Chapter 65:

The Serika Rescue mission Part 3: The Blue Lagoon

Escape Witch

Serika charged as Akuma leapt into the air and landed behind the girls.

“Great, he knows kung-fu,” Yuni groaned.

The girls assumed battle positions as Akuma began cackling.

“My nails can slice through solid stone. But let me give you a firsthand demonstration of how easily they slice through flesh!”

Suddenly the ground began to shake causing everyone to struggle to maintain their footing.

“Don’t tell me it’s gonna erupt!” Yuni shouted.

As Akuma regained his footing, his face made contact with the bottom of Madoka’s sneaker sending him tumbling towards the ground. Serika followed up by kicking the tumbling Akuma towards the edge. Akuma’s nails managed to nick Serika’s ankle, causing blood to trickle out. Akuma dug his nails into the ground, stopping himself from going over the edge into the lava. Serika charged for him, as he slowly raised his nails from the ground.

“Too slow!” he shouted.

Yuni then picked up a rock and threw it at Akuma as Serika slid to a halt. Akuma effortlessly deflected the rock, as Serika went on guard. Madoka then grabbed some rocks and began hurling them at Akuma from the side. Yuni also grabbed some rocks and threw them at Akuma from the other side along with Emeri.

Akuma, seeing an opening, decided to attempt to leap over Serika, however, the volcano began shaking, messing up his jump. Serika then charged at him once more. Yuni immediately dropped her rocks and ran towards Serika. Akuma prepared to slice Serika, however, Serika slid down and landed a kick on his crotch, sending him flying into the air in pain. As he recoiled in pain, Akuma accidentally stabbed himself with his own fingernails. He then hid the edge, face first and bounced into the lava. Serika stood up and watched as Akuma screamed in pain as he melted to death in the magma.

Suddenly, the ground Serika was standing on began to collapse. As Serika began to fall, Yuni grabbed her arm. She groaned and gripped Serika tightly as Madoka ran over to help. She wasn’t needed, as Yuni tapped into her inner strength and hoisted Serika to safety. The girls then ran off the crumbling platform to the safety of the room above.

“NOW are we friends?” Yuni smiled.

“Yeah, guess you’re FINALLY capable of saving my ass,” Serika smiled.

As the volcano began to shake once more, the girls noticed the door to the room the polar bear had been in was destroyed, and the room was empty.

“I guess he made a break for it. Come on, things should be easier this time around,” Madoka smiled.

Just as Madoka said, things were easier. The tiki and baboon had fled meaning the girls didn’t have to worry about them. The only obstacle that remained was the entrance door. Emeri whipped out her phone as the others looked around for a mechanism to open it.

“There!” Emeri shouted as the door began to open.

The girls ran out as rocks began to fall. Serika began to grimace in pain and stumbled. Madoka instantly scooped her up and princess carried her as she ran.

“You’re stealing my girl,” Emeri pouted.

“Hey, I’m saving your girl. That cut she got on her ankle’s finally starting to affect her,” Madoka retorted.

“Ladies, ladies, no need to fight over me,” Serika laughed.

“Well, your mood sure improved. So when do I get upgraded to girlfriend?” Yuni jibbed.

“You teasing me?”

“Yeah, that’s what friends are supposed to do.”

As the girls made their way back to safety, they noticed a search crew.

“Oh, I guess that tour guide noticed we wandered off and called a search team,” Yuni thought.

“No, my instincts are saying they’re bad news. Probably Illumous goons,” Madoka whispered.

As they turned to go back, they came face to face with the baboon, the tiki, the polar bear, and the one-eyed man.

“Did you really think you could get away that easily?” the one-eyed man laughed as the search crew suddenly surrounded the girls.


The girls were bound with rope as the one-eyed man sat with them and the odd trio in the back of a large truck.

“Why the sour looks? I’m taking you to the Blue Lagoon,” the one-eyed man snickered.

“Then cut the ropes,” Emeri growled.

“Nah, see you are prisoners. Though I thought it’d be nice for you all to at least get a nice soak in the lagoon, before you die. I mean, you did kill that greedy geezer, so I guess you deserve a prize.”

“Why are you so happy about that?”

“Well, pretty sure you Ginkawas at least know about the key factions in Illumous, Leviathan/Inveja, Averice, Superbia, Luzurius, and the Marauders of gluttony. I’m with Invidia-sama’s Leviathan faction, while that geezer was with the Averice faction.”

“Hold up, Marauders? Invidia? I’ve never heard of those before!”

“Oh right, well guess we’ll have to kill you for knowing too much. Luckily, you'll be killed in the Blue Lagoon.”

"What's that?" Madoka asked.

"A geothermal bath. Gotta heal up pretty Mao so no one can tell she was slashed."

"My name is Serika!" Serika growled.

"Well, I guess you ARE the only remaining trace of the Ookuma line, and you rebelled against Illumous, so I guess you'll being dying as Serika Midoriya."

"Who are you!?" Yuni asked.

"Sorry, not telling. There is a SLIGHT chance you could escape, though I doubt you will."


Once they reached the Blue Lagoon. The one-eyed man gagged the girls before throwing them fully clothed into the water.

“You can live until I finish changing and take a soak,” he snickered as he walked away.

The trio were tasked with watching the girls. Suddenly, they all ran off.

Madoka glared and instantly freed herself once the coast was clear. She freed the others and the four raced out of the water.

“Good thing our phones are waterproof. Things might get a little chilly, but bear with it,” Madoka stated.

“Hey, my ankle feels better,” Serika mused.

“ Your face looks better too. It’s probably because the Blue lagoon is said to have healing properties,” Emeri theorized.

The girls decided to escape without heading towards the changing rooms.

“Good thing that bastard left us fully clothed,” Yuni stated.

Since the blue lagoon was located close to the airport, the girls hailed a cab and sped to the airport.


The one-eyed man laughed as he returned in his swim trunks still carrying the coffin on his back.

"Seems it got a little foggy. Wonder if they drowned. Well, guess drowning's probably a less painful way for them to go," he laughed.

The girls shrieked as they noticed a large burst of electricity emit from where they had been as they rode in the cab.

"I guess that guy was just like Kasumi," Yuni shivered.

At the airport, the girls reclaimed their backpacks and decided to hop on the next outgoing flight.

“That one-eyed guy was dangerous. The sooner we get out of here, the better,” Yuni stated.

The girls purchased their tickets and breezed past security. Since they still had time before boarding, they anxiously checked out the gift shop.

“Mado-chan, don’t buy anything we can’t easily fit with us,” Emeri stated.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure this puzzle and these models will fit,” Madoka argued.

Yuni and Serika ended up buying some small trinkets.

“Come to think of it, we never really got souvenirs from Paris and London,” Yuni stated.

“I snuck off and bought some trinkets in Paris before we went to the catacombs,” Madoka stated.

“Nothing from London though. Well, I guess maybe the box, key, and dagger I gave Tetsuka count,” Yuni chuckled.

The girls then boarded their flight and relaxed once it was airborne.

“You know, we never really had a good moment to rest ever since the cruise,” Yuni lamented.

“Yeah, it’s been rapid fire ever since then,” Madoka stated.

“Oh yeah, what are we gonna do about getting to the mansion?” Serika asked.

“I guess we’ll have to meet up elsewhere. Though when I talked to auntie, she mentioned how that key we found back at the castle might be something big. Even that dagger might be something too,” Emeri stated.

“Well, guess we’ll just enjoy our next destination like a vacation,” Madoka smiled.