Chapter 4:



The Ghosts of Armine were now outside the Minister’s Grove. Mialwraith grabbed the door handle and suddenly his hand was disconnected from his arm. Mialwraith screamed in pain as the door slowly opened. One man sat at the table as other Zealots loomed around the dimly lit table. He took his helmet off revealing a man with short black hair.

“My name is Yeoman Abel, the current leader of the Zealots. Why don’t you come in here and take a seat.”

They complied and sat down. Yeoman Abel used advanced healing magic to stop Mialwraith’s bleeding.

“Radhyea we killed Duke Armine to spark anger and revenge. We need that, only people with an extreme amount of anger and rage are capable of becoming candidates for the Infernal. And you, the Fireborne. You are connected to that man so we'll have to let you go free of charge, only by his request of course."

Vicar Loux picked up Radhyea and another Zealot picked up Jack. 

"Let me go!"

"I can't do that."

A third stabbed Mialwraith through the chest. He fell over. Jack stopped resisting and his eyes watered. They left the bar, Jack's mind cleared and he started yelling, trying to break free. And the world around him started to rip apart. 

Shortly after Jack wakes up in a world full of nothing. He looks around, the walls, the sky, and the ground are all an eternal white abyss. Finally he turns around to see a change of colour. A man wearing iridescent black armour like obsidian with a large sword sat there behind him. He had white hair and a thin tattoo that wrapped around his head like a blindfold 


Jack sat down and said “where are we?” 

“This is the Ethereal Plane. I am Exodus, Father of the world.” 

“Why am I here?” 

“I would like to give you a gift, only if you promise to use it to get to me.” 

“How do I get to you?” 

“Say you will” 

Jack hesitated for a second. 

“I will” 

"I know" Exodus smiled creepily and laughed.

The Ethereal Plane crumbled around him, he was free. His captor no longer had arms. He was dead. Jack’s body was charred and flakes of ash flew off of it as hot coals boiled beneath his skin. His Ouroboros Ring turned into light. His face melted and had been replaced with a gaping mouth, he had lost control of his body. The monster’s black nails had extended and stabbed through Vicar Loux. He lifted him and slammed him into the ground making his body explode into pieces. 

A storm started to brew around the town...