Chapter 6:

He is not like you

Dalliance after Gender-Crossing, A Supernatural Event.

Flabbergasted at the non-stop blabbering of the girl , the agent put an immediate stop to the chattering and told the girl , 

"Up until now starting from your stance to your language and even your behavior including your attitude was that of a cool man's.  But based on how you just acted I might just think you are a girl since this is how a girl would have normally reacted . "

"I guess you are not completely wrong . I lost my cool there for a second . But what are you thinking as to ask me,a lone girl, to your home?"

The agent then replied with a sorry face, "Oh sorry , sorry . It's my fault to not explain it to you clearly . I don't think it's any better but what I meant by my home is actually the apartment I own there . I have another flat below the one where I live with my girlfriend . And for your kind information,  I am very loyal and don't expect me to get involved in indecent and illicit activities because I have already found the love of my life . Although you really are cute ."

Not knowing what to do after that last compliment from the agent , the bamboozled girl said, "Stupid . As I have told you I am also a man as the same age as you , I guess . I was 25 years old if I remember correctly . But going back to the fact of me staying at your home , did you mean that I could stay in your apartment alone with no rent ? I would be really glad to accept your kindne...."

"Glad that you are happy but actually there's a catch . But since you are a guy as per you are saying, you should be able to handle it . "

"Sure but first let me in on what the issue might be ?"

"Actually I wouldn't have been bothered even if I let you stay alone in my apartment if you upheld my trust . But the matter is that I never said that my flat was empty . My little brother ,Nagami Nakamura ,who is an introvert and complete shut-in is living there . I have never quite seen him coming outside of his room unless he feels hungry or has to go to the bathroom."

After hearing that the girl was wondering ,

'Why does this person sound like someone I know from before . And at least I know it was their dream or was it ? '

She then said afterwards , " Now that I have thought about it , we haven't even exchanged our names or introduced ourselves . Well , let me start off first . Genetically I am supposed to be known by the name Satomi Kurosaki but since this supernatural case may cause some researches to be held on me if I am exposed , I should rather use another name like, umm..."

They were both standing there thinking of a name for the supposed-to-be-man girl . Suddenly both of their heads went pop when an idea of name came to their head.

The agent told his idea to the girl , " Is there any problem if your first name becomes Tomika? I have heard it before somewhere that it denotes calmness whereas it might be a rumour too . But by the dint of guess , I think that whatever you are going to through should've made any human possibly mentally sick right now. But instead of cracking up all the time you have maintained your manly character quite well so I guess the name will suit you."

"Not that I am not happy to get a name but it's too weird to be being suggested with girl names for myself . Although I will use your one as I have taken a liking to it too . I will keep my later and common name Saki shortening it from my real name ."

"Nice to meet you then, Tomika Saki. Hope to make your acquaintance in the future in your investigation to this paranormal activity . "

"Absolutely,why not? It will be a great help  umm , Mr....?"

"Oops . Completely forgot . The name's Hitomi Nakamaru although I go by the name Spy 47 whenever I am out as an agent so please remember that ."

"No problem, I will keep that in mind . But the real trouble is if I can see a picture of your brother at first . You see, I had this unusual habit and skill of judging a person by his face and surroundings and I was mostly correct ."

"Let me just scroll through my digi-phone's gallery . I don't have much pictures of him as he refuses to let me take any . But here you go , this is the picture of him from that one time when I barged into his room without his permission,although it's technically my apartment, he became somewhat angry and more furious when I clicked his picture with his gaming setup. Not that it explains anything but those window looking thing which makes you into thinking that there's a beautiful scenery outside is just a fake window ."

"I don't know if I should tell you this , the reason not even being that I am bothered but can you care to explain me why does your brother have so many dissimilarities to you . Like, in other words, he is not like you, in terms of appearance or even his hobby . For being brothers , I think this is just too much difference. Well anyways , I think I will be able to handle and fix him . So, I will take upon your favor and act of kindness ."

The moon was shining gracely upon their heads basking their heads with glowing and peaceful beams of light . But wait, didn't the Moon already get destroyed previously as per the history of Cancri? Yes, as some may have already guessed the rays of the new star that this planet has started to orbit after reaching here worked as both the Sun and Moon . During night it's glamorous light would bounce and reflect on the surfaces of the planet due to fully being made of diamonds and create a navy blue like coloured dim sky which helped some to calm down and sleep . This was a pure beauty of a scenery in it's own way . People expressed their feelings,matter of joy , sorrow or confusion with each other while the writers unlocked their full potential under that streamy colourful nights which was no less than the so called Auroras seen in the sky of North Pole.