Chapter 20:

Times Change

The Letters That Heaven Sent

After mom's passing away, dad left some small jobs and focused on his main job as an engineer. As for me, my fourth year is now ongoing, and Akari-san is going to Italy for further studies. We were all doing well. Where those three years went by, no one knows. It all happened in a flash. I started writing a book about myself and my life while I was in my last year. Me and Akari-san promised to write letters to each other. Our phones were not very good and always crashed for some reason. It was good for calling, though.

Kuro and Kobayashi-san were going out. They both asked each other this year. They were both going for the role of editors.

Dad got a very big promotion at work. He was being transferred to Greece. He asked for me to come too, but I was waiting for Akari-san. He understood and left some money for my daily use. The café was getting big, and this time, the boss opened a café in Australia with Sato-san. They are both married now.

Time went by like a flash again, and my book was published. Since it was my first book, it was sure not to be very big at all, but it was incredible. I was one of the top authors in Japan.

I thought of a bold move and asked her to marry me in a letter. It was weeks later, and she still hadn't written back. It worried me, wondering if something had happened to her. Soon, she called me, saying she was at the airport. I took my dad's car and went to the airport. When I arrived, she was there, standing, as beautiful as when she left. She was holding a letter. She was wearing a white dress, and it was amazing.

While we sat down and were driving, she asked me a question.

"Are you not writing any more books?"

"I have planned some ideas and will most probably start soon."

"Oh! Also, 'The Letters That Heaven Sent'. That was a fantastic book."

"You read it already! I was planning it as a surprise for you."

"Well, since it was your book, I couldn't wait. It's a hit book in Italy too."

"How's your editor career going?"

"I have become a full-fledged editor, and I am starting my career here."

"That's nice."

We arrived soon at my house, and she wanted to live with me for some time. Her siblings are in high school and university. Both are very studious and are overall great at everything. Her mom is doing very well as well.

Just as we both stepped in and closed the door, she hugged me.

"I missed you very much, Inoue-kun."

"So did I, Akari-san."

She started telling me all her stories from Italy and showed me pictures of everything she saw there. We went to the café and ate some parfait. She was hungry and really wanted to eat it. I left the waiter job when I entered my fourth year. Sato-san and Hirawa-san just gave me a tight hug for everything I did for the café.

While walking, she was still holding the letter. She wanted to walk on the beach. While we were walking, she stopped.

"Is something wrong?" I asked.

"You asked me to marry you, right?"

"Yes, I did."

My heart was throbbing.

"Take this and read it."

She handed the letter to me and opened it. 'I will marry you even if it takes a hundred years.'

She came running and hugged me so tight. No one was on the beach, and we then just went on playing.

After a year, we were finally married. We have two daughters now. To be honest, this life of mine has been pretty confusing. Never understood what was really going on. But it is what it is. This time, I finally have all the basic emotions I need. I found happiness when she married me, and I found disgust when people hurt others for fun. I felt anger when my mom lied to me. I was surprised when my boom performed amazingly. I felt sadness when my mom cried in front of me. I felt grief when she passed away in front of me.

I hope I can be everything for my wife and my daughters and the best thing that ever will be.