Chapter 6:

Aki Yama

Grinning Nightmare: Clown's Haunt

Aki Yama was born in 1995 into the Yama Family, which operated its own circus. At the age of 13, he joined the circus, but life as a clown brought him suffering and torment. Everything seemed to be going smoothly until that fateful Christmas Eve when a group of children accidentally set off fireworks. One of the fireworks strayed into the circus tent, setting it ablaze. In the tragic inferno, Aki lost his parents, their bodies consumed by the flames. Witnessing the horrific sight of his parents burning alive, Aki descended into depression, and his mental health deteriorated rapidly. His thoughts became consumed by thoughts of revenge, and he began a spree of Christmas killings, decapitating the children and burning their bodies, mirroring the fate of his parents. It was the first serial killing spree in a safe country like Japan, causing families across the nation to worry about their children.

The police initiated an investigation, and after extensive searching, they eventually identified the culprit. However, when they attempted to apprehend him, Aki managed to escape. For a time, the killings ceased, leading authorities to believe that he might have stopped. Unfortunately, on another Christmas Eve, the gruesome discovery of decapitated children's heads confirmed their worst fears. This time, Aki left behind his DNA at the crime scene. After testing DNA samples from various clowns, they finally traced it back to Aki, leading to his arrest and subsequent trial.

During the trial, Aki confessed to the murders, revealing that he had committed them as an act of revenge. His mental health had deteriorated significantly, leaving him emotionless and deeply disturbed. The court sentenced him to life imprisonment. Tragically, during his time in prison, Aki took his own life. It was discovered that he had been married and had a two-year-old daughter named Kasumi. His wife's name was Ann Yam, who later changed her name to Ann Halford after his death. She remarried and relocated to Tokyo.

After hearing this chilling story, the officers abruptly left Naoto Hachioji's house and returned to the Police Headquarters. There, they reviewed the register taken from the clinic, and they noticed the name "Ann Halford." It struck them as the same name from Aki's story, confirming their suspicions. They obtained Ann Halford's address from the register and set off towards her home, their suspicions firmly fixed on her...

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