Chapter 18:

Isekai Enthusiast Chat Group

Otherworld Isekai Service

*NoIsekaiNoLIfe has logged in*Bookmark here

NoIsekaiNoLife: Hey, did you guys hear the news?Bookmark here

MotivatedbyHarem: No, what's up?Bookmark here

SmartPhoneSensei: A new self-fulfillment series got announced?! UwU !Bookmark here

NoIsekaiNoLife: No, this is bigger! Like what we've been all waiting for!Bookmark here

MotivatedbyHarem: Well, just split it out already…Bookmark here

NoIsekaiNoLife: Some dude in my neighborhood got wrecked by a truck! And there's a vid of it!Bookmark here

SmartPhoneSensei: Haha, poor guy. Hope he wakes up in the world of his dreams.Bookmark here

NoIsekaiNoLife: That's just it. He might've.Bookmark here

MotivatedbyHarem: Tell me your joking. I mean, come on. That's an urban legend.Bookmark here

NoIsekaiNoLife: here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

SmartPhoneSensei: Wait, anyone else see that the truck that hit him has no driver!Bookmark here

VanishmentDisWarudo: OMG, IT'S REAL!!! THE LEGENDS ARE REAL!!!Bookmark here

MotivatedbyHarem: Where did this happen?Bookmark here

NoIsekaiNoLife: A couple of blocks down, right next to the station near the high school.Bookmark here

NoPantsHero: it's our chance to get isekaied also. what we've been waiting for.Bookmark here

MotivatedbyHarem: I'm in.Bookmark here

SmartPhoneSensei: Me too.Bookmark here

VanishmentDisWarudo: NATURALLY!Bookmark here

NoPantsHero: nothing better to doBookmark here

NoIsekaiNoLife: Time for an offline meeting! Let's all chase it down!Bookmark here

*VanishmentDisWarudo has exited*Bookmark here

*MotivatedbyHarem has exited*Bookmark here

*NoPantsHero has exited*Bookmark here

*SmartPhoneSensei has exited*Bookmark here

*NoIsekaiNoLife has exited*Bookmark here

*OPinmyPants has exited*Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

DarkFlameLord: I leave my room for a sandwich and this happens?! WTF?Bookmark here

DarkFlameLord: You are joking, right?Bookmark here

DarkFlameLord: Guys?Bookmark here

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bookmark here

Diesel was cruising through the streets, taking a break after his latest job. He had just sent yet another random guy into the next world. Asking Kami-sama where he ended up, he was given an answer in his usual tone that suggested that he had been asked this a million times before.Bookmark here

"The typical world of swords and magic." Kami-sama yawned. "There's just too many undeveloped worlds out there. Not enough of them mature far enough before something explodes and takes it out."Bookmark here

Occasionally, it felt like Kami-sama nonchalantly let out a bomb that made Diesel wonder about how serious the Gods were about protecting the different worlds. He made it sound like letting a world go into ruin was just a momentary 'oopsie' that they could just erase and start all over again.Bookmark here

"Hey, you humans reap what you sow. Can't do much for accidents that wipe yourselves out. We're in charge of balancing when there's a strange being that is vastly overpowered or disrupts the karma balance." Kami-sama was filing his nails as he spoke.Bookmark here

"Beings that we trucked over to them, most likely," Diesel said, wondering if all the trouble each world encountered would lessen if the movement of people between worlds halted.Bookmark here

"That can't be helped. Unpredictable powers aside, moving people around is the natural thing that we Gods do. Can't help it if we need a bit of spice after trillions of years of doing it."Bookmark here

Eh? So now, the worlds were just a big chessboard for amusement? Diesel gave up. His head couldn't take the magnitude of the silliness in all of this. It was better for him to just focus on gaining karma.Bookmark here

However, his talk with Kami-sama had bummed him out somewhat. For that reason, he decided to take a little extra stroll around the place he was sent to. It was always nice to go sightseeing after a service to shake off the lingering feelings that he might've had for the target.Bookmark here

It was still not something pleasant for him to do, so finding other interesting things about the locations he visited seemed to drive those bad thoughts away.Bookmark here

Over time, he discovered that it wasn't just locations of his own world that he could visit, but that services could happen in any world among the countless ones around. It was just simpler for Kami-sama to give familiar-looking locations to start off with, letting Diesel ease into the job before going to some obscure environments.Bookmark here

A truck could show up in any world, no matter what condition it was in. However, one required a bit more tact to succeed in some worlds without shocking the locals of their presence. It was utterly strange for a truck to show up in a low-technology world, but arrangements could be made to form a backstory or disguise.Bookmark here

Becoming the silly form of a legendary summon for a hero was something that had him almost cracking up during the job, but he managed to barely hold it in. He had to be prepared for the strangest of situations from now on.Bookmark here

However, as Diesel stopped somewhere to take a break, he noticed a group of oddly dressed people looking creepily his way. He was not used to people noticing him. He was just a plain old truck normally.Bookmark here

Yet, one of them pointed right in his direction and charged forward.Bookmark here

Diesel froze, not knowing what to do. The only other time that a person had noticed his sentience was a cultivator that had lost his powers. It couldn't be that they were more cultivators in this world?!Bookmark here

"Kami-sama! Can you get a portal ready for me? I want to go back, like right now!"Bookmark here

Fun time was over. He couldn't let those people come up to him and find out that he was a living truck!Bookmark here

"There it is! The driver-less Isekai Truck!"Bookmark here

The group of people were getting closer. Yet, there was no answer from Kami-sama.Bookmark here

"Kami-sama! Any time now!" Diesel felt cold perspiration drip down his windshield.Bookmark here

Still, there came no answer from the other end.Bookmark here

By this time, Diesel was in a panic. And when he panicked, he froze like… an idle truck. He watched as the group of people made it right up to him and suddenly bowed down.Bookmark here

"Oh great, Truck-sama! Please send us unworthy servants to the other world of our dreams! We all humbly request to be chosen as heroes who can be more than what our current lives has cursed us with."Bookmark here

"I wish for the OP life!"Bookmark here

"A harem would be nice too, but I'll settle for 2 or 3 girls."Bookmark here

"At least, let me bring my smartphone."Bookmark here

"Catgirls…wouldn't mind bunny girls either."Bookmark here

"I want a naturally 'big sword', if you know what I mean…"Bookmark here

Diesel tried to wrap the statements being thrown at him all at once while remaining silent. He couldn't show them any sign that he was indeed a magical truck that could send them to another world.Bookmark here

'How the hell did they find out about me anyways?! And some of those requests…did they think getting sent to another world was an instant ticket to Paradise?!'Bookmark here

In either case, these were delusional people that Diesel had to quickly get away from. Without Kami-sama's permission, he couldn't haphazardly run over random people, even if they wanted it for themselves.Bookmark here

'Maybe if I hold very still, they'll get bored and leave.'Bookmark here

"Hey Diesel? I'm having a bit of trouble over here. You finished trucking the other guy as requested, so I'll warp you back to the Divine Realm later."Bookmark here

The group of people lifted their heads up at that moment, as if they had heard Kami-sama radio him.Bookmark here


All at once, they leapt to their feet and tried to swarm Diesel.Bookmark here

Realizing that it was a lost cause, Diesel immediately floored it in reverse and spun around before gunning it down the road.Bookmark here

"AFTER IT!" He heard them cry from behind him.Bookmark here

Diesel was in a pinch. Somehow, those guys were able to detect the words from the Divine Realm, and Kami-sama had decided to ditch him for the moment. All he could do was drive away until he had the time to be warped back!Bookmark here

However, no matter how far it seemed like he drove, or how he changed the body of his truck, that group of strange people seemed to find him. How were they able to tell where he was?!Bookmark here

"Fufufu, do you think you can escape my otherworldly detection capabilities?"Bookmark here

Diesel looked up at a bridge where one of the guys was looking down at him. Strangely, he had an eyepatch on, which he was in the process of removing. It revealed an eye that was of a different color than the other.Bookmark here

"This magic eye of mine sees all! You cannot escape!"Bookmark here

Irked by this statement, Diesel sped away, only to nearly run into another one of them, who ran into the street waving his smartphone. At the last moment, Diesel uses his wind powers to blow him out of the path as he swerved away.Bookmark here

"You can't get away! My all-powerful smartphone will track you down!"Bookmark here

As Diesel continued to duck and weave through the streets, occasionally one of the members of that group would jump into his path.Bookmark here

"I wanna be the one! The 'Harem King'!" A guy with a moeblob shirt said as he dove forward.Bookmark here

"Please, go easy on my important part!" Another closed his eyes as he ran forward while covering his crotch with both hands.Bookmark here

"I want to reincarnate and start my life all over again with a hot mama!"Bookmark here

"Maids! Bikini armor! Hot springs scenes! I want all the fanservice!"Bookmark here

Diesel was seriously getting fed up with all of them. The urge to truck was rising!Bookmark here

"Okay, I'm ready to send you back. Just let me pinpoint your location," Kami-sama suddenly interrupted.Bookmark here

Moments later, a portal formed in front of him, which he passed through right away. The scenery abruptly changed as he was dumped back into the endless white surroundings near Kami-sama's garage. There, Kami-sama was waiting for him.Bookmark here

"Where were you?! I was getting chased by loonies who wanted to be trucked!" Diesel yelled impatiently with annoyance.Bookmark here

"Sorry, things were a bit out of my control." Kami-sama hung his head.Bookmark here

While Diesel was running around, Kami-sama had a little issue with some wild geese that Moon Goddess Yue had asked him to babysit. Though he had heard Diesel calling for him, one of the geese had stolen his phone, which kept him from being able to help Diesel.Bookmark here

After chasing the goose around for a while, he finally got his phone back and located Diesel before dropping a portal at his location.Bookmark here

Diesel wanted to run over some geese now, but he settled with banging his front into a wall.Bookmark here

"How did they figure me out and keep finding me anyways?"Bookmark here

Kami-sama walked over and plucked something from Diesel's grill.Bookmark here

"Oh, a tracking device. And as to why they could hear us… It's probably because they had a heartfelt desire to communicate with us, leading to a connection with those in the Divine Realm. That's how requests happen after all."Bookmark here

"Then, should I have trucked them?"Bookmark here

"You could've. But they'd likely end up in some random world where they'd soon be devoured by some monster or enslaved by random people. You can't just get sent away without preparation. Us Gods have a lot of setup to ensure that targets land as the right person in the right place. Otherwise, you might even end up as a mere stick or a rock instead. Who knows what could've happened?"Bookmark here

"If I had known that, I would've just run them over." Diesel sighed with regret.Bookmark here

Kami-sama grinned. "They might've even ended up with a funny story to tell."Bookmark here

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