Chapter 9:

Weekend Trouble (Part 2)

If I Had To Find One Girl From Quadruplets, Should I Be Worried?

I run around the shopping district to find any clues about Haruna’s whereabouts, but nothing helps. I even asked my usual informant (the meat seller) about Haruna earlier, but he hasn’t seen her either.

My phone rang again, it’s Fuyuha asking for sitrep. I reply to her, “Sorry. Still looking. Don’t worry, I’ll find her. Trust me.”

After sending my assurance, my phone stopped ringing for now. That probably means that Fuyuha is trusting me with Haruna’s safety. I will protect that trust!

Think. Where would Haruna go? To think of it, almost all of my interactions with Haruna involved books. She’s probably in a bookstore! Hoping to find Haruna, I dashed to the bookstore.

At the bookstore, I didn’t find any traces of Haruna being here. While I’m still looking around, the bookstore lady poked me and asked, “Excuse me, are you looking for something?”

I turned to face her, “Yeah, a girl with cherry blossom hair. Did you see her?”

“I did. She was seeing a book in that shelf before.”

“What kind of book?”

“Umm, I think it was a novel by that American author by the name of James…”

Oh yeah, Haruna had his book when we were sitting in the courtyard. Haruna’s probably a fan of his works…

“Thanks for the information. Is there anything else?”

“Nothing, I think.”

“Do you know where she was going?”

“Umm, after she left the store, she went that way, I think…” said the lady while pointing to the way.

“That helps. Thanks!” I bow as I leave the store.

Following the bookstore lady’s direction, I found Haruna wandering around the streets with teary eyes. I shouted to call her, “Haruna!”

Hearing her name, Haruna turned her head to see me and said, “Kazuki!”

I immediately go to her and grabbed her shoulders, “Are you okay? Thank goodness you’re safe!”

Haruna replied with a weak voice, “Yeah… I’m okay now… Thanks for asking… I don’t know what to do if you didn’t come…”

I patted Haruna’s head, “You’re safe now. Well then, let’s tell your sisters that you’re safe.”


I pulled out my phone to text Fuyuha, “Found Haruna. She’s safe now.”

Fuyuha immediately replied, “Really? Thank goodness! Where are you now?”

“I haven’t grasped the location yet. But I was in a bookstore before I found her.”

“Okay, got it. Anyway, can you go to the place where we met earlier?”

“Will do. You girls be careful now.”


I put back my phone on my pocket and said to Haruna, “Okay, situation handled. Now we go to where we met earlier.” Haruna only nodded.

I put my hand on Haruna’s shoulder, she’s still trembling. I try to calm her down by clasping my hands on her hands and said, “I know you’re still afraid, but I’m here with you. I will not leave you alone.”

Hearing my words, Haruna’s hands stopped trembling and said, “Really?”

I nodded, “Yes! You can trust me!”

Haruna smiled lightly, “…Okay, I will trust you…”

“That means so much. Thanks, Haruna.”

Haruna nodded. To make sure she’s safe, I grabbed her hand, so she won’t get lost again and then starts walking to our meeting spot.

After walking for a bit and seeing that Haruna has calmed down, I asked her, “What happened?”

“…I was distracted…”

“By what?”

“…I can’t tell you now, sorry…”

“That’s okay.”

When we arrive at the meeting spot, I can see the sisters. Akino glanced at me but didn’t say anything, only poked Fuyuha and then points at me and Haruna. Fuyuha and Natsumi then run towards us, while I let go of my grip on Haruna’s hand to let her run to her sisters and fall into their embrace.

“Thank goodness you’re okay, Haru-chan!” said Fuyuha, while patting Haruna’s head.

“…Yeah. Thanks to Kazuki!”

Natsumi released herself from the hug then goes to face me and bows, “Thank you very much for finding Haruna-chan. We are in your debt.”

Since I’m not accustomed with formal things, I said, “Don’t be so formal to me. I never really understand that.”

Natsumi lifts her head, “If you say so… Still, thank you for finding Haruna-chan!”

I scratch my head, “I don’t understand. How can she just disappear?”

“I don’t think I should say anything. You should ask Haruna-chan herself for that.”

“I did. And she said that she can’t tell me now.”

“Huh, if that’s what she said, then you’ll have to wait.”

“And I plan to do just that.”

“Thank you for understanding,” said Natsumi as she bows.

“Anyway, I’m just glad it’s nothing serious. I’ll be seeing you girls later then,” I said as I wave my hand, preparing to leave.

Noticing that I’m going to leave, Haruna immediately clings to my arm and won’t let go. “Uh, Haruna?” I ask, confused. Haruna didn’t say anything, only puffed her cheeks. It seems that she doesn’t want me to leave, huh…

Fuyuha tries to make Haruna to release her grip, “Haru-chan, you’re bothering Ichiki now.”

Haruna didn’t say anything, only hides behind me. Fuyuha scratched her cheek and sighed, “Ichiki, it seems like that she’ll be like this for a while. Can I ask you to do one more request?”

“I don’t mind, as long as she’s comfortable.”

Fuyuha let out a relief sigh, “Thanks, Ichiki!”

Hearing that, Haruna’s eyes starts glowing, full of life. I really can’t resist this kind of eyes… And thus, I begin to accompany (and guarding) the Setsunazaki sisters for the whole day. With Haruna still clinging to my arm.

One thing that bothers me, Akino doesn’t seem to object on me accompanying them. Probably because of Haruna clinging to my arm and preventing Akino to do her usual thing? Although she sometimes glanced at me with eyes full of hostility.

As I’m accompanying Setsunazaki sisters, I learned more about them. Fuyuha always took the lead wherever they’re going and Natsumi always happily followed suit (while also ‘tasting’ many foods). Akino, on the other hand, looked less eager although she still enjoyed her time with her sisters. And Haruna clung at me all the time. Well, this is actually convenient as to prevent her from getting lost again.

Time passed and it starts getting dark. I remember the time I spent with Mysterious Cherry Blossom Girl at the amusement park and accompanied her until it’s dark. Both of those situations made my heart flutter. Thinking that, instantly brought a tear to my eye. Haruna, who noticed my tear, asks, “Kazuki? Are you crying?”

I wiped my tear off, “Nah. Just being emotional. Don’t worry.”

Haruna released her grip on my arm and said, “You know, Kazuki. I think you are a great guy! You’re not even complaining to my selfish requests!”

I chuckle, “I did promise to you that I won’t leave you alone, right? I have to keep that promise.”

“Yeah, that’s true. But still, accompanying us all day with no complaining? That’s remarkable!”

“It is?”

Haruna puffed her cheeks, “I’m serious!” I smile a little then patted her, “I know. Thanks. It’s getting dark, ask your sisters if they want to go home.”

Haruna nodded then runs to her sisters. I see that they’re talking while sometimes glance at me. After their talk ended, Haruna runs back to me and said, “My sisters said that they want to go home now and also thanks for accompanying us!”

“No problem. Well, I wanted to escort you girls back home. But…” I glanced at Akino, I can see that she’s staring daggers at me, “…I think it’s not the best time. Anyway, you stay close with your sisters and don’t get distracted again, okay?” I said as I patted Haruna.

“Tee-hee. Thanks for today, Kazuki!” said Haruna, then runs to join her sisters. After Haruna joined with her sisters, Fuyuha walked to me and patted my head, “Well, Ichiki. Good work today.”

I chuckle, “Heh. Thanks, Fuyuha. You too.”

“Yeah, thanks,” said Fuyuha as she waves and joins her sisters. Natsumi is the next to approach me, “Kazuki-kun! Thank you very much for bearing with our selfish requests!”

“No problem. I’m glad to be of help.”

“Kazuki-kun, I want to say something…”


“I really enjoy our time together! I hope to see you again on another occasion!” said Natsumi as she smiles brightly. Hearing Natsumi’s words, I imagined a glimpse of Mysterious Cherry Blossom Girl’s figure near her. Could it be…

While I’m deep in thought, Natsumi breaks my silence, “Kazuki-kun? What’s wrong? Did you not enjoy our time together?”

“No, no. I enjoyed that. I was thinking about something. And yeah, see you later. You girls be safe now.” Natsumi smiled then runs to join her sisters.

I watched the girls as they leave, making sure that nothing happened while they’re on my watch. After I’m sure that they’re safe, I remembered something, “Shoot. I forgot about that list. Eve’ll be disappointed now… Well, let’s go back to face the punishment.”

Back at the café, I hesitated to open the front door. While I hesitate, Eve opened the door and greets me, “Welcome back, Kazuki! Had a great time?”

“Uh, yeah… By the way, Eve…”

“What’s wrong?”

“I forgot about your request…”

Eve stay silent for a while then said, “Ah that… No worries! I had a feeling that you’ll forget about it. So I when ahead and bought everything that was on the list!”

“Even so! I ignored your request and went off to do another thing!”

Eve crossed her arms, “You’re right… I have to discipline you for being irresponsible.”

I gulp, readying myself to be disciplined. Eve then breaks the silence, “Well then, your punishment is…”

“…I’m listening.”

“…Is to accompany me to the cafeteria tomorrow!”

I retort, “That’s it!?”

“Yeah, that’s it. What? Too hard for you?”

“No… It’s not hard. It’s just… Is that enough?”

“More than enough! When I see you look less gloomy than before, it’s making me happy too! Besides, I have a feeling that many interesting things will happen if you stay like that!”

I chuckle, “Seriously, Eve. Thanks to you that I’m like this now.”

Eve tapped my back, “Good, good! Now let’s clean up and go home!”

I nod, “Roger that!”

“Seriously, you guys don’t even see me here… It’s making me sad, you know.” said Mr. President from behind the counter.

“Oh, you were there?” I said jokingly.

“I won’t pay you today.”

“Eh!? Anything but that!”

Eve laughed as she saw our hilarious antics. I hope that this kind of life will continue. And that thing with Natsumi… Could she be Mysterious Cherry Blossom Girl? I thought that as I continue my work at the café.