Chapter 4:


Grinning Nightmare: Clown's Haunt

After an hour of driving, they reached the psychiatrist's house. Ann stepped out of the car and rang the doorbell. Machiko Hiraku emerged from the house and greeted them, saying, "Konnichiwa, Watashi no namae wa Machiko Hiraku desu. Dō yatte dekiru eru anata?" (Hello, my name is Machiko Hiraku. How can I help you?)
Upon hearing this, Ann introduced herself, saying, "Hello, my name is Anne Halford, and I am here with my daughter. She has been acting abnormally since her birthday. Can you consult with her, and please, can you talk to her in English? She moved here only a few years ago and doesn't know Japanese very well."
Machiko Hiraku replied, "Sure, where is she? I will consult with her." Ann informed her that Kasumi was inside the car and went on to call her.
The conversation between Kasumi, Ann, and Machiko Hiraku continued:
Ann: "Kasumi-san, come out from the car. The doctor is calling you."
Kasumi: "Okay, Mama, I will go."
Machiko Hiraku: "Come inside, Kasumi."
Kasumi: "Mm, okay."
Machiko Hiraku called her inside and advised her mother to stay in the car. Her mother agreed and registered her name in the book provided. Machiko Hiraku began to consult Kasumi, asking questions about her school life and her parents.
The conversation between Kasumi and Machiko Hiraku proceeded:
Machiko Hiraku: "Hola, Kasumi. Please take your seat."
Kasumi: "Okay, doctor."
Machiko Hiraku: "Good girl. My name is Machiko Hiraku. I will ask you some questions; just answer them honestly, Kasumi-san."
Kasumi: "Okay."
Machiko Hiraku: "Who are your best friends in your class?"
Kasumi: "Rei-san and Tooka-san, but they're both in hell now." (Replied with a creepy smile)
Machiko Hiraku: "Oh, I'm truly sorry, Kasumi, but they will be in heaven, not hell. Don't think like that."
Kasumi: "It's my wish. Anyway, do you know who killed them? It's my father, hehe..." (Replied with a creepy smile)
Machiko Hiraku: "Stop joking, Kasumi-san. Leave it; I will ask another question."
Machiko Hiraku: "Who is your father, Kasumi? I've never seen him."
Kasumi: "What a stupid question. You can't see him; he died when I was 2 years old in jail." (Replied with a creepy smile)
Machiko Hiraku: "What do you mean he died? Your mother told me your father is alive, and his name is Twilight Halford."
Kasumi: "He's not my real father; he's my stepfather. But my mom thinks I don't know that, and his name was Aki Yama." (Replied in a rude way)
Machiko Hiraku: "What? You mean that serial killer who killed 25 kids on Christmas Eve is your dad? But he committed suicide in jail. What a heartless guy…"
Kasumi: "Yeah, you're correct. And do you know the same guy killed 26 people a few days ago?" (Replied in a creepy way)
Machiko Hiraku: "Enough! Stop joking! I'm going to tell this to the police."
Kasumi: "By the way, how will you tell them if you're not alive? Ha, haa, haaa..."

Suddenly, the clown doll that had been kept in the car materialized in front of Kasumi. Instantly, Kasumi's demeanor changed. She reached into her pocket, retrieved a knife, and ruthlessly severed the doll's head. With an eerie smile, she declared, "NOW, HOW WILL YOU TELL THIS TO THE POLICE WHEN YOU'RE NOT ALIVE? HA HA HA..."

After her unsettling proclamation, the doll's body disappeared, leaving behind only a clown-like face. Ann called out to her, and Kasumi silently returned to the car, wearing a sinister smile. Her mother attempted to ask her questions, but she paid no attention and resumed conversing with the clown doll. They began their journey back home, enveloped in an atmosphere of dread and unease...

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