Chapter 5:

Case Repones

Grinning Nightmare: Clown's Haunt

When Machiko Hiraku's servant arrived at the clinic and rang the doorbell, there was no response. Peering through the window, he was horrified to discover the doctor's severed head. He immediately dialed 110, the Japanese police emergency number. When an officer answered the call, the servant described the gruesome scene and the clown-like makeup on the doctor's face. The officer promptly alerted Kogoro Mouri and his team, who rushed to the doctor's house to gather evidence before heading to the Police Headquarters.

Upon noticing the clown makeup on both the victims and the doctor, Kogoro ordered his team to investigate whether any similar cases involving clown makeup had occurred in the past. The officers began searching through old case files. After a thorough search, they finally found a relevant case file. An officer rushed to Kogoro and said, "Sir, we have located a similar case file," prompting Kogoro to instruct him to read the file.

DATE: 05/04/2012
Reporting Officer Name: Naoto Hachioji
INCIDENT: Serial Killing
Details of Event: On December 25, 2012, around 12 PM, 26 children went missing. After searching for 5-7 hours, many severed heads of the children were discovered, partially buried under soil. Strangely, all the murder victims' bodies were missing, and only their heads remained. Most notably, each victim had clown-like makeup on their faces at the time of their deaths. Eventually, DNA evidence led to the arrest of a clown named Aki Yama, whose DNA matched that of the killer. When they searched his home, they found the bodies of all the missing children. Aki Yama was captured and brought to trial.

DAUGHTER: Kasumi Yama
Actions Taken: Aki Yama was sentenced to life imprisonment, but he committed suicide while in jail before completing his sentence.
AFTERMATH: The case was closed, and Ann Yama remarried and relocated to Tokyo.

Kogoro Mouri contemplated the case file and remarked to his team, "This case bears a striking resemblance to the current serial killings—same modus operandi, same clown makeup. I believe it's imperative that we meet with Naoto Hachioji, who handled the old case. Does anyone know his address?" An officer stepped forward and offered, "Sir, I know him. We've worked together on many cases, but he's now retired. I know his address." The decision was made, and they promptly set off in a police car, arriving at Naoto's residence after a two-hour journey.

The officers disembarked from the car, and Kogoro Mouri rang the doorbell. Naoto emerged and greeted them, asking, "Hello! How can I help you?" Kogoro Mouri replied, "Hello, sir. I am Kogoro Mouri , a police officer. I've come here to learn more about the serial killing case from 2012. A similar series of murders is occurring now, and I am in charge of that case. Can you assist us by providing information about Aki and what happened to his family after his suicide?" Naoto agreed and invited them inside, offering them seats. He began to narrate Aki Yama's life story to the officers.

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