Chapter 17:

The Hero that No One Expected

Otherworld Isekai Service

A shining column of light faded as the ritual came to a conclusion. With the blinding glare gone, a single teenage guy in foreign clothing was left sitting in the middle of a magic circle. There was a look of shock on his eyes as he looked around in confusion.Bookmark here

"Wh-Where am I? Who are you? Why do you have pointy swords?"Bookmark here

An old man with a staff approached him. "Now, now. It's okay. Away with the pointy swords, the lot of you!" He addressed those behind him.Bookmark here

With a wave of his staff, the soldiers that were gathered in the room sheathed their weapons. That had only slightly calmed the traumatized boy. Understanding his fear, the old man bent down and offered his hand.Bookmark here

"My name is Magus Zelocus. You have been summoned to this world as its champion. May I ask of your name?"Bookmark here

"I-It's Rock."Bookmark here

"ALL HAIL, HERO ROCK!" Zelocus cheered in a loud voice. The soldiers followed in unison.Bookmark here

Rock wasn't sure how this had happened. He was just minding his own business not long ago.Bookmark here

Posting random gifs, making random statements on message boards, writing random bad poetry – the normal type of stuff when one gets bored. He popped online and then went to sleep whenever he felt like it, so people usually forgot all about him until he showed up.Bookmark here

He hated attention though, so he'd be gone pretty much as soon as he arrived. So, for there to be a large crowd of people chanting his name as their hero, it was quite the unsettling feeling.Bookmark here

"Please come, Hero Rock. Your destiny awaits."Bookmark here

Zelocus guided him forward, out of the summoning chamber and into a magnificent castle. It was the world of a gamer's dreams – breath-taking medieval architecture, fancily dressed nobility and royalty, and awe-inspiring wielders of sword and magic.Bookmark here

Rock was introduced to the royal family themselves, who begged for him to go on a journey to gather faithful companions and claim the hero's rightful treasure from the Gods, in order to fight against the Demon Lord.Bookmark here

Every RPG gamer was familiar with a plot like that, so Rock readily agreed, especially when the king offered the beautiful princess's hand in marriage and wealth for the rest of his life.Bookmark here

However, as Rock took one last look at the royal audience hall, he noticed something strange. There were several statues adorning the walls of either side. They were statues that appeared to be heroes, but each one was wielding a different weapon – Sword, Spear, Bow, Shield, Claw, Scythe, Mace, and many more.Bookmark here

The one thing that bothered Rock was that the statues appeared to be in disrepair, as if something had eroded them. That was the case for all, except for one – a statue in the very back corner of a hero who looked like he was in the middle of a fist pump.Bookmark here

"Eh? What's the story here? And why is that one, the only one in perfect condition?"Bookmark here

The king and Zelocus looked at each other with worry in their eyes. They weren't sure what to say. Finally, Zelocus was the one to speak.Bookmark here

"Hero Rock, it is better for us to be frank about our history. These statues that you see here are the legacy of the heroes that have been called before you. They are the ones who tried and failed to defeat the Demon Lord. As you can see, those ruined statues represent those that have fallen in battle."Bookmark here

"And th-that one?" Rock nervously pointed at the remaining pristine statue, getting a feeling of where this was headed.Bookmark here

"That is your statue, Hero Rock. You are our last hope."Bookmark here

"And you expect me to succeed when all the others have failed?" Rock gulped.Bookmark here

"We are prepared to offer you anything, anything that you desire, be it women, money or power. You truly are our last resort, and we will stop at nothing to ensure that this last gambit succeeds!" The King spoke up with a slight tremble. "The country is yours to command if you should desire."Bookmark here

"There's no way to send me back, is there?" Rock asked, feeling pressured by their desperate pleas.Bookmark here

"Unfortunately, the summoning cannot be undone," said Zelocus.Bookmark here

If there was no other option, Rock wouldn't mind being a King. Then, he could delegate and return to having a relaxing life once again. With a reluctant sigh, he agreed and set off on his journey.Bookmark here

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bookmark here

Months later.Bookmark here

Rock and his companions had finally made it to the Altar of the Gods, where he could claim his legendary weapon. As expected, he had found trustworthy companions who had his back. He had slain hordes of evil beings as he went around saving the surrounding villages.Bookmark here

On the side, he was building up quite the bankroll and following from all the quests that he did. Certainly, he would be set for life once all of this was done with.Bookmark here

He just had to claim his legendary weapon, and then, defeat the final boss.Bookmark here

As he touched the pedestal at the top of the altar, a white light shone, and his consciousness was engulfed by it. His companions waited as their hero conversed with the Gods.Bookmark here

Several minutes later, he returned to his party. Much to their surprise, it didn't look like he changed at all. They could not see any kind of legendary weapon equipped to him.Bookmark here

"Y-You got it, right? Your weapon from the Gods," one of them asked.Bookmark here

"Of course. It's right here." Rock made an air pump gesture with his arm.Bookmark here

Somewhat confused, the party members shrugged it off and started walking down from the altar. Surprisingly, the old man who summoned Rock was waiting for them at the bottom.Bookmark here

"Zelocus? What are you doing all the way out here?"Bookmark here

"Checking on your status, Hero Rock, as part of my duties. I take it that you retrieved your weapon from the Gods?"Bookmark here

"Yep, right here." Rock patted his arm.Bookmark here

"Excellent."Bookmark here

With a wave of his staff, Zelocus suddenly cast magic. Immediately, Rock's party members were knocked off their feet and were sent sprawling several feet away. Only Rock, who had the highest parameters, had held his ground.Bookmark here

"I thank you, Hero Rock! For provide me, Zelocus – faithful servant of the Demon Lord, with the final weapon of the Gods! Now, his evilness will have the full might of the Gods in his hands!" The old man cackled as he magically transformed into a young and powerful mage.Bookmark here

The magical aura that Zelocus was giving off was nothing to joke about. Especially, since he had blown away his entire party with his surprise attack.Bookmark here

"Sorry for fooling you, my unfortunate hero, but I must get rid of you before you harness the full power of your weapon. Since you are the last one, I'll even make you an offer – give it up willingly, and I'll spare you and your companions for now. At least, you can go and have some last-minute fun with them until the Demon Lord razes the rest of the world!"Bookmark here

"Okay. I get it. You win," Rock flatly said. Zelocus hadn't expected that answer, as all the other heroes had either resisted to the end or tried to escape to warn the others.Bookmark here

"Good. Now, where is it?" Nonetheless, Zelocus smiled that his mission had ended with an easy win.Bookmark here

"Right here."Bookmark here

Rock brought his arm up and made a fist pump motion twice. Zelocus was confused by his action, until suddenly, a loud rumbling seemed to shake the ground around them.Bookmark here

"Wh-What did you do?!" Zelocus yelled at the hero.Bookmark here

"I summoned it. The last of God's weapons."Bookmark here

!?Bookmark here

Zelocus looked around, trying to see what Rock had meant. In the distance, an unfamiliar object appeared to be making rapid distance towards them.Bookmark here

"What is that? A chariot?" Zelocus wrongly assumed.Bookmark here

"No, it is a truck. For I am, the Truck Hero." Rock smiled.Bookmark here

"You caaaaalllled?" The truck skidded to a stop and opened its door. In response, Rock jumped into the driver's seat and put on his seat belt.Bookmark here

"Hello there. Diesel at your service. One Truck-kun, compliments of Kami-sama, ready to do your bidding."Bookmark here

Zelocus had no idea what was going on, but sensing the danger in front of him, he fired off a strong bolt of magic. To his surprise, the magic bounced right off the front of the truck and harmlessly dispersed.Bookmark here

"Kami-sama gave me a shiny coating just for this! Can't have you messing it up!" Diesel revved his engine as he started moving forward.Bookmark here

Seeing that his magic had failed, Zelocus dumped the rest of his mana into his strongest spell.Bookmark here


Fire erupted around the truck, and the ground around it turned into molten lava. However, the truck simply rolled through that and continued charging at Zelocus.Bookmark here

"It can't beeeee!!!" He yelled as the red-hot surface of the truck slammed into him and carried him into a wall several meters back.Bookmark here

The magician was crushed between the truck and the wall, the heated metal searing his body. After Diesel backed up, a Zelocus patty with grill marks was left embedded in the wall.Bookmark here

"Perfect day for a barbecue, isn't it, Mr. Rock? How are you feeling in there?"Bookmark here

"The air conditioning is top-notch! Didn't even feel the toastiness of ultimate fire magic. A weapon of the Gods surely is something." Rock patted the dashboard.Bookmark here

"Well, as Kami-sama told you, this is a last resort weapon for this world. Can't go calling on us all the time, you know. Let's gather your companions and quickly finish the job."Bookmark here

"Right-o, lead the way!" Rock did another series of fist pumps in the air.Bookmark here

Not long after, the forces of the Demon Lord were decimated, run over by the unstoppable might of the Truck Hero. Rock and his companions went on to recover the legendary weapons that had been taken previously. Equipping the kingdom's best warriors with them, the citizens of the world, led by Rock, stormed the Demon Lord's castle and ridded him once and for all.Bookmark here

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