Chapter 61:

Castle Caper Part 4: Big Ben

Escape Witch

Yuni and Serika made their way to Big Ben.

“Knowing that bitch, Nakajima’s probably imprisoned at the top,” Yuni theorized.

“Most likely. Now let’s move,” Serika grumbled.

The two ran in and busted down the door.

“We have a key,” Yuni groaned.

“I doubt it’s for this door, and why are you still carrying all that stuff from the castle?” Serika asked.

“It might come in handy. You never know what we might be able to do with them.


Emeri’s eyes went wide in shock as she noticed her surroundings.

“That bitch! Her plan was more diabolical than I thought. Now I understand the true meaning of all the clues. Dammit! Serika-chan, Yuni-chan, please be safe,” Emeri thought as tears began to pour out of her eyes.


“I imagine Emeri Ginkawa has seen the solution. Well, you DID decide to cheat and look up the answer to the murder mystery, like I expected. This time, you experience the despair of knowing the answer, but watching your friends fail and die,” Melinda thought as the wind blew her hair and she closed her eyes.


The truck drove up to the dock of a large warehouse.

“Looks like they stopped, though I can’t reach the back, now that it’s pressed to the dock,” Madoka thought as she watched from afar.

Vincenzo got out of the driver’s seat and grimaced in pain.

“[Iayaiyai! I’m still aching from that fight in Sicily],” he groaned.

“Looks like you’ll be aching some more then,” a woman’s voice rang out.

Vincenzo looked up to see Hanabi and Izumi standing on the roof of the truck.

“Looks like I don’t need to worry about Vincenzo now,” Madoka thought as she ran towards the other side of the warehouse.

To her surprise, she ran into her mother, Harumi.



“I’m glad to see you, but why are you here?”

“Emeri got captured.”

“Shit, so the intel was true. We’ll save the touchy reunion for later. We’ll go in and take out those shits,” Harumi stated as she tossed a gun to Madoka.

The two stormed into the warehouse to find Emeri hogtied and gagged on the floor in between the twins.

“Do not move- “

“-Or we shoot the trash,” the twins threatened as they pointed their guns at Emeri.

“You think we can’t take you two out faster?” Harumi growled as she and Madoka pointed their guns at the twins.

The twins each held up their second gun and pointed them at Harumi and Madoka. Harumi began to tremble.

“What’s wrong momma?” Madoka asked.

“We’re at a disadvantage. Those two can effortlessly shoot down our bullets from that distance.

“It seems, you’ve failed to come prepared,” a man’s voice boomed out.

Harumi and Madoka suddenly felt a sharp pain in their shoulders. They then fell like ragdolls to the floor as a large rotund man dressed in a brown robe gazed down at them.

“I am one of the 13 heads of Illumous, Friar Vaan. I’m surprised you got past my younger half-brother, Vincenzo,” the man stated.

“Wait, you’re that cringe daimyo’s brother!?” Madoka asked.

“Yes… Unlike him though, I intend to execute you on the spot, or rather, have Illumous’ newest members, Oribia and Orise Hakkin, do the honors,” Vaan stated.

“Hakkin!? That’s the richest family in the world! And you’re saying the head adopted them!?” Harumi roared.

“Yes, the head is our current chairman. In fact, a few executives aside from myself are here. Antonio and Akuma have also arrived, though I know not where Akuma is.”

Two men appeared and hogtied and gagged Harumi and Madoka before placing them next to Emeri.

“I apologize for cutting our conversation short, but I want to get this over with. It’s time to end the Ginkawa line!” Vaan proclaimed.

“The great tainted trash-“

“-Still remains at large though,” the twins stated.

“Never mind her. Antonio himself will reduce the mansion to rubble along with all its inhabitants.”


Yuni and Serika finally reached the top of Big Ben. They went towards a window and looked down to see Nakajima bound and gagged to the minute hand.

“I bet the ropes holding her will break when the hands overlap at midnight,” Serika stated.

Yuni then noticed a scaffold used to access the clock face. She then tossed the cloak and key box to Serika as she took the dagger and hopped on the scaffold and lowered herself towards Nakajima. It was a little windy, but Yuni managed to free Nakajima and get back up safely with her.

She laid Nakajima and the knife down on the ground before walking over to Serika and taking the box and cloak from her.

“Looks like she’s fine, though I’m a little cold,” Yuni shivered as she wrapped herself in the cloak.

“Oh yeah, I guess you lost your cardigan. Should've grabbed one from your backpack,” Serika grumbled.

“We left them at the train station remember? Those bitches wouldn’t allow us to accompany them until we ditched them.”

“Oh right, ugh, maybe this altitude is throwing off my thinking.”

“Well, it has been an eventful 24 hours, the catacombs, the castle, now this.”

“Oh yeah, where’s the knife?”

“Hmm it’s right-Ugh!?”

Yuni turned to see Nakajima stabbing the knife into her back. She immediately fell over as Serika stood in shock.

“You failed,” Nakajima stated as she ripped off her mask, revealing herself to be Melinda.

“BULLSHIT! WHY IS IT YOU!?” Serika screamed.

“Did the hints NOT tell you? The key to saving Nakajima was where the key was found. It was found in a metal box, yes? I imagine Madoka Ginkawa witnessed Emeri Ginkawa being thrown into a large metal truck. Yet, her lack of cognitive thinking most likely led to her failing to realize Nakajima was also tied up in there. Oh, poor Emeri. She saw the solution firsthand yet couldn’t tell you. Now the Ginkawa line will be wiped out, while you will be taken into custody by your grandfather.”


“Akuma Ookuma will be arriving here shortly. As for this idiot, I think I’ll toss her down.”

Serika charged at Melinda at top speed and tackled her. However, Melinda pulled out a small dart and stabbed Serika with it and threw her off her.

“Fear not, that serum will merely immobilize you in 5 minutes,” Melinda sneered as she stumbled over towards Yuni.

” Hmm? Did you move a bit? Well, I guess you’re still grasping for life,” Melinda sneered as she grabbed the cloak.