Chapter 8:

Weekend Trouble (Part 1)

If I Had To Find One Girl From Quadruplets, Should I Be Worried?


What am I doing?


That massive parfait almost depleted all of my money, so I have to work again.

Welcome to Fourth Dimension Café, a normal café where the employees are…

…Not so normal.



“Sheesh… When Evelyn said that you look less gloomy than ever, I thought you’re more eager to work now.”

“Even if I’m eager to work… Look around! The café’s not even busy! What’s the point of getting eager?”

“Urk… Don’t say that out loud, please…”

“Well, as long as I’m getting paid, I have no complaint.”

“You damn leech…”

“Come now, Kazuki. Don’t bully Mr. President that much,” said Newcastle-senpai while coming out from the kitchen.

“Well, sorry for that. I’m just bored.”

Well, there you have it. The employees are just me, the part-timer; Newcastle-senpai, the poster girl of the café; and Mr. President, the owner. (He’s not really a president, if you ask. It’s just a nickname from the patrons which is derived from his name.)

Newcastle-senpai pinched my ear, “If you’re bored, then do some shopping! We’re almost out of supplies here!”

“Ah yeah. It’s better than minding the shop. What do I need to buy?”

“I put a list together, you can pick it up at the employees’ room.”

“Well, that’s convenient. Thanks, Eve!”

Oh right, while we’re working, I called Newcastle-senpai as Eve. She always looks bothered when I called her as Newcastle-senpai while we’re working.

I then go to the employees’ room to change from my waiter uniform to my casual clothes. After changing, I picked up the note that Eve had written before from the table.

Before I go out, Eve entered the employees’ room and said, “Kazuki, if you're done with shopping and still had free time, you’re free to do whatever you want.”

“Huh? Is that okay?”

“Ahh, it’s all cool. It’s a slow day here, too. I can handle things here by myself!”

“Hmm, I think I’d just go straight here after I’m done. I don’t think I had something to do either.”

“Well, just to be safe… Things can happen, you know?”

“Huh. Okay, then… I’m off!”

“Be safe out there!”

While on the way, I tried to memorize the shopping list. I was so focused on memorizing it that I didn’t notice my surroundings. I suddenly felt a tap on my shoulder. Thinking I was ambushed, I immediately take a defensive stance. Seeing my defensive stance, the surprised tapper exclaims, “Whoa! Easy there! I’m not going to hurt you!”

Seeing my tapper, I realized that it was Fuyuha, “Oh, it’s just Fuyuha.”

Fuyuha puffed her cheeks, “Ruuuuuuuuude! What do you mean by that!?”

“Sorry for that. Old habits die hard, I guess…”

Fuyuha crossed her arms, “Okay, then.”

“What are you doing here?”

“Ahh, we’re currently spending our weekend together. I’m waiting for others to finish their own thing, though.”

“Huh, probably Natsumi eating all the food again…”

“Exactly! So you know that Natsumi’s like that, huh…”

“Yeah, I learned the hard way…”

Fuyuha smirked then hits my shoulder repeatedly, “I know that feeling! She would easily drain out your money, right?”

“Yeah. Which is why I’m working right now.”

Fuyuha crossed her arms, whilst eyeing my appearance, “Huh… You’re a part-timer? Doesn’t look like it.”

“Ah yeah, I don’t like wearing my work uniform when I’m out doing an errand. Minimizes the unnecessary attention.”

“Huh… And where do you work?”

“I’m a part-timer at Fourth Dimension Café. You know that place?”

“Hmm, can’t say I have. Wait, are you saying that you work as a waiter?”

“Hmm, not really. I’m more of a backup since the place is not usually packed with people and they already have a competent waitress who does all that.”

“Huh, I might come there sometime later. Do tell us when it’s your working time! Oh, let me have your contact info so you can text me about that.”

“Sure. Let me take out my phone first.”

While I’m still talking with Fuyuha and done exchanging contact info, her sisters are also done with their stuff. Seeing me, Natsumi immediately runs to greet me, “Kazuki-kun! Good to see you!”

“Oh, it’s Natsumi. Enjoying your food this time?”

Natsumi said proudly, “I made sure to savor each food’s flavor!”

“Well, good for you.”

Natsumi giggled then asked, “What are you two talking about?”

“Hmm… Just that I’m working part-time and doing an errand right now.”

“Huh… You’re a part-timer? Good luck with your work, then!”

“Yeah, thanks Natsumi.”

I felt a menacing stare from behind, I don’t have to look back to know who it is. It’s surely Akino. “What are you doing here, you stalker?” See? I was right.

“Doing an errand.”

“And what business do you have with my sisters?”

“Fuyuha approached me first.”

“Didn’t I tell you not to stay close with my sisters?”

“I can’t help it this time.”

Akino clicked her tongue, “Tch! I’m going ahead! I don’t want to be near that stalker!”

“I’m sorry if my presence bothered you.”

“Ugh! I really hate you!” said Akino as she walks away.

I let out a relief sigh, “That could’ve gone worse.”

Haruna tugged my shirt, “…Kazuki, don’t be angry with A-chan. She didn’t really mean that…”

“I’m not really bothered by it, but thanks, Haruna,” I thank Haruna as I patted her head. I remembered that Haruna doesn’t hate being patted by me. I can see that she’s quite content with it as she’s smiling innocently.

Fuyuha interjected, “Ahhhh!! No fair! I want to be patted too!”

I sighed on Fuyuha’s request. To fulfill Fuyuha’s request, I moved my hand that was on Haruna’s head to pat Fuyuha. Feeling my pat, Fuyuha’s face goes red, “W—w—what are you doing, Ichiki!?”

“Uh, you said that you wanted to be pat, too…”

“Tell me before you do that!”

“I’m sorry!” I apologize then removes my hand from Fuyuha’s head.

Fuyuha regains her composure, “Ahem! You still have a long way to go, Ichiki.”

“G—got it… By the way, I have to do an errand. I’ll take my leave, then. See you girls later.”

Natsumi nodded, “Ah, okay! Be careful!”

I smiled a little, “Yeah. You girls too.”

After walking a bit further from me, Natsumi turns her body to see me and brightly smiled upon eye contact, while Fuyuha energetically waved her hand. Although Haruna also waved her hand, she didn’t wave as energetically as Fuyuha. I waved back at them to tell them that I got their goodbyes.

“Well, back to work. Let’s see… I need to buy…” I muttered as I check my pocket to find the note. After a bit of pocket-searching, I realized that the note is gone from my pocket.

Urk. I haven’t even remembered what was on the list. If I didn’t find that note, then I can’t buy what Eve wanted and she’ll be disappointed! I can’t let her down!

Think! Where would that note go? I remembered that before I talk with Fuyuha, I was still holding that note. And after she tapped my shoulder, I went into defensive stance. I still have the note at the time because I put it on my pocket after that. Next, I picked up my phone from the same pocket.

That’s the last time I felt that note. When I reached out for my phone in my pocket, the note might’ve also been grabbed with my phone, slipped through, and went with the wind. And so, how do I find something that has gone with the wind?

While I’m still wondering on how to find the note and wandering around the shopping district, my phone suddenly rang. Thinking that it’s just spam, I ignored it. But the minute I chose to ignore it, my phone rang many times. Starting to think it’s important, I immediately picked up my phone. It’s from Fuyuha.

Ichiki! Trouble! Emergency! Need help ASAP!

Hah? Fuyuha’s in trouble? I reply to her message, “Are you okay?”

After sending the reply, not a minute has passed and my phone rang again, “I’m okay! It’s Haru-chan who needs help!”

“How’s the situation?”

“When we take our eyes off her for a bit, she’s suddenly gone!”

I reply to Fuyuha, “Okay. I think I got the gist. I’ll go find Haruna. You girls stay close to each other and don’t go anywhere that looks dangerous. I’ll contact you again when I found her.”

After replying, I put my phone back on my pocket and started my mission to find Haruna. I hope her situation is nothing dangerous. Don’t worry Haruna, I promise I’ll save you!