Chapter 64:

The Serika Rescue mission Part 2: Fagradalsfjal

Escape Witch

The girls shivered as they stepped outside.

“It’s still cold here? I thought Spring would’ve warmed the place up,” Yuni shivered.

“I was able to find that a private plane landed at the tarmac of this airport. Apparently, a rugged all-wheel drive arrived to pick up the passengers,” Emeri stated.

“That creep and a rugged all-wheel drive just don’t seem right together.”

“It would certainly be less conspicuous though for transporting a hostage.”

“But not the demon twig himself. People would notice a creep like him if he drove around in something like that.”

“Maybe he didn’t have a choice?” Madoka suggested.

“I’m sure a high ranking Illumous member like him could easily get a limousine here.

“But you couldn’t really go to a volcano in a limousine,” Madoka countered as she pointed to a sign labeled, Fagradalsfjal.

“Well, I guess you’d need an all-wheel drive to get close to a volcano,” Yuni sighed.

“We might as well investigate it,” Emeri said.


Serika gazed out the window as a volcano came into view.

“You can’t be serious? Is this shithead going to throw me into a volcano!?” Serika thought.

The vehicle they were in suddenly sped towards the volcano. When it got closer, a secret passage opened up. The car then stopped, and Akuma and his men dragged Serika out. She was taken to an arena located near the magma duct and chained upright to an x cross.

“Time for your trial, Mao,” Akuma sneered as he ran his sharp fingernail down Serika’s cheek.

Serika let out muffled protests as Akuma’s men jeered in the background.

“Did you kill Ruchi Ookuma?” Akuma asked.

“MMPH MMPH!” Serika glared.

“Your eyes say yes. Now, was it simply out of desire for power or did you do it to betray Illumous?” Akuma asked as he pulled back Serika’s gag.

“[Fuck Illumous]!” Serika spat.

Akuma put her gag back in place as he wiped her spit off him.

“Well, you heard her. Though sadly I do need to continue my lineage. So, I guess I’ll slowly torture her to death and have her produce an heir. Guess that’s nearly a year you’ll be stuck here.”

“MMPH MMPH MMPH! (You sick fuck!)” Serika roared.

“I will return in a few hours. For now, I’ll leave you with this,” Akuma sneered as he gave Serika a nasty gash on her cheek.


“Fagradalsfjal huh? Yeah they got some nice volcanoes there,” Tetsuka smiled.

“Thanks for the help Tetsuka-chan,” Emeri said.

“No problem, Meri. Heck, maybe I’ll tag along with the backup.”

Emeri then ended the call as Yuni finished buying the tickets.

“Yay! We’re gonna get to save Serika and see a volcano,” Madoka cheered.


The girls stared at the volcanoes as the tour guide explained their history.

Emeri gazed around and eventually spotted some tire tracks heading for a volcano.

“I think that’s it, we’ll break off from the tour group and head for the volcano,” Emeri whispered.

The three girls trekked towards the volcano and stopped once they reached a wall.

“There’s gotta be a hidden entrance. Hey Madoka, do you think you could open it simply by kicking it?” Yuni asked.

“Madoka kick!”

Nothing happened.

As Madoka shrugged and walked away, the door suddenly begun to open. The girls hid as a vehicle drove out. Yuni was able to spot Akuma in the passenger seat.

The three instantly ran inside before the doors closed.

“We’re in enemy territory now. Be alert,” Emeri warned.

As the girls ventured forth, they noticed a giant sleeping baboon with two swords on his belt.

Madoka stealthily lead the girls past him and through a door.

“The hell was that?” Yuni whispered.

“Probably an Illumous experiment,” Emeri suggested.

“It would be a problem if he wakes up though. I think he’s strong,” Madoka stated.

The girls continued to descend until they reached another room. This time, it was guarded by what appeared to be a tiki in a winter coat.

“Well that’s an odd one, though it looks like he’s awake. Any ideas?” Yuni whispered.

“He’s strong, but not as strong as the monkey. Not sure if I could take him though. That spear would probably get me first,” Madoka grumbled.

“I’ve got an idea. Madoka, Yuni, close your eyes. Open them when I grab your wrist,” Emeri ordered.

Emeri whipped out her phone and attempted to hack into the base.

“Lights shouldn’t be too difficult for just one room. There!”

The lights suddenly went out, catching the tiki by surprise. Madoka and Yuni opened their eyes and guided Emeri as they stealthily maneuvered through the room. The tiki walked forward looking for the light switch, allowing the girls to get through the door he was guarding.

The girls continued until they noticed two doors, each with windows. They peered through the windows of each one.

One lead to a room with a sleeping polar bear, while the other lead to a large arena.

“I think I see someone chained up in the arena. It might be Serika,” Yuni said.

The girls went through the door to the arena and ran towards the restrained figure.

Serika’s eyes widened as she saw Yuni, Emeri, and Madoka running towards her. Madoka quickly freed Serika.

“Now can you say we’re friends?” Yuni smugly asked.

“I bet those two did most of the work, but you did come to save me. *Sigh* Thanks for saving me, Yuni,” Serika grumbled.

“Save the thanks for when we actually escape. Now we have to go back the way we came,” Emeri stated.

As the girls turned around, they came face to face with Akuma and a one-eyed man with a coffin on his back.

“*Tch* Seems you were right. Well get lost. I can handle this problem myself,” Akuma growled.

“Huh? You sure? Or do you just not wanna work with me?” the one-eyed man snickered.


“Talk about greedy. You didn’t even pay me for the express trip,” the one-eyed man smirked as he vanished in a flash of lightning.

“Lightning in a volcano!? I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that Illumous has flashy members that do stuff like that just to make an exit,” Emeri groaned as she stared at the angry Akuma.

“Let m handle this shit head. I need to pay him back for slashing my cute cheek,” Serika growled as she cracked her knuckles.