Chapter 1:

Short Story: LOVETTE


It was said that there were two kinds of people: the ones ruled by the god of love, Eros, and the ones called by the god of death, Thanatos. For those of the former, they possessed the will to live, whatever Life may throw at them…


As for me? I belonged to the latter. Well, I never gave a damn if Eros and Thanatos were real; for someone who had lived for too long and suffered many traumatic events in his life, all I wanted was to end it. The thought of dying never fazed me; if possible, I’d always be the first one to go whenever something ‘bad’ was about to happen.



For some weird reason, I just couldn’t die.

Yep, I had already tried crossing to the other side ‘fifteen times’. There were even those moments where I willingly put myself in danger. However, the Thanatos in my imagination said, “No, stay where you are. I got lots of gloomy, edgy people on this side already.”

Alright then, if he didn’t like me in his place, so be it. No one wants to have a black-clad guy with a skull for his face and has a scythe in his hand to be one’s companion, anyway. I got tired, and just appreciated living.

Then, there was this fellow…

“Hello there, Mister Death!” I felt a light tap on my shoulder.

“It’s Heath, dumbass!” I replied, as I pulled the girl that appeared behind me away from the falling potted plant above her. The poor thing (the plant) landed right beside her with a loud crashing sound, startling both of us.

“That’s a…close one,” she uttered, her eyes stuck on the lump of broken pottery, mangled leaves and loose soil. “But I’m more amazed you just pulled me away like you expected it to happen. Do you still get surprised, Heath?”

“What can I say? It’s a common occurrence for a doofus like you.”

The girl beside me chuckled and said nothing after that. Even now, I still wondered what made her notice a gloomy, dull guy like me. I mean, looking at her, with her bright attitude and cute looks, she could’ve befriended everyone.

Well, this girl is friends with everyone…but she always hangs around me.

“Hey!” I felt her tug once again as we walked across the street.


“Why are you looking at me?”

“I am?”

She nodded.


“What?” she smiled. “You’re thinking that I must be saying to myself ‘how creepy’? Or are you asking yourself why the ‘school idol’ like me is keeping you—a gloomy fellow—company?”

If there’s anything this girl can do, she can read my thoughts well.

“No worries,” she continued. “I can tell you’re also saying to yourself that I’m stupid for the accidents I’m always involved in.”

“Yeah,” I admitted, though careful not to offend her too much. I mean, I didn’t want the unsolicited attention this girl’s presence was bringing to me. But I did appreciate her talking and bringing a ‘little’ light unto my—otherwise—gloomy world, so I’d try not to lose her interest. “For some weird reason, you keep attracting dangers, while I won’t die.”

“What do you want to know?” she asked. “The official, or the true answer?”

I was taken aback by her reply. The mischievous smile on her lips told me that she was fooling around, like she usually does. However, I couldn’t help but get nervous of what I would learn if I did choose between the two options. So, to avoid a tragic end, I chose to run. “Whatever you like to tell me.”

“Ah!” the girl chuckled. “Always the safe player, eh? It’s no wonder you wouldn’t die; while you keep saying you’d like to end your life, when the push comes to the shove, you’d still choose to live.”

I fell silent when I heard that. We just continued on our walk as we passed another crossing. The red light had just turned on for the pedestrians, so I had to pull her back to safety, much to her astonishment.

“Thanks for the save,” she gave me a head pat, and…well, it’s quite nice.

When the light for the pedestrians turned green, I heard her ask me, “Heath, you know why I’m attracted to you?”

At that point, I stopped on my spot. Honestly, I was surprised when I heard her words. Did she just say ‘attracted’?

“When did you turn deaf?” she teased. “You heard me alright!”

Uh…w-what do you mean…” there was a small ray of hope that rose from within my chest. A beautiful girl falling in-love with a gloomy, boring guy like me? Seemed like a story straight from a fairy tale, or better yet, a manga. But it’s unraveling now…right before my very eyes.

Haha! Looks like I finally caught you off-guard,” her happy smile was all I could see at that moment. “You do have a cute face when you’re surprised.”


“Well, you see, I’m attracted to you because you’re keeping me safe!” she revealed. “Your skills in watching the dangers around me is uncanny, after all!”

“O-Oh…” was all I could say; if I put it in one word, this girl only saw me as her ‘bodyguard’, rather a potential lover.

“What, you think someone like me will fall for you?”

Yep…it’s all what they say to me…I think the next part will be…

“You’re right.”


Another burst of laughter. “I really love your look,” she continued. “You seem so off-guard this time, Heath. Alright, let me tell you that the ‘bodyguard’ part is the official version. The true reason I’m attracted to you is…wait, what is my name again?”

“You’re really asking me that?”

“Of course, I know it. But I want you to say my name!”

“Isn’t it…err…R-Rose?”

“Rose is an anagram of Eros, don’t you think?”

“I don’t…understand?”

Rose then smiled once again, and closed her eyes. Much to my surprise, a bright light shone from her, and blinded me for a bit. When my vision returned, Rose transformed into another being…a lady of heavenly beauty, and godly form.

“Hello, Heath! I’m the goddess, Eros!”

Err…isn’t Eros a male?”

“Don’t ask about the details,” she laughed. “But I’m a lady, as you can see!”

I repeatedly blinked my eyes and pinched myself, just to make sure I was not dreaming. However, Rose—no, Eros—made her move. She drew her lips nearer to mine, and we kissed.

“…” I could only stare at Eros as she reverted to her human form.

“So now that the truth is out,” she held my hand; her cheeks were red as beet. “I think Thanatos will try his best to kill me now.”

“W-What? What’s going on?”

“You will protect me, right? Just like what you always do?”

“O-Of course!”

The goddess of love nodded. “As expected of the man I love!” she exclaimed as she gently pulled me along with her. “My favor rests on you, so you will never die…at least, not by your own hands. And now that my ‘love’ is in you, Thanatos will try to remove me. After all, I’m his opposite; I always frustrate his plans.”

“So, you guys don’t get along?”

Eros only gave me a wink for her answer. But her hands—intertwined with mine—was warm; her head, resting on my arms as we walked, gave me the reassurance and the feeling of confidence that had eluded me until now.


I don’t understand well the context behind what she’s telling me, but if it’s for this person, I’d keep her safe. Eros brought me out from the rut I was in, so my heart would always be hers, and hers, alone.

I love you as well.

A man who wanted to die yet couldn’t die, and the goddess of love who’s targeted by Death. We certainly were a strange couple.



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