Chapter 15:

Our Final Dance


“We made it!”

“Let’s take down the Ancient King Lucius..." 

“They are here, Lucius.” 

Radhyea, Lucius and the five other Zealots came outside to meet the trio. 

“This is the final match, Jack” Radhyea said. 

“You two go fight the five Zealots, I can take both of them.” 

They ran away to fight the others. In Jack's head he thought...

“I know how to unleash the monster now.”

“I will” He turned into the 15% form. 

“This is our final dance, son of Arthur...” 

Lucius removed his helmet to reveal the same man Jack saw in his dreams only now he had a ring around his head, the same as Exodus. His eyes were white, he couldn’t see at all. 

“The traitor Jack returns...” 

Lucius ran fast and swung at Jack repeatedly. Radhyea lit his leg on fire and started attacking too.

“If Radhyea is being controlled by one of the gods, can I talk to the god? The story of Lucius claims that he went to Gehenna to kill Idris who had control of Cthugha the fire god.” 

“Idris, are you still here!” 

“No he is not.” 

“Idris can you hear me! Help me kill Lucius!” 

“King Lucius? That son of a bitch sent me to hell to work as a slave in Auxburg!” 

Radhyea kicked Lucius. 

“Ashen Flower!” 

He kicked and sent a blade of flames through the ground. Lucius was caught in the blast cutting off his right arm. 

“The blade he has is Excalibur!” 

Idris ran toward Lucius, Lucius used a slash dance to cut down Idris.


The ring around his head became a halo. 

“Demon from Hell, I will protect my kingdom againt you.” 

Lucius’ speed increased and Jack was losing. 

“30% Form” 

The clouds started to form a storm. He became fully engulfed in the monster, more arms came out of his sides and his legs extended and stuck into the ground. Letting out a big roar he could feel the fear come back to Lucius, fear that had been absent since he was young. He returned to the Ethereal Plane. 

“Exodus I am breaking out, you cannot stop me!” 

“I don’t need to yet.”