Chapter 5:

Back to your place?

Dalliance after Gender-Crossing, A Supernatural Event.

"Guess I will buy this afterall." Said the agent to the salesman.

(The salesman packing the bag)

The salesman said,"It will be 9200 monds."

"Whoa,I knew this would be expensive but that much? That's like two months of my salary!"

"I mean it's a new well technologized piece of clothing so it might have also been expensive,right? And as it's for your girlfriend you might also spend all the way to make her happy ."

"Listen, I didn't want to tell this to a stranger but I am not buying this for my girlfriend . Actually I have a girlfriend who's pretty cute herself and so I didn't want anyone to know I am buying this for some any other girl ."

"Wai..wait a moment right there. Are you double timing on your girlfriend? Guess that's pretty wicked in it's own way ."

"Hold on a second. Who said I am double timing and why do you care ? I am just helping a needy girl in distress who is now standing out there in the cold in torn clothes. Will you please hurry up?!

"Okay,okay. Sorry for invading in your personal happy life with inquiries . I was just expressing the loneliness of the single guys out there ."

(The salesman packed the bag and handed it over to the agent)

The agent after swiping his credit card to lay his bill was thinking ' That's one hell of an annoying guy . I have to make sure I don't come back here again or else that man is going to bring harm to the healthy relationship of me and my girlfriend. '

(The agent ran to the place where the girl was hiding at full speed .)

Upon reaching there the agent said , " Sorry for being so late, the salesman over there was inquiring all about my personal life and was pretty annoying but whatever. Here you go ."

(The agent hands over the shopping bag.)

 "No problem about that . I went through more rough training on more adverse weathers than this on Earth . But anyways why are you helping me out like this when you know that I am just a random confused girl in this awkward new environment."

"You don't have to worry about that. Actually, even when I am living such a luxurious life I knew that to be happy I was still missing a spice in my life . I guess that spice was a mystery as much as a mystic girl like you . So it will be all worth enough if I can research about this supernatural event you are facing as you term to be a man and know more about this planet you call Earth . "

"Well, if you say so then I guess it's alright."

"I will be standing over there , you can change your clothes over here and we will discuss further afterwards ."

(The agent starts walking towards the corner of the alleyway)

(Meanwhile the girl was changing into her new dress and catched up to the agent up front)

Then she started telling with gratitude,"I was thinking if you were right on the head as you brought me such short clothes but after wearing them I see that it suits me quite well and is comfortable as well . Thanks for this . I promise I will pay you back later after I fully understand the complex situation I am in."

"You don't have to worry much about that . It will be all worth it for me if this gets anymore interesting . Well keeping the topic of your clothes aside, I want to start discussing about what you are calling Earth at first."

"Oh yes, sure. I forgot about that for a moment . So basically let me start of with giving you a description on what ear..."

*The girl's stomach growls intensely*

"Umm,excuse me . I don't actually quite remember the last time I ate before waking up over here . But I can continue describing my background ."

"I think it will be better if we stopped by a restaurant and then talk about these . Then you will feel more better to explain it properly . You will be alright with snacks from that fast food restaurant up ahead right?"

"Obviously, anything's fine ."

Then the agent runs ahead to the shop and buys two chicken cheese subways . He hands one to the girl and starts eating one himself since he himself was pretty hungry as he hadn't had anything from the morning but he hid the fact .

"It isn't much but there isn't anything better around here either ."

"No,no it's quite alright . I am happy to be eating anything at all afterall since I am lonely and alone out here in this some kind of parallel world to mine ."

"You know, judging by your circumstances, I am quite sure you don't have a place to stay in right? If you don't mind , you can come back to my place . It's in the safest city,City Root 10 in this country ."

"YOUR PLACE?! You know safety is not the issue here . I mean thanks for going so far as to helping me by offering me to staying at your house but I must remind you that even though I have the appearance of a girl I am truly a guy . I me...mea..mean you saw those karate moves earlier right ? I earned those martial arts through intense training and I won't be afraid to use them !"

Soon,this typical help became far darker, disguised as a man's earthly pleasure desire, that even a wound could not ever cut this deep to a heart . As this misguided figure ,wanting to help, engraved a far greater mistake originating from the wrong use of speech .... far graver than one could have imagined . Even not being a big deal , this sudden action provoked the heart of a man with womanly body to be filled with intrusive thoughts and doubt so much that he began to question himself wether he was a girl or a boy.

But who would tell the girl that this agent was just a kind and loyal person who has his head out of these worldly desires where he is only interested in the series of psychic and occults which came along with the mystical girl herself~