Chapter 62:

Castle Caper Part 5: Reichenbach

Escape Witch

Harumi began letting out muffled laughter as the Illumous members present gazed down at her.

“Do you simply laugh in the face of death?” Vaan asked.


Madoka and Emeri gazed up in shock as they heard the gunshot. The two men Vaan brought with him also stared in disbelief along with Vaan himself.

“AH… AH… ORISE!” Oribia screamed as her twin sister fell to the ground dead.

Oribia immediately dropped her guns and clutched her head in pain as she screamed herself unconscious.

“What is the- Huh!?” Vaan shouted in shock as Tetsuka appeared holding a rifle.

“Hardest thing I had to do in my life. Sorry Ka-san. I know they were shit, but they were still our family,” Tetsuka sighed as she threw the rifle at Vaan’s face.

Vaan’s men began freaking out before they were shot and killed by a hidden sniper.

Vaan angrily glared at Tetsuka as she relentlessly pummeled him. She sent him flying outside and leapt out after him.

Harumi smirked as the sniper appeared and freed her, Emeri, and Madoka.

“Not bad Zeno. I can see why Ramona places the amount of faith in you that she does,” Harumi smiled.

“Heh, well saving’s part of the job,” Zeno, the sniper, smiled.

“No, I can see why she treats you the way she does. Sure you took out our captors, but you don’t have an antidote for the immobilization serum,” Harumi growled.

“Geh! Just ask Jouzu for that. He’ll cure you in a second. _! *Tch* well guess this is his way of saying do it yourself,” Zeno grumbled as he pulled the antidote out of his pocket.

Once the girls could move again, Madoka and Emeri immediately began running off.

“Emeri! Madoka! Why are you running off!? It’s dangerous!” Harumi shouted.

“Yuni and Serika will die if we don’t reach them in time! Oh yeah, Nakajima’s tied up in the truck, please save her!” Emeri yelled as she pulled out her phone.

Harumi ran after them as Zeno went towards the truck. He found Nakajima in nothing but her undergarments, bound and gagged.

“Well, guess I’ll save her,” Zeno grumbled.


Melinda grabbed the cloak only to find the dagger stabbed into the hinges of the opened metal box underneath it. Before she could react, Yuni leapt out of the darkness and tackled her, sending the two tumbling into the scaffold.


“See through it? Simple, the fact that you took away our smartest friend, and the one that can see through disguises. You think I didn’t take that insult you hurled at me back in Greece seriously?” Yuni asked as she wrestled with Melinda.

“You’re no Kabuki Dakota! You’re just an incompetent fool!”

“That beat you! Enjoy your Reichenbach BITCH!” Yuni yelled as she mustered all her strength to throw Melinda over the railing of the scaffolding as the clock struck midnight.

Melinda screamed in terror as she clutched the cloak and fell to the city below. As Yuni picked herself up, the rope holding the scaffolding suddenly snapped. As she began to fall, Serika lunged out and grabbed her in the nick of time. She roared as she tapped into her inner strength to hoist Yuni back to safety. The two girls laid on the ground and breathed heavily.

“Not bad seeing through that bitch’s plan. Even I thought you got stabbed,” Serika panted.

“They say to fool your foes, you gotta fool your friends,” Yuni smiled.

“We’re still just partners. You still aren’t capable of saving me on your own.”

“Come on, give a girl some leeway. Though, I’m glad you’re my partner. Thanks for the save."

“Ahkyakyakyak! Seems we got some carcasses to pilfer,” a high-pitched voice rang out.

The girls turned to see a tall skinny elderly man dressed in a kung-fu outfit. He had pale light green hair, a long wavy mustache, and long sharp fingernails. He immediately glared at Serika and charged towards her. Serika attempted to move, but the immobilization serum kicked in. The man grabbed her and leapt out of the clock tower with her. Yuni got up and looked outside to see them flying away on a jetpack.

Yuni immediately whipped out her pone and snapped a picture before dialing Madoka.


Vaan screamed as he was killed and destroyed in a sea of black flames.

“Good riddance you piece of shit,” Tetsuka growled as she hobbled away.


Melinda groaned as she lay embedded in the ground at the bottom of Big Ben. Thanks to the cloak, she had miraculously survived the fall, however, all her bones had been broken. She then noticed a bandaged Nadea peering down at her along with two women covered completely in latex.

“Wow looks like you had quite the Reichenbach fall, Me-Lin-da-chan,” Nadea sneered as she whipped out a pair of hair clippers.

Melinda’s eyes widened as she angrily groaned in protest.

“Oh, sorry, seems like you’re not such a valuable asset anymore. That means I can do what I want. Don’t worry, I heard Illumous has someone that can fix you up, though pretty sure you need to shave all your hair off in order for them to work their magic. Well, welcome to my harem you broken bitch! Ahahahahaha!” Nadea laughed as she began shaving all of Melinda’s hair off.


Madoka stopped as her phone began to ring.

“Is it them? I haven’t been able to get ahold of Serika,” Emeri said.

“It’s Yuni,” Madoka said as she answered.

“Madoka! Is that you!?”

“Yep, we’re safe and sound.”

“Serika got kidnapped!”


Yuni then explained everything that transpired. Once she finished, Harumi caught up to Madoka and Emeri.

“Auntie! Do you know of an Illumous member with pale green hair and long fingernails?” Emeri asked.

“What are you talking about!? Do you have any idea how worried I’ve been!?”

“Serika got kidnapped by him,” Madoka stated.

Harumi sighed before calming herself down.

“I think that was the head of the Ookuma faction, Akuma Ookuma. He likely intends to torture Serika for killing Ruchi. We can send someone after him,” Harumi said.

“I want to save her though,” Madoka declared.

“I, as well. She is my girlfriend after all,” Emeri said as she whipped out her phone.

Harumi sighed and embraced the two in a hug.

“Please come home safely,” she said.

“We will momma,” Madoka promised.