Chapter 2:



"Who do you share a name with?"

"You have never heard the story of the twin dragons?"

"I've lived in Braxford ever since I was four. I spent most of my time training so I haven't heard much from the outside world."

"Well I'll tell you then because your the only one who doesn't seem to know. Xaevrinth and Mialwraith were the names of the two famous dragons, one day a man named Jackson had met Marina. She was shape shifting witch who took the form of a human most of the time. Jackson fell in love with Marina and had two children with her.

The children were the two dragons. They were born as eggs and hatched into dragons after twelve weeks. Jackson was surprised, he didn’t know who she really was, but she wanted to kill him now that he knew her identity. He promised not to tell anyone so she let him live. Years after that they had a third child. The child was named Xenox and was mostly human with the abilities of a dragon. When Xenox was still young he had started to develop fire breath and accidentally burned the side of Jackson’s arm. He was terrified of his own son, he had viewed them as abominations so he left Marina and never returned.

He moved far away to a town called Greenflower and met a new girl. Together they had only one child and she wanted to name him Mialwraith after the dragon, she had heard about the story and thought the idea of dragons was so cool. He was shocked but agreed to it. The very next morning she woke up and he wasn’t there. He didn't want a constant reminder of his old life, so he ran far away once more but no one knows where that is…" 

“Why are the third and forth son not as famous as the first two?”

“That's because the public doesn’t know about us. I found my father years after he left in the city of Dunkirk. He told me the part of the story only he knows and we had lunch together. After that he left and I have not seen him since.”

“So you’re the fourth son. Two of your brothers are these famous dragons and the other is some unheard of hybrid? That’s some crazy shit, I've never heard a story like that before." 

Jack stood up and stretched *coughs* “I’m feeling better already, If you still plan on coming with me you’d better get ready because I'm leaving.” Jack walked toward the door. 

“Wait! The doctor said you should be resting, your lung won’t heal for eight weeks!” 

“I don’t have eight weeks, I came here to train with the Duke. I don't think she plans on waiting two months while I sit in here and stare at the ceiling.” 

“If she wanted you so bad I'm sure she'd be willing to wait another two months for you, what’s so urgent about training right now?” 

“I’m looking for someone, and when I find him I will kill him.”

Jack left the room and started walking downstairs. 

“What if that guy comes back, Jack what are we going to do?"

Mialwraith looks at the wall. "Hey look it’s that guy we fought, he has a 10,000 Vaun bounty on his head. Why didn’t he kill us? He was definitely strong enough.” 

“I don’t know M but if we don’t train we will surely lose to him again."


The boys walk outside of the hospital into the blinding sunlight. Their eyes adjust and see in the distance, Duke Armine’s estate. They walk to the estate a few blocks away and knock on the door. The door is opened by a man around the same age as them.

“Hello do you work for Armine?” asked Jack. The man replied "I am her assistant, my name is Radhyea. Come inside I will bring you to her office.” 

They follow him to the office but when they open the door a foul odor can be smelt. The whole back wall of the room was covered in blood with only the lower half of a body on the small throne. The three of them stood there in shock for a second but then Radhyea slowly started walking toward the throne. 

There was a note nailed to her foot. Radhyea ripped the note off and read it aloud. 

“You have been invited to the gathering of the Zealots. Meet us one month from today at the Minister’s Grove Bar located in Whitecross.” Radhyea's eyes regained colour and he turned around and said “We have one month to prepare, we will start your training tomorrow. We will be avenging Duke Armine as her ghosts."