Chapter 3:



Radhyea lets them stay at the estate for the night. In the morning they meet outside the building. Jack walks outside where Radhyea is waiting. He leans against the wall beside him.

“Fireborne, why did she call me that.”

“You have no recollection of before that fire. Duke Armine heard about it and about your hard training to get revenge. She wanted to help you, but you seem to like the title, the doctor told me you said your name was Jack Fireborne.”

“How did you know that?” 

“He contacted me because I was the one to save you from Loux. I knocked him out and left him there. Armine told me to go to Braxford to keep you safe on the way here.”

“Why did Vicar Loux call me the Fireborne?”

“Loux was a friend of Armine and knew about you from her.”

 Mialwraith walked outside “Are we ready?” he asked.

They walked a few miles to a field where they would train for two weeks. After the two weeks Radhyea had to tell them something important.

“For the last seventeen days of the month we will be training somewhere else. Helena Rose is a witch, she will teach us the proper magic and skills we need to defeat the Zealots. We don't know how strong they will be so we need to make sure we're ready when the end of the month comes. Anyway Helena is the leader of a crew called the Scarlet Rose, their base is located in the mountains on the westside of Algaria. It will take us two and a half days to walk there, we get started now.”

After the walk they make it to the outpost. 

“Who are you?” asked one of the guards. 

“I am Radhyea, the new Duke of Athens. I know Helena please let us in.”

Helena walked up to them, she is a tall woman with long red hair and wears dark red clothing. 

“Why are we here boys, do you need to learn some magic perhaps?”

“We need you to inscribe us with the ring.”

"Follow me." 

She got the specialized tattooing tool filled with a mixture of ink and Algarian Cobra's Venom. She gave all three of them the ouroboros tattoos on their right palms.

“This first ring is known as the Ouroboros Ring or the Beginner’s Ring. There are nine more small rings that will appear above the last when you get stronger. Each of these rings have names, the Apprentice’s Ring, the Soldier’s Ring, the Traveler’s Ring, the Sorcerer’s Ring, the Commander’s Ring, the Master’s Ring, the Demi-god’s Ring, The Devil’s Ring, and Death’s Ring. Don't bother trying to remember all of the names just know that the more rings your opponent has the stronger they are."

Helena taught them basic magic spells in all catagories. After the eleven days of training Mialwraith was able to unlock the Soldier’s Ring (III) and Radhyea was able to unlock the Apprentice’s Ring (II). For the last three days of the month they had to walk to Whitecross to meet the Zealots. Once they arrived Radhyea said... 

“It’s time to get the revenge we deserve after training and working hard for the month, I believe in our strength. We can defeat them!"

He turned around to look at the other two and smiled.