Chapter 19:

The Death

The Letters That Heaven Sent

When dad talked about the hospital, my mind went blank. I couldn't think of anything and just kept running. There was something I was forgetting, and it was her. When I looked to my right, she was running with me. I told her to just go home for now, but she refused.

No, Inoue-kun, I am coming with you. I will call my mom and tell her some excuse."

"But why trouble yourself with me?"

"I promised to always be by that boy's side when he was in trouble."


We got a taxi and went straight to the hospital. As soon as we got to the hospital, the nurse who was appointed as my mother's nurse was standing by the gate. She rushed with us to the room and said,

"Your mother is in her last stages."

My heart was beating so fast that I couldn't breathe much. She got some water for me, and then we ran again to her room.

"Mom! You promised me you would be okay! You said those medications were working! You said…"

"The medications were affecting her, but the cancer was just too much for her. Dad said while tears rolled down his face.

"Inoue, come here, son."

I walked towards her, and she took my hand and made me sit by her.

"Inoue, don't be angry, son. I only lied to you so that you wouldn't be burdened with thinking about me. Also, I know you gave money to your dad for my bills."

"I got such a strong son, who is working for my sake, who was strong and never cried for my sake, to make me feel strong. Inoue, I also know about the condition; I always knew. I also know that you will overcome it. I told about it to your dad as well, in case you ever need help when I am not here."

"Inoue, I have lived a normal life; this cancer (scoofs) is nothing worth the pain. This pain was always overwhelmed by the smiles of your people. Isn't that Miura-San? Will you come here, dear?"

She walked and sat on the other side of the bed.

"Miura-San, can I ask you to always be beside my son when he is in trouble? And you, Inoue, to always be by her side when she is in trouble."

"Yes, Arata-san, I promise."

"Yes, mom, I promise."

"Can you come here, dear?"

"I am sorry I couldn't do much for you, Akane."

"Hideaki, will you listen to me?"

He nodded.

"Hideaki, I am sorry if I didn't help you enough. I am sorry if I was always a burden for you. I am sorry I couldn't spend much time with you. I am sorry I didn't play your favourite game with you. I am sorry that I couldn't get you a trip to your favourite place. I am sorry...

She started crying. I never saw Mom cry so much.

"Akane, I am sorry for everything I couldn't get done for you."

"All of you."

"Hideaki, live life a little more fully now. There won't be any burdens for you. Meet my parents and tell them I always loved them. Say thank you to them for everything they have done for me. Also, give them this letter. This one is for your parents. Inoue, open this letter only when you are successful."

"This life was a pretty normal one. I have a son and a husband who love me; I enjoyed my school life; I used to always play by the beach; I had way too many pets; and my dad used to get angry every time my cat sat on his sofa. Mom loved preparing treats for us all. I was an only daughter, so I was very spoiled."

"Even after all of this, I still don't want to die so soon. She cried so much while still talking.

"Inoue, I want to see you all grown up, with my grandchildren playing with me. Hideaki, I wanted us both to grow old together. I wanted everyone of us to be together, go to the Maldives, and enjoy the beach there. I wanted to see my Inoue become successful. I am sorry everyone is leaving so soon."

"Hideaki, Inoue, and Miura-San, I love you all."

The heart rate went to zero. The thin line on the monitor was a nightmare for me. A single tear didn't flow from my eyes. My mind was blank, and I couldn't speak much. Everything was silent for a long time. Dropped her home and then went home and just laid down on the bed. Until the doctors called.

We had to set things up for the funeral now. Everyone from class came for the funeral. Kuro and Kobayashi-san were crying; dad was on the verge, as were Akari-san, her siblings, and mom. Then why couldn't I cry? The funeral went on, and everything ended. I went by the park and was just sitting on the swing thinking about mom. what she did for me, how much she sacrificed for me, and how much she thought about me. At that time, Akari-san came beside me. She told me to sit on the bench.

Suddenly, she hugged me just like Mom did.

"You can cry now, you know. No one is here, and no one will know. You don't need to be a strong man today."

Tears flowed down like a river. I cried so much, and after that, I just remember waking up and seeing her face first.

"I am sorry, Akari-san; I slept here."

She stopped me when I was getting up and then just put me down on her laps again.

"It was always you who helped me, Inoue-kun. This time, let me help you."

"Akari-san, am I doing better than before?"

Yes, Inoue, you are looking more human than before."