Chapter 16:

Lucius Artorius Castus


Nyarlathotep attacks Lucius but can’t beat his speed. He lands a few hits but it doesn’t matter wings spread from Lucius’ back. Nyarlathotep explodes to reveal Jack standing there. The skin on his hand turned brown and hardened like scales. 

“30%: Condensed Form” 

His speed was unmatched, they fought but no one could see it. Jack punched Lucius until his armour broke. He punched him in the stomach with no armour and Lucius threw up blood. He fell back to the ground and Jack came down. 

“It's over King Lucius!” 

“I can't see, father is that you?” 

Jack picked up Excalibur and walked away. He saw Lucius’ severed arm and picked it up. Using healing magic with the abyss he was able to attach it to himself. Jack unlocked The Soldier’s Ring (III). 

He walked over to the other two. 

“What happened to the five?” 

“They ran away in the commotion.”


Jack ran over to see that Radhyea had already left. 

“Jack It was fun but I have to go back to work.” 

“Thank you Aderland for helping us kill Lucius.” 

They hugged and Aderland went back to Akhara.

“Now we go to Constantinople right Jack?” 

“yes we start now, but we need to make one more stop.” 

Aderland walks home, he enters his house. 

“Who’s here?” 

He walks in cautiously, he can feel someone there. Someone puts their hand over his mouth and slits his throat. 

Jack and Thanatos arrive at their destination.

“Where are we?” 

“The Scarlet Rose outpost, isn’t that right Helena?” 

“Come inside I think you’ll want to see this.” 

They read the newspaper. 

Jack "The Black Demon" Fireborne v160,000,000, Thanatos v80,000,000, Radhyea, The Infernal v300,000,000. "King Lucius killed by the Black Demon, Zealots disbanded and Akhara teacher killed in his own home!” 

“Jack are you alright?” 

“We go!"