Chapter 11:

The Starry Night: Part Two

The Letters That Heaven Sent

Days went by and the business was blooming. Mom came everyday and enjoyed with us, but she didn't eat much. Everyone were happy and making the most out of it, except dad. He had a very sorrowful face or was kind of unexplainable. Soon, he started smiling but it was very fake. Wanted to ask him what's going on but some work came again and he went elsewhere.

It was the most busier day for the café this week. Everyone was working hard. Sato-san was having a hard time back in the kitchen, so he asked me to aid him. There are dishes which almost anyone with a little experience can make. So went back—cooked the easy dishes—plated them and put them up the counter.

"You are a big help inoue-kun. Want to learn some dishes? I can help you perfect them too."

"Once we are back home, probably then." It's a good skill to have and a very useful one.

"Anyway Sato-san, you and Boss always seen very close."

It was break time, and finally some relief after that rush.

"I was the first employee she hired after reopening the café. She was so beat up and probably lost all hope. But she doesn't realise it was her that saved me from my misery."

" We are almost of the same age so we can understand each other perfectly or not so perfect. Anyway, she has really come forward."

"Thanks to you inoue-kun. This opportunity made her really fortunate. I could see it all when we are go for grocery shopping."

"Sato-san, can you define love?"

"(Coughs) What's with that question?"

"Sorry, just wanted to know. Since you are older and know better."

"I don't know to be honest. Never understood it myself too. Sometimes you feel your chest tight when you meet that person—you feel very self conscious when speaking to that person—you will feel to hug them all the time. Okay that was a little cheesy but you get it I believe."

"For some part, I do. Do you love anyone, Sato-san?"

"Maybe or maybe not. It's a complicated emotion but also clear after some time."

"Do you have that feelings for anyone inoue-kun?"

Mistakenly glanced at senpai and he looked at me who is looking at her.

"I think I get it, all the best inoue kun."


"You will get it soon."

Didn't pay much heed and just worked. Everything ended for the week and we had to go home the next morning. Everyone played and swin, barbecued meat for everyone and then as final day and to keep it memorable, lit fireworks. Mom had to go back to hospital for checkups and medicine. So she just kissed and hugged me.

Me, Senpai and the kids just lit some small ones and in the end, we saved the big ones and lit them all together. Not so loud so it does not disturb anyone. We went home and just went to bed. Again I couldn't sleep in the night, so just took the camera out, and went out. Took pictures again and this time, someone was just standing there staring in the night sky.

On getting a little closer, it was senpai. She was always sneaking out with me.

"Senpai, I got some cake. The one you wanted yesterday."

"Oh! Thank you inoue-kun. Come let's eat then. Come sit down, I already laid out the carpet here."

She came in ready.

"Should we divide it half or save some?"

"How about Seventy percent for you and thirty for me?"

"SEVENTY! For me! I mean that's alot. Don't you want to eat any more?"

"I am not very hungry so that's why, and plus you wanted it so much, so enjoy it."

Why is she so open around me since that day in the Rain? A normal looking guy, not too tall nor built, doesn't have any traits to attract anyone. The cake is looking real good so for now, let's just eat.

"I always loved black forest and and almost any cake. But this one has something unique to it."

"Do you know Arata-kun, I have a very big appetite. Never told it to anyone because then they will think I am weird."

"Then why tell me senpai, you know maybe I can make fun of you. And why are you so open in front of me?"

"You make me feel calm. With you, makes me forget all of my problems, with you I feel like I can say every little secret of mine. When I am with you, the clock suddenly ticks a lot slower."

"To be honest, I don't know what am I feeling but I know this what i am feeling is very precious."

Still couldn't understand what was going on. Wished it made all sense to me but everything was going over my dumb mind. But she told everything that was about to come out of my mouth.

"I also feel the same senpai, but I do understand what is it."

"I know Arata-kun, time will tell it all."

We both smile and just continue eating. She suddenly feeds me and without thinking twice, opened my mouth and ate it. Don't know what felt so embarrassing but we both kept on blushing until we finished eating.

Then again, the photo session started. We took almost photos from every angle. The sky, the stars, us in between and after that we lied down and she asked me for the Camera. Took a photo together with a camera. When she showed me the picture. It was beautiful. Her smile and about me, I was enjoying it. It could be felt in the photo. We are overcoming it. We can lead normal lives. We can be like normal people. She took one more with the sky behind us. Time slowed down even more.

That day we spend all our time together on the beach and took photos and played around. Went home in the morning and now we were sleepy but we had to leave soon. We got all packed up and we're seated in the van. Soon after starting, she slept on my shoulder and seeing her sleep, I felt a lot sleepy too. Slept on her head. This time, a connection was brewed between us but it was still a long time before we could understand it or maybe we were able to comprehend it.