining.

“Wait, why is he bringing us to a place like this? This place is an easy target even for a loser like Zerou to- __!”

Sakura’s eyes widened in fear as she realized Hyena’s devious plan.

“That bastard knows dammit!”


On a building close by, I aimed my rifle at Hyena. Since it’s raining, I  assume that bastard thinks he’s safe from a snipe attack. Well too bad for him, I’m good at shooting in the rain. Heck, I can even shoot accurately in a raging typhoon. The wind is one of the few things that favors me. I then noticed Hyena smiling and holding up a small device.

“What’s- “


The girls watched in horror, as a fireball erupted from the roof of an adjacent building.

“Kehhehhehheh! Wonder if that got him?” Hyena sneered.

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