Chapter 21:



Skoal has defeated the others and the Sandman rises from the rubble.

“Sandman I’ve wanted to kill you since I was eight years old. I'd like it if you would die for me now.”

“Skoal, our failed test subject. Kill me if you must but the past will never change." 

Skoal took a sword off of the wall and unsheathed it. 

“Goodbye Sandman” 

He cut his head off and burned the room. 

Jack picked Nightmare up and saved him.

The factory was then blown up by Jack and the four of them left.

They found a old shack to stay at for the night. 

The next day the went to a nearby town called Sipheli. 

They checked the paper and saw the new bounties. 

Jack ‘The Black Demon’ Fireborne v200,000,000, Skoal, The Sandman v180,000,000, Aphaeleon, The Eterna v90,000,000, Nephelis, The Harpy v66,000,000, Nightmare, Dream Killer v120,000,000 and Celtzer, Master Of Puppets v400,000,000. 

“That’s the man who killed my parents!” 

“We’ll find him, by making a statement.” 

“What do you mean?” 

“We will announce a time and location for him to meet us at, then we can kill him. We’ll make the statement in Constantinople where the whole world can watch. Let's stay here for tonight and leave in the morning.” 

“I want to kill the bastard myself if you’d let me.” 

“You can kill him, I just want him dead Nightmare.” 

“It looks like its been decided, we’ll make a statement to the public in Constantinople!” Skoal said.