Chapter 7:

So who's the main character now?

Dalliance after Gender-Crossing, A Supernatural Event.

Looking at the tall,handsome agent in his mid 20's , the girl thought that this guy certainly was the ideal man for any girl which certainly didn't concern her being a male afterall , his silky brown hair gelled backwards whereas his body fitness was nothing to be joked about . It was obvious that he put the work in which was necessary to attain that six packs and strong biceps ,triceps and big , hard calves . Not the perfect way to describe someone but what else will you notice except the fitness of an agent if you were an  ex-army commander? In the mind of the girl , there was only one way to describe Hitomi and it was as the best agent who was perfect in every way who would set the hearts of anyone ablaze .

On the other hand , what she witnessed on the digi-phone of Hitomi was his lazy yet blood-related brother . Tomika was certainly very puzzled on how this joker of a male could be the brother of this fine,well-refined agent. Starting from the appearance of Nagami which described that he had yellow hair,blue eyes and unlike his daily routine , he had quite the body shape for a shut-in instead of a shut-in gamer.

Tomika thought of only one way back then to repay the agent's depth to some extent by teaching his brother Nagami the basics of mannerism so that she could fix his code of conduct towards others . 

Right at the time of her thinking Hitomi spoke up and confronted Tomika to tell the answers to her intriguing questions which were ,

"Firstly, one thing I have to speak for my brother is that he has gone through a supernatural phenomenon like you too a few days ago . He wasn't always like this . To be exact he had huge and deep black eyes like mine and had brownish-black hair . But since that day , my brother has not acted like himself nor he looks like himself . Upon asking he gave me other questions in reply which left us both utterly and bitterly concussed . So by solving your mystery seeing that you are a bright one , I might also fix my brother's affair and get my previous Nagami back."

"Now I see what you were truly after,not that I mind but you could have told me about this ."

"Sorry I didn't tell you clearly . I wasn't sure you would have let me accompany you in unfolding this mystery so I thought...."

"No,no,it's okay. It's actually alright . I was just confirming.  It would be a great help to me too if someone had my back . So , shall we proceed to your place and see what's going on?"

"Hm,we should . Afterall , I am the most confused that my bookworm Nagami who had outstanding results in both curricular and co-curricular activities would suddenly turn into a lifeless lazy sloth who is a shut-in gamer for who knows what reason. Did she get bullied or is there some linkage to paranormal set of events same as yours? Well,whatever . We should discuss this after we reach home safely."

They start walking towards a long infrastructure which looked like a huge garage about 7-stories tall . But, instead of going past it or entering it through the front gate , they went behind the building and upon reaching the alley , agent 47 used a secret code removing the trash bin there and suddenly the somewhat big yet thin pipe opened laterally and let us in which could fit one people at a time . 

By then Tomika was pretty confused but she awed at the amount of astounding feats that were going on around her since waking up. But instead of getting cold feet , she followed the agent right after he jumped into the pipe which seemed like an endless void from above .

Before she jumped , Hitomi was actually pretty concerned wether she would feel hesitant to jump or jump at all . But then he remembered that this would be another opportunity to see if she is really telling the truth and actually went through far severe traumas than this .

Not to Hitomi's surprise , she obviously jumped after he did which removed even the speck of dust acting as his doubt that Tomika really was a conundrum .

After falling down to the underground base , Tomika was even more conceiving the pure bliss of high tech gadgets and equipments . It was as if she was gazing at the complete turn of nature which happened once in a million years for which an example like,observing the Miocene epoch as a spectator from the first row whereas this was related to the fourth epoch of tertiary period which remained until 14million years ago working as a heating period,could be used to explain the feeling of astonished Tomika.

Then, Hitomi was thinking in his mind, 'She is pretty cute when she awestruck in amazement while noticing her entourage . Bleh bleh, what am I thinking . I already have a girlfriend who I am living a nice life with , this moments of incertitude will just inflict upon it harm. Besides , this girl is a male afterall prio to my age perhaps.'

Out of nowhere Tomika approached Hitomi , got up really close and asked him in his ears ,       "I am whispering in your ear because I don't others to see me as an outsider . So, where are we right now?"

Hitomi felt a bit aroused with that precipitous movement of Tomika . After recovering in short order , he fleetly answered her question before the adumbration of incredulity arose in her .      "Umm,it is better off for you not knowing anything about this place or I could get in trouble . the most I can tell you now is that this is the special main base of SADOUE which stands for Secret Agent Deploying Organization Under Emergency . As I work here , I know the ways around but don't you get lost here otherwise I would be in for a really huge...Huge problem . "

"So....are we taking this road as a shortcut to your apartment ?"

"I had a hunch you would be able to decipher our true meaning for this journey through this hideout and you did so too . But before that , don't term this electromagnetized self moving platform as a road . It is far more advanced decorated with neon color changing lights and made with marble as it's layer. Obviously, with no doubt , this whole infrastructure is powered by diamond too. Going back to your question, yes ,we are using my secret office pathway as an alternate route to save much more time and energy."

"Woah! It's all too amazing because back in my days....."