Chapter 6:

King Lucius


“We need to talk Mr. Fireborne.” 

Abel pulled out a large Greatsword. 

“This is the sword of Vicar Loux, I cannot forgive you for killing him but we will be even if you help me out.”

They kept walking. 

“Why should I help you?” 

“There is a man who wants to meet with you in Gehenna. Gehenna is surrounded in Abyss, this Abyss will be impossible to get through without this man. I need this man too.” 

They entered the fortress. 

“So who is this man?” 

Abel pointed to a coffin. 

“He is resting here.” 

A Zealot slid the top of the coffin off to reveal a skeleton of a warrior, covered by his armour.

“You must have heard of him Jack, He is Lucius Artorius Castus of the Abyss!"

Jack had remembered Aderland mentioning him. “Lucius, the legendary king of a past kingdom. After his kingdom fell he turned mad. He found the Origin of the Abyss in the mountains of Xudroule and was consumed by it. He went to Gehenna and spreaded the Abyss to the outside world creating a ocean of nothing. The Abyss was stopped by Elahan who created a wall around the Abyss.”

“What am I supposed to do he’s been dead for 1040 years.”

“your monster, it’s the same one in the story of the cruel god. Your magic has the potential to bring him back to life. We can teach you how to do the transmutation. All you have to do is resurrect him, it's a win for both of us."

Jack picked up the book and learned how to resurrect the King. Lucius' skin started to come back, Jack had to put all his power into resurrecting him. 

Jack fell over, he was sweating and breathing heavily. An arm latched on to the side of the coffin and Lucius rose from it. Yeoman Abel gave Lucius the sword of Vicar Loux. Lucius then decapitated Abel. His head landed right next to Jack. A ring started to form on jack’s wrist. He unlocked the Apprentice’s Ring (II). 

Lucius walked to the armoury to find a better sword. He had dropped Loux’s sword. Jack stood up and picked up the sword, he saw the other Zealot's corpse with his neck slashed. Jack heard yelling approaching the fortress.

“Yeoman Abel, show yourself!” 

Radhyea had arrived.