Chapter 17:



“We go, now!” 

“Good we should get our crew back now.” 

“No, we go to Akhara to investigate.” 

“What! You said we would go to Constantinople to save the crew?” 

“The situation's changed and we still have ten days left.” 

“It will take five days to get to Akhara!” 

“I am your captain and I said we are going to Akhara, that is an order!” 

“no, you’re not my captain.” 

Thanatos draws his sword.

“You are no ones captain if you can't protect your crew!” 

“If we are going to fight let us take this somewhere else.” 

They leave and walk a few hours into Xudroule. Jack drew Excalibur and Thanatos drew his sword. 


A lightning dash by Thanatos blocked by Jack. Wings sprouted from Thanatos’ back. Jack engulfed his arm in his monster flesh. He flung his arm at Thanatos and cut his eye.

“This match is not fair! I have unlocked my Diablo ability!” 

“Diablo Hurricane” 

Jack had also unlocked his Diablo ability. 

A gust of air flew into Thanatos. Thanatos slashed rapidly into the ground. Jack dodged each one. 

“Sword Dance!” 

The blades of air flew cutting up Thanatos. 

“15% Condensed Form” 

His arms turned brown and his legs did too. He jumped toward Thanatos with Excalibur out to slice off his head. 

Helena appears from out of the trees.

"Stop fighting!” 

“Raijin's Storm!” 

"Diablo's Hurricane!"

they explode together the terrain is destroyed. Helena runs over to Jack and sees the Abyss spreading from his arm to the rest of his body slowly. 


Jack grabs her by the throat.

“We're done. I am going to Akhara and that is final!”