Chapter 5:



The storm had covered the entire sky now. The only thing you could see was the red lightning in the clouds. The monster used its tentacles to grab people off of the streets and eat them. The monster let out a roar that could be heard from all over the world. The greatest warriors had been stricken with fear from the cry from hell’s demon, but there was a certain group of people who laughed when they heard the sound.

The Zealots had already ran away from the town. The monster walked out into the ocean, as if it was following something. As it walked into deeper water its body began to steam and disintegrate. The town was consumed by the storm for three days, survivors hid in their houses, too afraid to come out.

On the third day as the storm started to clear Radhyea had taken a small rowboat out to sea to find Jack. He found him face up in the sea, still alive. He put him on the boat and took him back to shore. Radhyea had walked with Jack on his back for a day to Despues. He wrote a letter to Helena and told her to meet them there. He sent the letter to her mailbox through magic. For the next two days they waited. 

Two days later Helena arrived with her clan. Radhyea left Jack in their room at the inn while he met with Helena in a restaurant. Jack woke up alone, he left the room and walked around town. 

He saw someone wearing a forest green poncho with an hourglass on the back. Jack recognised this as this was what some of the other Zealots had worn in Whitecross. He followed him to an alleyway and pinned him against the wall.

“Where are they, where is Yeoman Abel?” 

“I-I don’t know, please don’t hurt me.” 

“Look me in the eye you fucking bastard!” 

“They’re in the Uncrowned Fortress in Northumbria.” 

Jack punched him in the gut and let him free. He saw a picture of himself on the wall, a bounty for “Jack "The Black Demon" Fireborne” for 100,000 Vaun. Jack returned to the inn and wrote a letter to Radhyea then left. 

Later Radhyea returned to the inn with Helena. 

“Jack, are you awake yet?” 

He looked around the room and didn’t see him. 


He looked at the table and saw the letter. He read the letter for Helena to hear.

“Abel is in a place called the Uncrowned Fortress in Northumbria. Mialwraith might still be alive, I’m already there as you read this, please come when you are ready.” 

Radhyea squeezed the letter and ran out the door toward Northumbria. Down the road he tripped and layed there for a moment, Helena walked up to him and helped him up. 

“We will go there and stop the Zealots, trust me and my clan Radhyea.” 

They started walking together toward where the Fortress resides. Jack was now close enough to the fortress to see it. One man came outside of the fortress and started walking toward Jack, It was Yeoman Abel…