Chapter 8:



Jack and Helena went back to the Scarlet Rose outpost. 

“If I'm right we can use Diablo Energy to connect you to the monster.” 

“What's Diablo?”

“Diablo Energy is the highest level of magic, the more people you kill the more Diablo Energy. Sort of like the power of their souls, now I only have a small amount of it so I hope this works.” 

Helena used the Diablo Energy on her thumb. In its pure form Diable looks like a black flame and smells of burning flesh. She pressed her thumb against his forehead. The energy spread on his forehead and his eyes rolled back into his head, he was back in the Ethereal Plane.

“Exodus where is the monster you gave me?” 

“You cannot use your superior abilities to bring people back to life.” 

“I won’t do it again, I need him to get my friend back.” 

“Who is "him" exactly? Are you referring to Nyarlathotep perhaps?” 

“I don’t know is that the monsters name?” 

“Please refer to us by our names Mr. Zelith.” 


“Do the same as you did before, promise to find me. But I'm only giving you 15% of his potential until you prove you deserve the rest."

“I promise I will find you” 

Jack came out of the Ethereal Plane. The Diable Energy on his head came together and formed a black gem in his forehead. He fell over and passed out. 

When he awoke he told Helena what happened. 

“We can go save Radhyea now right?"

“Yes, you are now a member of the Scarlet Rose, but it’s only the two of us now.” 

They left immediately but it would take three whole days to get to Constantinople. They made it halfway before Helena suggested they should take a break and rest. Jack refused to stop and kept moving leaving Helena behind.

After another day and a half Jack could see Constantinople. Jack was ready to fight, he kept the sword of Vicar Loux and had Nyarlathotep. He walked into the city to find his friend Radhyea.