Chapter 19:

Tornado cannon cutter

AGONY! The Omnipotent Deity's Dastardly Quest

Ramona watched as the match concluded.

“It seems my knight has won. Well farewell,” Matteo sneered as he got up and left.

Alana also got up and left, signaling that her guard had lost.

“The next match shall be between Zeno and Sumi,” Ricardo grumbled.

Zeno took to the ring as a young woman clad in a cardigan, skirt, and sneakers stared him down. She had smooth skin, large breasts, and purple hair styled in twin tails. She whipped out her phone and filmed a video.

“Wassup! Sumi here, ready to wreck this lame sap from the Ramona faction,” she smirked.

“Why do I always get stuck fighting crazy girls,” Zeno grumbled.

As the match began, Zeno surrounded himself in a tornado and fired some ricochet shots at Sumi.

“Hey, don’t try and give me unwanted piercings,” she growled as she threw a reddish-purple liquid at the bullets.

The bullets dissolved instantly upon making contact with it.

“Shit, is that acid!?” Zeno shouted.

“Nah, it’s poison. I’m the most toxic girl on Ewetube, the venom spewin bad bitch Sumi!” Sumi gloated.

Zeno then unleashed tornado soccer, sending the ball of wind right into Sumi’s face.

“Can’t poison wind,” Zeno smiled.

“Oh yes I can, poison can be a gas too,” Sumi snarled as she exhaled a purple cloud of poison.

Zeno responded by sending a blast of wind towards her, blowing the poison gas right back at her.

“Ugh! You piece of shit! Stop this damn wind! I can’t see!”

“Guess you weren’t so tough after all, now time to test out my finisher!”

Zeno directed his wind to form a razor wind tornado that sucked Sumi into it.

“This is the end, TORNADO EJECTOR!”

Sumi screamed as she was spun around and sliced inside the tornado before being hurled high into the air.

She fell to the ground with a thud.

“You bitch! I’ll kill you for this!” Sumi roared.

Her clothes had been shredded revealing more of her skin, while her tendons had been cut rendering her immobile. Though what angered Sumi the most was that her prized twintails had been sliced off leaving her with a pixie cut.

Before Ricardo could call the match, Sumi suddenly warped away.

“Hmm? It seem she's been warped away. *Sigh* These are not tag team battles. Miss Penelope, I’m afraid this means-“

“Look again Ricardo, that was never Sumi in the first place,” Penelope shouted.

A skinny man wearing a mirror suit suddenly appeared where Sumi had been.

“*Sigh* fine. I shall overlook this. We’ll consider it part of the test,” Ricardo groaned.

“Yeah, no way I was fighting you. Even if mimicry is your power, there’s no way those mirrors would be intact,” Zeno grumbled.

“Nah, it ain’t so simple man. See, I copy all that I see. I can even copy someone stronger than me, like this,” the mirror man said as he turned into a hooded figure.

“Huh? That’s odd? I got nothing. Not even a face, just the generic black mist when I can’t copy someone. Oh well, back to the basics, name’s Kagami. I copy people,” the mirror man stated as he reverted to base form.

“Say, can you do Jackal?” Zeno asked.

“YOU IDIOT! WHAT ARE YOU SAYING!?” Ramona seethed.

“The sand mummy right? Yeah, this alright?” Kagami said as he turned into Jackal.

“Perfect,” Zeno smirked as the entire arena was destroyed by a giant tornado.

“Whoa whoa whoa! What the hell man!? What’s all this!?” Kagami screamed as he reverted to base form.

“Wow, guess those mirrors are pretty tough.”

“Of course, they’re protected by plexiglass, besides, I can even create illusions with this reflection suit.”

“Oh, then destroying everything was a good idea, so long mirror man! TORNADO CANNON CUTTER!”

Kagami screamed as the violent wind smashed his mirrors, sliced him, and ejected him into the sky, he then fell into the abyss in the center of the arena unconscious. Ricardo hopped down, and confirmed Kagami was actually knocked out before declaring Zeno the winner.

Penelope angrily slammed her fist down as she stormed off.

“Just for future reference, warping a wounded fighter out before they can be declared the loser WILL result in an automatic loss for them and any fighter that warps in,” Ricardo announced.

Zeno waltzed up to Ramona and smiled, only to be kneed in the gut.

“The hell was that stunt for?” she growled.

“I just needed some rage in order to create that massive finisher,” Zeno groaned.

“Well next time, don’t be so reckless, if he had turned into Ouga you could have been in trouble.”

“Nah, I’d beat him easy, even if he did that. Oh yeah, I wonder how much I leveled up.”

“That mirror man was only level 35. You’re now at level 22,” I said telepathically.

“*Tch*, well better than nothing.”


Sumi glared as she finished chugging a healing potion.

“Dammit! I let the boss down and Kagami sacrificed himself for me,” Sumi lamented as she sat up and hopped off the bed.

“Oh good, you can move around again. Don’t overdo it though, your tendons probably haven’t healed yet,” said an old man dressed like a farm windmill.

“I got it Mulino,” Sumi grumbled as she went into the closet and put on a fresh set of her outfit.

“Sorry bout yer hair though. That couldn’t grow back,” Sumi sighed.

“I’ll shave that damn bastard bald for this,” Sumi glared as she stared at herself in the mirror.

“I might be able to make a hair growth potion, just give me a few minutes,” Mulino sighed.


Sumi decided to walk around outside while she waited for the potion. She hid as she spotted Zeno and Ramona walking.

“Perfect, I poison Ramona and kill Zeno. I should live stream this though,” Sumi thought as she turned herself into liquid poison.

She then crept up behind the two and blasted a poison spike through Ramona’s heart.

Ramona coughed up blood as Zeno turned around in horror.