Chapter 25:

Prelude to the big event

Life Stream: Helping a cute girl gain views and followers

The next day I awoke to an uncanny sight. My mother was smiling from ear to ear.

“Mukurou, your father has done it. He just secured a massive retirement fund. Now I don’t have to worry about our income ever again,” she stated.

Surprised I walked over to my father who was sitting on the couch.

“What did you do?” I asked.

“Remember how I told you about my little investment, well now it’s paid off.”

I looked at his phone and saw a high stock price.

“What’s this for?”

“This one is the stock of the small company that makes all those prickly pear products you’ve been promoting. The other one is Kagemart’s which has risen once again.”

“Wait, you invested in those two?”

“I’ve owned stock in Kagemart for a while, but just bought the stock for the other company as I was leaving Phoenix. Apparently, Kagemart’s now formed a contract with them and they’re expanding to keep up demand. Kagemart is also distributing the products to other stores as well. Plus, the products will also go to all of Kagemart's international associates as part of their trade agreement. I knew those sweets would catch on the moment I tasted the candy.”

I was too stunned to speak. My father had essentially secured a massive retirement fund by influencing me to give some candy to Kageyama. Well, I guess just like a side quest in a game, completing it can help you out in the long run.

“Though what’s with the gaming persona?”

“Hmm? Well, I actually got the idea after your mother sent me your videos. Since I was away, I couldn’t really be here to help get you back on your feet. When I saw that you were the happiest you’ve ever been, I knew I didn’t need to worry about you. In fact, I should be thanking you. You inspired me to explore something new and expand my company’s influence to a new generation. We’ve now begun sponsoring streamers and gaming events in order to expand our influence. Your road to fame strat also worked beautifully.”


"For your girlfriend. I watched everything and deduced you were the one that helped her get to where she is. She has energy and charisma sure, but I don’t think she’s the brightest in terms of marketing. Luckily you inherited my cunning business sense. It took a while to awaken, but love was the perfect trigger. I married your mother in order to one day see that gorgeous smile she now has. Now we can spend our days smiling. Oh, and I guess I now have a side gig as well.”

My father then showed me a Mewtube page.

“Shadowmaster5D, the gamer destroyer. Wait!? You have 10k subscribers already!?”

“Yep, our company sponsored last night’s tournament. Our international branches were able to hook up with Jaime and recruit some other streamers worldwide to participate. Then all I had to do was decimate you all on that grand stage to win. Now I’m the gamer crusher. One other thing, in two nights it’s a Jamboree showdown with you, your friends, and some other streamers.”

“So now you’re the company’s gamer? What the hell.”

“Well, they only let me indulge in it due to my good rapport within the company. Securing that new partnership in Phoenix also helped. Talk about an oasis in the desert though. I found all my inspiration when I was there.”

“Heh, no wonder you have 5D in your name. Though I still have one question, was that you that challenged me in Metriss 66 during my infamous ghost pepper murder stream?”

“Hey, I gave you a run for it.”

“Thanks for the help dad. Glad to see you smiling mom. Well, I’m off to Leona’s we’ve got prep to do for this stream.”


Astrid giggled as she got out of the chair after having her head lasered.

“Welp, no more hair for me ever again,” she sighed.

“Please, this was mercy for you. We both know damn well you had no chance of ever having hair again after that Wyvern rainforest wax challenge. Though I guess you did lose some money,” Leona teased.

“"Wasting money to shine a light on my head" will easily make up the money I spent on this and then some. Besides its still better than having a big green wasabi tattoo ruining the look of my head.”

“What’s wrong with having wasabi tattooed on your head?”

“Oh, if you want it so bad, you can always get a permanent one after the event. We’ll be using washable tattoos for the event like we agreed last night. That also means you're going bald during the event.”

“Hey no worries. Even if the tattoo was permanent, I’d just grow out my hair again to cover it up.”

“I bet you’d enjoy being bald.”

“Maybe for a bit, but I’d probably grow out my hair again.”

“Wanna bet on it?”

Sven and I giggled as we watched them banter.

“Sis actually wanted to grow her hair back but ended up going all in on the bald look after the waxing challenge. That challenge truly did destroy all her hair follicles, at least according to her doctor. Luckily chat likes the look and she managed to grow from the event,” Sven stated,

“Yeah, hopefully Leona doesn’t do anything dumb like that after today.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure Sis doesn’t issue any dares that would force Leona to go wax crazy of she loses.”

“Thanks man. It must be tough to reign in a thrill-seeking sister like Astrid.”

“And you’ve got your hands full with a lovable thrill-seeking idiot like Leona.”

“Hey! What are you two saying about us!?” Astrid glared.


Sven and I then went to the convention center to help set up.

“I’m surprised it’s in the main room,” I said.

“Yeah, thanks to the prickly pear sponsorship, Kagemart was able to get us the main room. Another company also offered us a sponsorship as well. All we need to do is have one of their streamers show up in the video.”

It seems even my father would be getting in on the action.

"Speaking of streamers, a bunch of streamers you may know will be making cameos throughout the event."

"Well, that's the power of multiple sponsorships."

“True. Oh yeah, your costume for the stream is that black cloak and scythe,” Sven stated while pointing at the costume rack.

“And yours is the purple ape suit, right?”

“Thanks to someone photoshopping my face on Claim Jumping Robertson.”

“Hey, it’s a great thumbnail and a good game. It’s all thanks to you and that clutch back in Brawl Brothers that I ended up discovering it.”

“Hah, maybe I’ll do a bit more gaming on my main channel.”

My grandfather and Kageyama were the next to arrive.

“Ga ha! Never thought I’d make horror toys, but I think they’ve got a cute charm like my old Halloween line,” my grandfather said as he held up a toy.

It was a plush of a bird that had a face similar to my mask.

“This one’s Macabre. If ya squeeze his cheeks, he opens his mouth.”

“Guess he does look kind of cute. How’s your work coming along Kageyama?”

“Still a ways to go, but I was able to master the blue bear. I plan to give it to Astrid and confess to her. It will be far grander than yours,” Kageyama gloated.

“Welp, good luck man. I’m rooting for you.”


Eventually, it was time. Leona and Astrid walked in wearing their trademark attire and sat down in the chairs.

“Ready for this?” asked Astrid.

“Ready! Let the insanity begin!” Leona smiled.

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