Chapter 24:


Life Stream: Helping a cute girl gain views and followers

“YO! It’s your girl Leona! Today, I have a sponsorship! Kagemart asked me to promote their new prickly pear import products. They’ve got jam, candy, even juice and soda. You can get them instore at the S-street location, or just order off their website or app and get em shipped right to ya. Oh yeah, they even have these cool new toys. Check out this one that can be a fruit or a flower…”

I had successfully drilled the basics of a sponsorship into Leona. Now that she got the required stuff out of the way, she could focus on the stream.

“Theres still some time before the tournament, guess that means more Ice seal.”

Leona opted to play more Ice seal until the tournament began.

“Hey chat, I can beat the dark skeleton guy, right?”

“If you get wiped it’s wasabi prickly pear candy,” I typed.

“Challenge accepted!”

She ended up getting a game over and having to restart.

“I know this was supposed to be a punishment, but these prickly pear gummies taste so much better with wasabi. Guess I’m the wasabi equivalent of a mayora. __. Someone’s gonna draw a parody of that scene from that anime where the mayora sucks up the mayo, but with me and wasabi aren’t they?”

“Yep, you’ve sealed your fate,” a chat member typed.


Leona ended up reaching the halfway point of the game just before the tournament started.

“YO! We’ve got a time skip in the game? Perfect stopping point. Tomorrow’s gonna be the big Insanity’s ballad stream with Astrid, so I guess we’ll play this again in two days. Now then it’s time to kick Jaime’s ass again.”

It turned out there were a lot more racers than I initially expected. In addition to me and Leona, Astrid, Sven, Valentino, and even Kageyama were participating along with many people I didn’t recognize.


Eventually, it was time for our bracket. I had improved slightly in the game but didn’t expect to advance to the next round. Leona effortlessly won our bracket. While I somehow managed to still qualify for the final round.

“Not bad, you just snuck in at 2nd place,” Leona grinned.

Aside from Jaime and one or two other racers, no one I had seen thus far played like they could match Leona. Then the final bracket went.

“[Whoa whoa! Chat! Who’s Shadowmaster5D!? This guy’s creaming everyone. Is he a dev?]” Jaime asked.

My stomach sank as I recognized the playstyle.

“Oh no, we’re in trouble.”


It was time for the final circuit. The 10 racers included: Leona, Jaime, Sven, Astrid, Valentino, Kageyama, GumGum99, Wasqueegeeforbrawlbrothers, Shadowmaster5D, and me. It was going to be an intense brawl for first. I decided that since I had no chance of winning, I’d do my best to assist Leona. She’d need all the help she could get considering who was racing.

The first race began. As expected, it quickly became a brawl for first between Jaime, Leona, and Shadowmaster. However, Shadowmaster made use of his cart build to outmaneuver Jaime and Leona to take 1st. Leona made a comeback in the 2nd race, but Shadowmaster took 2nd meaning the two were tied with only 2 races to go.

Then in the 3rd race, Shadowmaster took 1st, while Leona took second. Now the only way she’d win would be if she took 1st and someone dragged down Shadowmaster to 3rd or 4th. Otherwise, a tie would be the best she could hope for which would result in sudden death.

Then something unexpected happened in the final race. Out of nowhere, Valentino somehow managed to pull off a glitch that allowed him to skip a good portion of the course and take 1st. Leona took 2nd while Shadowmaster took 3rd.

“Oh, come on! 1 point!?”

Sadly, Shadowmaster won the whole thing by a single point.

“Valentino! We’re doing a collab so I can kick your ass and make you eat wasabi salmiak for this,” Leona bantered.

Even though she lost, she was still in good spirits. Before she ended the stream, I checked her Mewtube page.

“Leona! Hurry and pull up the subscriber count, it says you’re at 99,000!”

“Wait really!? Alright chat, guess we’ll stay live till I hit 100,000.”

Leona was at exactly 99,984 subscribers when she pulled up the counter.

“Anyone know what Astrid’s is?” she asked.

“999,969,” a chat member typed.

Looks like it was going to come down to the wire.

Astrid then called Leona via voice chat.

“Guess we’ll be live for a little longer, though I think I’ll win so prepare yourself,” Astrid gloated.

“I’ve got way less to go than you.”

“But I’m gaining subscribers at a faster pace than you.”

Then it happened.

“99,998, 100,000! Uhp it dipped. Now it’s back at 100,000! We did it!” Leona shouted.

“Wait, what time did it cross 100,000? I just hit a million," Astrid stammered.

“Don’t tell me we reached our goals at the exact same time!”

Sure enough, both of them had reached their milestones at the exact same time.

“Uh, what do we do for a tie?” Leona asked.

“Guess we only do half the punishment. I say no tattoos but we both shave our heads," Astrid shrugged.

“Yeah, I guess- WAIT! You’re already bald! You don’t even have eyebrows to wax off either!”

“Ahahaha,” Astrid nervously laughed.

“You should do the tattoo then, heck we can use the washable kind if you want.”

“Not a bad idea, though if we do that it’ll feel like you’re still getting the short end of the stick considering I’m already bald.”

“Then laser your head and eyebrows! I don’t think you’ve done that yet."

“But then I’ll never have hair again,” Astrid laughed.

“Please, you became bald for life after the Wyvern rainforest wax. At worst you’ll only loose the cash you’ll have to spend to have them shine a light on your head.”

“Dang girl, that burns worse than the ghost peppers.”

“I ain’t going bald for free.”

“Alright, it’s better than having a wasabi glob permanently tattooed on my beautiful head. I’ll have it done before the big stream tomorrow.”

“Great then I’ll- “

“Don’t shave your head before the stream. That’s my big demand. I’ll tell you more tomorrow.”

“Alright, fine with me.”

Once they finished chatting, Leona began her outro.

I didn’t expect her to reach 100,000 subscribers so quickly, nor tie with Astrid for their bet. I had resolved to confess to her during her 100,000-subscriber special, but since she just hit the milestone and the viewer numbers were high, I decided to go for it right now.

“Hold up! Leona, I have something I want to say.”

“Sure, go ahead.”

“I love you! Will you be my girlfriend?”

Leona’s mouth hung open for a bit before she smiled and walked over to me.

“Making a confession here? Well, aren’t you bold. Of course, I’ll say yes,” she giggled as she maneuvered her head under my mask and kissed me on the lips.

“Leocrow confirmed! Congratulations!” Astrid yelled.

After kissing, we looked at chat. It was a sea of support and congratulations messages for us. Leona then ended the stream and spoke with me.

“When you told me you were gonna confess to me, I figured it would be during something big. But I didn’t expect it to be now.”

“Me neither. I was planning to confess when you held a 100,000-subscriber special, but since you are doing that event with Astrid and the numbers just shot up, I figured I’d do it now since you just hit 100,000.”

“Well, this stream was pretty big. I guess I lost the tournament but got the prize in the end.”

“Me too Leona.”

We embraced each other as we sat on the couch.

“Are you excited for tomorrow?” I asked.

“Yeah! I’m probably going to end up bald though. Is that alright?”

“You bet; I don’t care how crazy you end up looking during or after the event tomorrow. I love you Leona Wasabi Wasabi.”

“I love you too Mukuro.”

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