Chapter 7:

The Unforgiven


“Who are you?” Radhyea asked. 

Jack realized that Lucius had already gone outside. He ran out to the front gate. On one side Radhyea, Helena and her army. On the other side Lucius. Lucius found a slimmer blade he could use to fight quickly. Lucius dashed over and cut down all the clansmen. He started fighting Helena and cut horizontally between her eyes and her nose. She fell over and he attacked Radhyea. 

Jack came to help but was held back by Zealots, he watched as Lucius beat up his friend. He prayed to Exodus. “Please, I need to fight. Where are you?” Lucius finished beating him up and he walked up to Jack. He didn’t say a thing but Jack knew he didn’t kill him only because he had revived him. They were brought to the prison in the fortress. 

The next morning Lucius took Radhyea and left. 

“Wait! where are you going?” 

Lucius didn’t say a thing but a name flashed inside Jack’s head “Constantinople” The Zealots left with Lucius. Jack kneeled on the ground still chained to the wall. The door opened he didn’t even look. 

“It’s not over Jack, we will get Radhyea back and kill Lucius.” 

Jack looked up and saw Helena. She unchained him. 

“How did King Lucius even come back?” 

“I did it.” 

“What was that?” 

“Abel told me to resurrect him, he said it would benefit both of us and I believed him. But when Lucius woke up he killed Abel, I had just believed him without taking into account who we were talking about. Radhyea got taken and it's all my fault.” 

Jack stood up and they left the fortress.

“What about that monster? The one that created the storm? Radhyea told me it was you."

“He’s gone I can’t get him to come back, and he won't respond to me.” 

“Who won't respond to you?”

"Its nothing."

"But what if I said I could help you?" 

His eyes had widened. He turned his head to look at her. 

“Can you?”