Chapter 8:

The Truth: Part Two

The Letters That Heaven Sent

Did she say she was there when her father was murdered, or is my head playing tricks?

"Senpai, did you say you were there?"

"Yes, Arata-kun. I was there when my dad was killed, and it was because of me."

"My father was an honest working man. He did whatever he did with honesty and hard work. He never did any wrongdoing and always thought of his family first. At that time, there used to be a group of drug dealers. They used to always trouble the neighbourhood with their activities. They used to scare the neighbourhood by threatening to rape their people and kill them all.

"My dad couldn't tolerate them anymore and called the police. They came up with the whole force and busted the whole racket down. This racket tried to blend in with the neighbourhood, and the police never doubted them. They were one of the biggest rackets caught in Japan. I was with my dad, holding him tight, when they were talking the dealers away. The leader of this dealer, Kuragami Kai, was giving my dad a death glare and to me as well."

"I was really scared as to what that man was going to do, but dad held me tight and said, Never be afraid of the likes of them, Ayaka. Always be strong and have firm faith in yourself. Remember, the darkest of paths can be lit only if one remembers how to turn on the light.' I was 10 years old at that time. I was bullied a lot my whole life; I never really had any physical bullying, but words can still hurt. It never mattered how much they did it; just keep quiet and let them speak their minds. They yell for 5 minutes and (scoff) leave."

"Just after our school declared the summer holidays, I was happy walking home, and the route that I always take was having some road work on it, so I didn't have any choice but to take a different route. When I took that route, I thought something was wrong. But I didn't think twice and just went on. Three people from behind came towards me. I was scared, and I didn't look back; I just kept running.

"They caught my hand, and then I saw him, Kuragami Kai. What is he doing here? Wasn't he supposed to be in jail? How did he get out? All my thoughts ran through my mind. I was very scared. I screamed a lot for help, but they covered my mouth with something. After that, I only remember waking up tied to a pole. I woke up confused and screaming. They didn't take a moment to think, took out their things, and raped me.

"They raped for three hours, taking turns. It hurt so much, but they wouldn't stop no matter how much I pleaded with them. I passed out. I heard screaming and also saw the police and my dad there. He was still half conscious and wasn't sure what was going on. Then Kuragami took out a pistol and shot my dad three times. He was shouting at him, swearing at him, and beating his dead body. He kept saying, That's for ruining my business and my fun with that slut.' My dad's body is lying there and staring at me."

"It was raining heavily then. I was screaming a lot, and that's all in my mind from then on. The next day, I woke up looking at a hospital roof. I thought it was all a dream, and my family was there. They told me my dad was murdered by Kuragami and that they raped me. That's when my mind went completely blank. Couldn't feel, couldn't think, and couldn't talk for a whole year from then. I started to go to school after the summer holidays. Everyone there came to know I was raped."

"I just went to school and graduated from there; I never thought of making friends or anything. Everyone used to call me a bitch and a slut behind my back. I couldn't care less about what they think. I soon joined a high school near home and just lived for the sake of it. My mind was about to burst from not understanding what was happening to me. I saw a very tall building in front of my school. There I decided to end my life."

"I went up there. It was an abandoned building, so there was no security; there was no one around. I went up to the roof, and there was someone standing there. He looked like he wanted to jump as well. I started walking towards him. He saw me, and he just sat down. He was about my height, and he was just a normal-looking guy. He looked the same as me. Dead all the way through."

"He asked me why I was here. I said to die. He said the same thing as me. He asked me why I wanted to die. I didn't tell him the real story, but only the part where no one cares about me and that I am fed up with it. He looked so immersed and said that he was going through the same thing. He asked if I attended the school in front of it, and I said yes. He said his head was hurting so much from not understanding anything, not even himself. His problems were similar to mine. We just started talking, and hours went by.

"Tomorrow is our graduation day, and he said it's a sad day to die. 'Why? Your parents will be here, proud of you. Not a good time to make them cry.' He said. I never thought of my mom and the other two. What would happen to them if I were to die? He changed my mind. 'Bad times don't always stay, and happier times always come.' He said. 'It's ironic how I came here to die but changed my mind after meeting you.' I never did anything to change his mind. Why did he think that? I asked him. 'I don't know why. Sometimes you can't explain things. Maybe all I needed was a talk with someone who understood. He said.

"I never thought I would ever meet someone the same as me. 'It's late now; come on, let's go home. You have a big day tomorrow. He said. He even dropped me off at home. We were just walking together, but when I glanced to take a clear look at his face, it was such a beautiful sight to me. A face with no thought looked as if it were touched by God himself. He was the brightest thing in the night sky, even brighter than all the stars. I was happy that someone could have understood me a little. But after that day, I never saw that boy again."

"You see, Arata-kun, rain brings me back to the day my dad was murdered, and this panic attack happens whenever it rains."

"I hope I did not trouble you with my life story. I just might have needed to vent it all out."

No words came out of my mouth after hearing her story. It was a tragic story. I didn't know what to say to her.

"It was hard for you, senpai. I never really experienced anything that bad, but all I can say is, you will get better soon."

"I hope for the best for you."

Thanks, Arata-kun, and sorry for making you go along with me. Please forgive me if I have taken a lot of your time."

"It's fine, senpai. We need to look out for each other. We are the only ones who understand each other right now.

She looked at me for a second with a serious look on her face. Is she angry or something? Did I say something wrong?

"Sorry for staring at you like that, Arata-kun. I don't know what got into me for a second."

"It's fine, senpai; let's walk home if you feel good."

"Yeah, let's go home."

We were walking under a starlit sky. It was beautiful. Without noticing it, our eyes were staring at each other. Why was she shining more than the sky itself? She looked me in the eyes, and we stared and stopped walking. She started to turn red.

"Senpai, are you fine? You are turning red."

"Eh? Oh sorry! This is nothing. It's probably the lights that make it seem like that. Don't worry; I am fine. Hehehe."

That's weird. Why is she acting like that? Suddenly, she caught my shirt.

'Senpai, what's wrong?"

"Oh sorry. Arata-kun, can I hold your hand? Suddenly I am feeling a bit scared."

"Sure senpai."

This time, it was both of us blushing.

She went home, and when I was walking home, a thought crossed my mind. The boy on the rooftop she was talking about This is almost like the dream that has been occurring for a few days to me. The roof, the school, the girl.

Is this a coincidence, or is it a part of my memory?